Friday, September 14, 2018

Sharing TransformOtion's Love, Ascension & Forgiveness Transmission with Light Language

I am both excitedly sharing both my QHHT Brothers Michael & Ron and this profoundly powerful, highly quantum "(Better Quality) Ascension Update, Our Journey, The Event, Light Language" Transmission and Forgiveness Healing, and Trip Update. 

Below is a transcription of my comment the day following, today, listening to this blessed activation and love filled healing transmission of Beautiful Michael James Garber and his Lovely Husband, business, adventure, soul, ascension and dance partner Ron Amit, of TransformOtion.

Amazing transmission on so many levels. Thank you our Beautiful Beloveds: Michael James and Ron! Will replay this as it's so quantum, the activations and encoding will only expand with ongoing interaction! 

Got some huge aha's regarding my daring, high contrast relationship with my Adoptive Narcissistic Jewish Mother. My Dad and I have always shared pure grace, ease and love. Yes I am blessed to have an Early STARseed Galactic Volunteer, Author, Researcher and Presenter, Father, Marshall Klarfeld, now 89 years young. 

My Mom has a big heart, yet also we have carried deep fear of the Russian Jewish genocided race, culture, people! We've experienced a lot of co-dependency, enmeshment, fear, rage and control, toxic shame, and poisonous projections, through my 85 year young mom. I own my home with her help, which has been both a blessing and a war. I went "no contact" with my Narcissistic Mom, shortly after her December Sagittarius big birthday, last year. 

I woke up today, after tracking all your beautiful love filled transmissions and soul gift offerings, affirmation, light language, and prayer. I had a new feeling around resolution in myself and with regards to my Mom and her control, volatility, rage and so on. I scribbled down the following: "STABILITY: both still fighting to find, feel, and have it. Can't steal it from the past.  Can only create it individually to move forward!"  Reading BrenĂ© Brown's very personal, NY Bestseller "Rising Strong," too.  

Love you both... ALL, and many especially's.  Especially now my mind won't let me just pick one point, ha ha ha... all of this!!! Thanks for guiding and loving us all so beautifully.  Love you dearly.  Maybe I was going to say, especially the part where you talk about how everything is expanding, our intuition, our Source connection, our healing and energy gifts, and especially our creative gifts!  Also loved the reminder that we courageous volunteer starseed souls, on assignment, chose the "e-ticket" high contrast families and relationships, not because we are losers, yet because we are Creators of Worlds, who got this! 

And I love all you said about contrast. And I totally love every perception you shared on how we are at Earth School, playing a cosmic game, and it's all a play, as I was adamantly explaining this to my best friend hours before, and she kept saying, "I don't know, I don't agree."  Super encoded. My Mom was in theater, as was I in youth.  So I love peeking through that lens, of how we leave earth, rip off our costumes, and all love each other dearly and completely.  While down here in costume, we think, "remind me never to do a show with her again!" What a big cosmic joke! Love all the ripples we are sending across creation with our big fat Greek Earth Lives!  Ha ha ha. Wonderful!

Today I wish L’Shana Tova, much love joy and renewal, in you, our hearts, our lives, our families, crossroads, changes, wholeness, and your journey.

I wish you a dear and renewal filled season, new 5778, and New Earth to all my Multidimensional Jewish Kin, to my Jewish Tribe, to our Starseed Relations, to all of our Jew Friendly Friends, and to Everyone really, because if you know me, you know I’m convinced we’ve all tried being everything, Buddhists, Jews, Mesas, Jaguars, Dragonflies, Rabbis, canters, Muslims, people of all colors, Blue Folks, Goddesses, Middle Easterners, Flowers, Crystals, Angels, warlords, soldiers, sacred prostitutes, slaves, Starseed, and Creator Gods.

Peace & goodness, new beginnings, music, play, & unifying vibes!

So much love, Tribe!

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