Thursday, March 30, 2017

"I Am Not Your Negro" Is Not Just a Movie!

What is Power?

One of the core themes of the human hero's journey: the polarities of abject powerlessness and the struggle there in, the shallow power of power over others, for lack of ability to source true power balance and love within, and the glorious road onward to discovering the true depth of empowerment, by way of learning who we truly are!

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.” ―
Alice Walker 

Writer and Wise Woman Alice Walker by Jennifer Esperanza #AliceWalker #TheColorPurple #JenniferEsperanza
Alice Walker Photograph,
shared with permission of the Artist: www.Jennifer
Author Activist Alice Walker

After the amazing shared exploration tonight of the film "I Am Not Your Negro," a highly explosive, deep, and simultaneously gentle, initiatory, disturbing, beautiful, transformative eye opener!

The introduction by and Karen Jones Meadows, panel and audience perceptions and responses, all made an indelible impact on me.

Powerhouse Karen Jones Meadows of
sharing her personal memories and a beautiful written passage of her own.

What I feel, think, and take from the film, the featured artist, and the energies and contributions of all behind the film, our history American, African and Global history, and all of us who were blessed, graced and intensified to take it in, is not a dead, pre-packaged, set reaction, it's one of the most profound gifts of the film. I'd describe it as so uniquely original, real, true and unexpected, that the take away is a living response, like an invitation, that feels equal parts initiatory... and very dearly without end.

James Baldwin really surprised me!

It's a little hard to put into world, yet it was the opposite of the way a modern museum is biased, deadening, and often re-appropriating cultures inappropriately.

The film was and is a deep and impactful Living experience, directly from the heart and Source of one of the more original, arresting and pertinent voices I have ever heard!

It's a film you could watch a hundred times and have a whole new experience each time.
It is a film I can watch once, yet it lives on sparking new ways of seeing, infinitely!  
I look forward to sharing it, watching it, and living with the life of this creation, informing me from within.

Cameroonian and Global Artist and Activist Issa Nyaphaga

Thank you James Baldwin and Friends. I can honestly say I feel... appreciate... and am moved to tears and to deeper connections in living this film.

Documentary seems to small a word.

While it is different from the Grand Canyon, seeing this film, feels more on the scale of the Grand Canyon, as opposed to a photo attempting to express the Grand wonders of the real physical expanse.

My best descriptions are two.  It's beyond description!
And it is a remarkable living and most provocative reality.
It's really a living being... a truly surprising living being, that shares a transmission that lives on with anyone who opens to it, and likely more!
That's the best way I can wrap words around tonight.

Author, Visionary, and Trailblazer in the Human Consciousness Movement Wanda Padia

I have more awe filled feelings.

Really wowed and grateful!

It did not read like a documentary on a person, nor a documentary on a people. It was more. It is somehow this living expression that penetrates your soul, and embodies the soul of the artist, and the tribe of African American Humanity expressed in a wholly original way!


Thank you Issa Nyaphaga and Victoria Scott for inviting me... and everyone for cooperatively receiving this with me.

People attending spoke out against power, gave voice to trauma, explained what feels uniquely torturous and traumatizing about aspects of the experience of being black, brown, and or non-white in America.

The film addressed so much my mind is building new compartments to organize and hold it all!

When Karen Jones Meadows shared her true heart and experiences, I felt like I could have spent a whole week listening and relishing the real, what, how, and soul of all she said!

Thank you

It was at times uncomfortable to feel and hear the experiences of what people with darker hued African genes, hair and or skin, have often been trained to protect the rest of us, from letting us know what they really think, and what they feel, observe, experience, and wonder about the outwardly non-African Americans.

Then there were the layers below, of what each of us feels and thinks about racism, prejudice, hate, projection, deflection, victimhood, tyranny, the slave class, and more.

I felt hurt that sometimes the hate and racism invades and infiltrates the African American peoples, within their culture, and that the hurt is so deep as to cause reverse racism, which includes more hate. And now I feel more tenderness and awareness to allow space for all of this, in new ways.

Powerful post movie panel featuring Humanity Activist Creatives
Poet Ebony Isis Booth:
Empowering Actress & Community Leader Karen Jones Meadows
And Activist, Poet, Writer Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

Such very tender human experiences expanding! 

I like that there's no real end to it, to the movie's gifts of expanding the witnessing audience's experience, and perceptions.

Human Identification. Such a fascinating, complex, scary, rich, tragic, and triumphant ride!

I step forward, deeply and truly moved by how courageous we are to live out these tests and experiences, and how brilliant and compassionate to find ways to straddle so many distinctive worlds, sometimes alone, and sometimes together.

To be led into something so private, while all together, with so much training against feeling and voicing our true differences, synchronicity, feelings and experiences... blew the walls right off this heart of mine!  Perhaps like layers of an onion, mine and those of us who shared this experience will continue experimenting with such personal walls, and allowing more and more to shed as snakes shed their skin, so we can understand and know each other, each one's experience, ourselves and our worlds even better.  So we can actively participate in transforming co-creating and uplifting it.

Living Cultural Bridge, African Art Purveyor and more: Victoria Scott

Amazed, surprised, blessed, graced and awed... fully and truly!


I am reminded that humans are tribal peoples. Tribes enslave and exclude, project and experience, and pass on superstitions... sometimes.

Simultaneously tribes love, protect, steward, celebrate, nourish, care and cooperate.

Let us remember to be the inclusive, curious, celebratory and welcoming tribe!
Let us keep our wonder alive. Let us share this in honoring ways!

Another great milestone. With no official leaders, referees, therapists or specialists, I feel we broke through a lot of old walls tonight. Walls I tend to forget, negate, or deny exist, until I open up, watch, see, share, feel and listen.

America is a lightseed of Grace onto this living Planet, like no other. Tonight we definitely witnessed her bloom!

Crying again, as this living soul of a movie... opens and awakens love, in and through me!

There was far more to the experience, and  experience shared.  Still Some of it lives on within, informing me, and prompting me to renew my outlook, look into people even more deeply, listen better, and value and appreciate people even more now.

So blessed!  May we continue opening to and sharing blessing.  May we continue teaching, expressing, activating, relishing and learning together.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Space Where American Race Relations and Galactic Multidimensionality Meet and Welcome Each One Home

I was moved tonight, spontaneously tuning into this very informative, provocative, exceptional radio interview of American Spiritual Leader, Author, and Leader of African Diaspora Awareness, Human Focused Activism, and Global Understanding, Michael Eric Dyson.

The program showcased Michael's new book, "The Tears We Can't Stop, A Sermon to White America," shedding light of blind spots and curves on the road of race identification, denial, challenges, and understandings in America.

I have to straddle different worlds within our unified world and evolving unified, and otherwise young nation, to fully hear, traverse, value, honor, validate, this Wayshower observations, feelings, prayers, teachings, truth, community and wisdom, and still come home to honor where my truth is also unique, at times complimentary, and in instances, possibly contradictory, yet simultaneously inclusive and not contradictory. It was fascinating learning new concepts and word pairings, including "white masks" and "white folks," which I love!

It was equally fascinating exploring how I both honor what he shared, and also hold my own, possibly equally rare view, and patching together a space to celebrate, hold, and honor both, beyond and including their seeming contradictions!

Here is my Earthly, Still Multidimensional response.
I find both his exploration and mine, really true and beautiful!

"Dear Beloved Wayshower Michael.
I am here sharing my honoring, appreciation and gratitude of who you are, and the words, truth, and tree shaking you are birthing forth in this world. Provocative in times that, while they seem insane, are actually filled with, and based on the blind rage of war tactics and the investment in separation brainwashing, as in divide, rape, pillage, kill, enslave, imprison and conquer the enemy, of so much of the conquering race's history.

I am fascinated.

One of my teachers taught me, there is no such thing as young and old souls on this planet. It's a complicated place, and we have all lived many lifetimes to play in this strategic Earth School Play! This resonates as truth to me.

I appreciate everything you opened up and gave voice to, as I tuned in to most of your radio interview on my favorite public radio, KUNM, here in New Mexico, tonight. Missed a sliver of the beginning, only.

I bless your courage and your heart, and gauge the truth, and the blind corners, so to speak, that much of our socialization as Americans has often kept well hidden.

I am a real book lover, and would love to read your book 📚, track your vision, and listen to more of your unique, and under-circulated wisdom and truths. Blessings with your gifts, soul, vision, your own community, communities, and ours shared.

I found my way through some neck pain, in my 20's to a life changing hypnotherapy session. One thing led to another, and I was initiated to learning this Soul Expansion toolkit, from a truly one of a kind, motivational, inspiring Fire and Brimstone Baptist Minister, who found his way to teach and run a school, in San Leandro, CA, and later other great pioneers in my field.

Over my years of study, shamanic journeying, hypnotherapy training, exploration, and practice I have experienced myself as, male, female, Assyrian slave, African slave, Bored Aristocratic French Wife, Focused African Desert Trailblazer, Dutch Candy Maker, Peaceful Gypsy Guitarist, East Indian bread baker, Chinese peasant farmer, Egyptian Queen, Tibetan Monk, Maori sacrificial Virgin, Plains Indian, Rain Forest Shaman, Roman Opera Composer, Sacrificial East Indian Agitator, Mayan Shapeshifter, Japanese Father & Husband, as well as one of the last good Roman Emperors. I have also recalled, and guided Explorers to recall lives beyond the Earth Plane.

I have watched outwardly African American women, and Outwardly European, Native American, South American and Czech, people, to name a few, regress back to lives as half bird, half human, pre-conquest history, to interstellar wars, to many glimpses into the global prophesy of Earth timelines of solidarity, unity, justice, Love, peace and harmony.

I have seen white people, and black people regress to lives as African Slaves in America, and carry both the gifts and traumas of such lives and subconscious memories forward.

As rare and radical as your views may be perceived by many, I can relate! As one of thousands or maybe millions of aware indigo kids, grown up, on Earth, it's been a unique gift, blessing, and challenge to know I am all races, and the actress and actor in the play of cultures and star races gathered on this magnificent planet and challenging dimension.

While adopted, and raised Jewish, I have learned that from a broader perspective, on this planet, that people raised or trained to hate a specific perceived "other" group of people, as say the Nazi German Soldiers were trained to hate the gypsies, Jews, and non white peoples, pretty much buy themselves a guaranteed ticket to come back and star ⭐️ in the Earth School Play as exactly the other they bought into hating, the last round.

So the vicious cycle churns onward, as dictators hate the dictated over, and the Nazi's hate the Jews, and the Jews hate the Muslims, and the Muslims hate the American Haters, and the Christian White Conservatives hate women, darker skinned people, and those from the places that trigger their classism and racism, while the White supremacists hate on the black Americans, and the Black Americans hold the racist white invader race to blame for their ongoing enslavement and conquest.

What rich dramatic roles, and identifications this all locks into habitualization.

If you ever wish to open such inner doors, 🚊I would love to learn how you hold this, and what book you would open to writing then.

Meanwhile I will remain open and honoring of your trailblazing path, awareness, contributions, provocations, and truths alike.

I will not be able to go backwards, and forget what I have been shown, led to know, feel, hear and see, within, through focused states of attention, and facilitating explorers, out beyond the boundaries of male dominated, mind over heart dominated systems, and habituation.

Still I value what you are uprooting, exposing, explaining, and shining your soul, scholarly, and faith based light upon.
I am grateful, and so proud of us.

There is madness raging across the human family. And still I am proud of us!

Most of us seem to know less, than more about who we are. Still I have faith that in our shared exploration, that learning who we are, is exactly the medicine and solution to finding our purpose, and creating a human shared victory, that begins to make us as proud of our human family, as we are of our amazingly beautiful world.

Peace, love and appreciation to and for all of who you are. And mighty blessings, sharing your powerful, and empowering Sermon, Validation, Valuing, Renewal, Love, Understanding, and Home Welcoming Invitation, and Living African, European, and Global Diaspora Praise Poem to all who open to learn from, enrich by, and hear it!
Heart felt fascination and Thank You's!

May your "Divinity in Motion," unify, uplift, encourage and awaken too many Sisters and Brothers to count! 

Praise be... in Creation's Love! ❤️

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Good Bye 2016... Just When I am Starting to Fully Appreciate You!

So Grateful... So blessed!

There is so much I feel inspired to share with you all, that I have kept more silent than usual. 2016 did away with usual.  

I fell off a ladder two months ago, buying my human identity a huge time out.  I had agreed to some radical life changes, taking on a co-lease, with my Soul Friend LyndaStar Thompson, and a solo lease of the front 450 sq feet of a public space for my arts and soul arts studio, a block and a half South of the Santa Fe Plaza. I am co-leasing this little dream space, as of 11/1/16.  Eleven days prior to my initiatory fall, I journaled that if I didn't step forward into my Soul gifts, I would continue to fall backwards. Needless to say, I have not journaled much since!

The business side of building my transformational practice, and bridging my writing, and art to the world, has been challenging to say the least. Most of the time, I feel like I've got two right brains, and no left brain at all. I'm all Indigo Visionary Spirit. I have built and shared a lot, considering.

Last year I got gifted an unexpected giant leap in my grown up financial responsibilities. I have learned a lot about how not to go about home repair and upgrading. I have learned a lot about how not to approach much of life! I learned this all through direct experience.

While I was told I grew up in a community of privilege, I mourn now, my crazy life with no garage door opener, no kitchen sink disposal, and no modern dishwasher.  

I live on a dirt road, in a community filled with artists, mystics, healers, and people who love beauty. The beauty of Santa Fe, New Mexico astounds me newly and boldly, every single day.

2016 invited me down roads I never expected to traverse, frankly. I made the most of them, amidst inner turmoil, rebellion, and gratitude as well.

It has been my dream to paint, and boldly express my unique soul, openly and freely, in a public venue. While I have secured the luxury of an art studio in my own home, I have not given my full energy to really enlivening my gifts in it, as I still wish to.

I found my anxiety at attempting to bridge these worlds, gifts, and prime directives, with the turbulent energies of adulthood, change, and crazy, unpredicted 2016 challenges to be more unbearable than usual, this year. I researched therapists, and did something, I've never done, in this way before. I committed nine months of 2016 to receiving transpersonal and art therapy, to face, and heal my modern human anxiety. I started the year with a healing pilgrimage to Wickenburg and Sedona Arizona.  

While on one hand, my responsibilities increased, on the other, I could not bare to live, blowing most of myself off anymore!

So as I step back, and look at it, I am inspired to see and say, that what I have gained in the energies of 2016, in serving myself first, and in slowing down and learning to receive, is an opening into new levels of joy and freedom, I am both easing and leaping into newly, now! 

I am grateful to all the mighty beings, seen and unseen, who have helped me... help me, this year. These are awesome muscles to activate!

Seventeen years into my life in Santa Fe, I am the open door, allowing me to synthesize lifetimes of Soulfulness, and lifetimes of creative expression, into something, even I don't fully know what it is yet!

This surrender appeals to me greatly!

My soulful wise therapist, whom I saw as my "Outer Guide," gave me my walking papers, early this month, and read me a critical paragraph, from my twenty page intake essay, that seemed to assure, that I am who and where I've longed to be!

She reminded me, "Do you know you have two art studios now?"  I thought of all the art I create at my friend Laura Tarnoff's Art studio, and smiled, honoring the reality where I have three art studios!

I had a Soul Reading years ago with my Friend Bernard Gross, here in Santa Fe. He saw me eating more granola, and having multiple art studios, large sprawling art studios, where I make totem like soul art for specific individuals.  

I experimented, and made one for myself, years later, where I blended my soul tools, with my creative expression through painting. It blew me away... the whole experience.  

After learning many processes, and insights from countless beloved teachers, I finally tuned in, connected with our Creator, and was gifted this spontaneous process, experience, unique soul gifts, and visual art expressions.

The Universe... Multiverse and my Team of Seens and Unseens, have rallied round my Heart, Soul and Being, and said... "Hey Kid... you envisioned this... take it... it's yours... and it's ours, and we are so excited to help you house and birth your dreams in the Mecca of Art and Artists, Spirit and Soulfulness!"

And so there is more to come, than what has even been, yet, and what has been, has been a lot!

I am grateful, above all, excited, and oh so curious.

Whatever this all is, as I can receive and embody, and accept all of these beautiful, em-powerful gifts, it fuels my curiosity, interest and fascination with what all will come through, as I tune into Fellow Bright Spirits, like me and like you.

Closing out the best and worst of 2016, I find myself grateful to be so blessed, and still get to share so much!

Namaste, You Beautiful Beings You!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Who Guarantees a QHHT Session's Success? Personal Responsibility and QHHT

Personal Responsibility and Preparation

Who is responsible for the Success of the Client's Healing?

Does a Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session or a Theta Healing come with guarantee of outcome or healing?

My Teacher Dolores Cannon

Gratefully many people find me through the fame of Dolores Cannon, and her world renown, trailblazing process QHHT, as well as through her revolutionary books, on-line lectures and empowering presence.  

Some book a session for self or loved ones, with a very high tower of expectations.  There is a great difference between clear intentions, which I highly recommend, and the out of balance pressure of high expectation.

I am truly blessed and grateful, as it is an awe fulfilling experience to hold space, facilitate, and bare witness to the awesome and infinite powers we each hold within us to choose, design, empower and transform our bodies, outlooks, realities and even our world.  Most of us were not fully trained, within the conventional and ordinary systems of our modern world, to access our full range of true Self, guidance, healing, wholeness, power, potential, purpose and wholeness.  

Let me be perfectly clear about this important area for your review, consideration and acceptance.

Dolores Cannon's QHHT, Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing, and Dr. Brian Weiss' Past Life Regression techniques and facilitators have assisted in the Self Healing of thousands, if not millions of willing and faith based individuals, as have all varieties of prayer and healing modalities, throughout time and pre-history, on Planet Earth.

Here is only a small portion of the description of QHHT, as it appears on the official QHHT website:

QHHT and Healing

Once the Subconscious (SC) has been contacted during a QHHT session, the QHHT Practitioner asks it to identify and explain the cause behind any problem, and then asks the SC if it is permissible and possible to heal the condition. If the SC agrees, healing is immediate, without discomfort, medication or surgery. 

In many cases, once the SC reveals the source of the ailment or psychological problem, a release occurs in the subject’s body and mind, and the patient is freed form their condition. Many of Dolores Cannon’s thousands of clients and subjects were healed in this seemingly miraculous manner and wrote to her to over the years to thank her. That is why she began teaching QHHT in 2002, to share it with others so that they could continue the practice and in turn help as many people as possible. In 2013, her Level 1 QHHT Class became available online to learn anywhere and at any time. 

In all cases, before healing can occur, an individual must want to be cured.

The healing also cannot interfere with the lessons of their present life or the contracts they made before incarnating. Our souls are eternal and we come to Earth to grow and learn lessons through individual experiences. An example of a conflict in healing could be the Subconscious not agreeing to restore the sight of a blind person, if that was one of the lessons they agreed to learn before incarnating in their present life. The Subconscious also adheres to a literal approach regarding healing. If a subject is experiencing a condition that is the result of abuse or lack of care for their body, and the person has taken no action to correct this and has no desire to change, the Subconscious is aware. Its logic will dictate that there is no point in healing the condition if the subject is just going to resume abusing the body once it is healed. 

The following are examples of the extraordinary results Dolores Cannon and her QHHT Practitioners alike have experienced with clients and subjects during their sessions:

Cancer – various types at various stages cleared
Cartilage – reconstruction between joints
HIV – cleared and eradicated
Heart – healed with no surgery required
Liver – fully functional regeneration and restoration
Kidney – fully functional regeneration and restoration
Wounds – regeneration with no scarring
Migraines –root causes explained and removed
Vision – 20/20 eyesight restored with no need corrective vision
Diabetes – causes explained and cleared
Intestines – conditions cleared
Back – middle and lower area problems cleared
Neck/Shoulder – pain identified and causes cleared
Lungs – problems identified and cleared
Skin – problems identified and cleared

Everything is possible with Dolores Cannon’s proven method of hypnosis: QHHT.

Trailblazing Transformation

Many prospective clients want to know, "Can you guarantee I will experience a profoundly deep, vivid, past life regression, access of my SC, Sub Conscious, Super Conscious, easily access full guidance, healing and more, in my first QHHT session?"

In truth I cannot even guarantee this for myself 100% of the time.

I want all my prospective clients to know that I, Jen Klarfeld, have experienced a full spectrum in my own QHHT, past life regression, ThetaHealing and other sessions as a client.  I have received deep immediate and wonderful guidance and healing, with vivid, and expressive past life, and other dimensional scenes opening within my third eye.

I have experienced profound healing through creative expression, as well as QHHT and related healing and creative modalities.  I have been blessed to experience true healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

It has also been my experience, that I have, on occasion, over-pressured myself with super high expectations, wanting a one day, or one half day session, with a fellow practitioner to root out, transform, and clear countless lifetimes and seasons of emotional pain, abandonment, suffering, misunderstanding, confusion, loss, lack, grief, rage, and fear.  I have at times sabotaged my own rabid desire for instantaneous illuminating healing!

So beginning with the basic premise that we're all human, the following question arises.

One of Dolores Cannon's Ground Breaking 19 Books

Can I guarantee, promise, or skillfully predict your absolute healing, full access to your SC, Sub Conscious, Super Conscious, Source Knowing, a deep, exciting, vivid, cosmic "Convoluted Universe Five" style, other worldly, Goddess God steeped regression and immediate instantaneous full healing?

What do the Experts Say?

Candace Craw-Goldman: One of my Helpful Embodied QHHT Guides!

Here is what Candace Craw-Goldman, my QHHT Mentor, and the Original and ongoing Steward of the First Dolores Cannon QHHT Facilitator Support Forum says on her website: under the "Frequently Asked Questions" tab!faq/ci92

Do you guarantee I will be healed? Do YOU heal me? Didn't Dolores heal every one of her clients?

No guarantees of any kind are possible! 


I am merely a guide and a facilitator to help you create your OWN HEALING.

All answers and all health lies within YOU. 

Dolores Cannon created a marvelous method but no, not every person magically healed after having a session with her. Results are completely individual. I have seen astounding, even miraculous things happen in sessions or over time. I have seen improvement, sometimes significant, sometimes marginal. And I have seen little change as well.

Dolores Cannon on QHHT Sessions

So again, the QHHT experience requires many things.  From my experience the client must bring a combination of faith, trust, confidence, vision, wholeness, empowerment, intention, authority, maturity, responsibility, and stability.  
Everyone is not ready to leap in and access all the bells and whistles within.
Often, when not rushed, I can properly assess, some of where the prospective client is at within their life experience and outlook, through an informational overview by phone.  On rare occasions, I will honestly refer someone out, recommend psychotherapy, or a more solid option of support in the present moment.

Some factors which can seriously sabotage a successful QHHT session include drug or alcohol addiction, financial dependence on an external adult figure, government, or support system for survival, homelessness, depression, severe untreated bi-polar disorder, unwillingness in self responsibility or care, suicidal ideation, isolation, trouble with the law, and or major, unsupported change.

Trailblazing Mother of QHHT: Dolores Cannon

What QHHT is NOT:

QHHT is not a magic bullet.

QHHT is not guaranteed, from outside of you.

QHHT is not a substitute for ongoing needed therapy.

QHHT is not a substitute for a drug treatment program.

QHHT is not appropriate on it's own, as a quick fix for serious suicidal ideation.

QHHT will not suddenly cure major, trauma induced, dissociation from one's self.

QHHT may not break you from a "lives-long" habit of Victimhood Identification, at least, likely not in the first ever session.

QHHT may be counter indicated if denial, non-selfhood, defeat, and irresponsibility, hold you stuck in perpetual child mode.

QHHT is not the Lottery.  It will not guarantee you walk out the door and materialize your Twin Soul Flame, a steady income, a ravishing new wardrobe, a brilliant new job, mental health and stability, self confidence, a restored new will to live, a whole new sleek sexy body, an effortless prime time talk show, new limbs, or astounding positivity, independence and responsibility, where previously there was none.

QHHT is not an instant cure for Schizophrenia.

QHHT is not guaranteed to clear all your limiting beliefs in one session.

QHHT may not cure all of your codependency issues in one pop.

QHHT will not cure you permanently of the human experience.

QHHT will not make you suddenly immuned to human feelings.

QHHT will not open your heart to full feeling flowering, without your human participation and help.

QHHT will not in and of itself, save you from yourself.

QHHT will not complete your schoolwork, finish your household chores, polish your silver, or pay your mortgage.

QHHT will not restore your integrity, or spruce up your reputation.

QHHT cannot promise to alleviate your fear of Armageddon, GMO's, meat products, leather, or chemtrails.

QHHT may not make your parents or mate suddenly see, adore and love you.

QHHT will not make you employers give you a raise.

QHHT will not polish your shoes, and fold your clean linens.

QHHT is not free of charge, or valueless.

QHHT is not your QHHT's full responsibility.

The power of QHHT does not empower you from outside of you.

QHHT will not buy you great faith, without your cooperation.

QHHT is not more important or valuable than you, or your current life!

Warning: QHHT holds no vested interest in kissing ass to your ego, protecting your lies, or helping assure your old, isolated, lonely, uninformed right to play small, fail, hide, retreat, play dead, remain unconscious, or maintain a sleepy, slow death, defeat or withdraw from your true life, joy and purpose!


Thetahealing, in my experience is a highly accessible modality.  I love it for so many reasons.

First of all, I love that I find it so easy, practical, direct and supportive to assist me in securing radical life changes from within, for myself.

I love that it is easy to learn, practice, facilitate and share.  

ThetaHealing is an amazing modality, spiritual toolkit, support, first aid kit, blessing and gift for the Human Soul.

I love that it has seemingly infinite applications and benefits.

My experience of ThetaHealing feels like an inner technology we all have, yet were trained out of, upon entering the veils of forgetting, in human form!

ThetaHealing involves less performance anxiety for most clients, than does trance, past life regression, or QHHT.

I appreciate how uniquely ThetaHealing pours through me and others, as if we are each conducting unique orchestras with it.  This is equally true of Healing, Healers, Teachers and Artists alike.

There is more flexibility to use Theta healing with almost all people's and populations.

It is easier to me, to introduce ThetaHealing successfully, to people struggling with Multiple Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Adoptees, Children of Parents with Borderline Personality Disorder, Clients with PTSD, Schizophrenics, People battling addiction issues, People facing grief, fear, allergies, disease, illness, healing, crossroads, fight flight or freeze responses, Soul loss, abuse history, co-dependence, fragmentation, rage, hyper-sensitivity, shame, abandonment, lack, loss, past life issues, dissociation, and more.

While it does not always seem appropriate to jump in and use trance, PLR or QHHT with simply anyone, I find that ThetaHealing is amazingly supportive and successful with most people, of most ages, backgrounds, cultures, and orientations.  

One of my more scientifically minded clients, who has experienced all of my modalities, said of ThetaHealing, "I don't understand it, but I can feel it!"

Founder of ThetaHealing Vianna Stibal

ThetaHealing is made up of am eclectic mix of influences and modalities, from prayer, to clairvoyance, NLP, Hypnosis, Shamanism, intuition, energy healing, meditation, healing root causes, healing at the DNA level, mysticism, linking to God, Counseling, guidance, and angel therapy.

I find ThetaHealing to be a most powerful tool as a foundational modality, to greatly enhance trance, PLR and QHHT, especially in a series or package of sessions.

ThetaHealing has a special magic, when shared with the new kids, Earth Angels, Starseed, Mystics, Healers, Seers, Walk-Ins, Teachers, Leaders, and more.

ThetaHealing is a modality easily taught or shared in a group setting, at healing fairs and expos, with all ages and life stages, as well as by phone or teleconference, Skype, etc.

ThetaHealing can be offered in an intensive manner, where we clear a half or whole day and allow transformation across one's whole life, or squeezed into a 15, 20, 30 or 60 minute session.

ThetaHealing can be used, with permission, with someone in a coma, or at the gates of the Spirit World.

One can access the spirit of guides, God, Earth, Laws of Creation, water, Angels, minerals, plants, sea life, birds, animals, spirits of the deceased, the Akashic records, and more with this swift toolkit.

ThetaHealing secures changes at the DNA level, healing root cause beliefs on four levels, the core: this lifetime, genetic: 6 to 8 generations back, history: further back generations and past lives, and the soul level of belief = the hard drive, that transcends lifetimes.

ThetaHealing is a powerful tool in clearing abuse histories.

ThetaHealing has profound applications for clearing past life vows, limiting beliefs, energy cords, entities, curses, healing pain and more, all at the subconscious or root levels.

ThetaHealing is a powerful tool for grounding, unleashing soul masteries, clearing lineages, focus, and embodying expansive levels of one's infinite gifts and Self.

ThetaHealing is a powerful modality for empowerment and manifestation.


QHHT is a state of the art, revolutionary SOURCE and SOUL based modality that  accesses wholeness, harmony, beauty, guidance, healing, wisdom, truth, balance, divinity, and infinite resources, all directly from the SOURCE within.

Some people find their way to me, and know this modality is made for them, and with a healthy knowing, and some simple preparation, they experience great ease and grace throughout the whole process.

Some people discover Dolores Cannon, her lectures, and her 19 books, and on-line classes.  Her information comes as such a healing salve, they want all the rewards immediately.  For some these come easily.  For others there is no guarantee.  It may require some other warm up exercises, preparation, and foundation building first.

For some people the pressure from within is too high, and the timing is not quite right, the first round.

For some people, other foundational life steps need to be sincerely considered and implemented, before planning a successful QHHT session.

If the cost of a session will impair your survival, or that of your home, pets, or family, please wait, until you are in a stronger, more Self supported situation, before booking a QHHT session for yourself.

If the cost of a session, as a gift to a loved one, will impair your survival, or that of your home, pets, or family, please wait, until you or they, are in a stronger, more Self supported situation, before booking a QHHT session for them.

For many, a ThetaHealing Session, or series of 1 to 3, or 1 to 6 sessions, could really prove to be the most supportive and empowering combination, before taking the big leap to QHHT.

In some instances, one might even wish to build up to a Dolores Cannon QHHT session, with a series of ThetaHealing Sessions, then a Brian Weiss Past Life Regression or two, and then culminating in a Dolores Cannon QHHT Session or two.  After all, Rome was not build in one day.

For some who rush into QHHT, and feel there is still more to gain, future QHHT sessions can be wonderful.  

For those who have struggled and failed in their attempts to achieve a deep trance state, or a full QHHT experience with all the bells and whistles, I am happy to share extra time and care to assess your needs, comfort levels, and a strategy to win the QHHT prizes and rewards, in a new session.

Please always speak openly and honestly with me, so that I can best help you in meeting your goals with joy!

While I am not at this time offering discounts or specials, I offer highly professional, valuable, caring service, and am here to help you realize and access solutions from within.

Founding Artist and Soul Artist at Trailblazing Transformation

In Grace, Love, Honor and Joy!


This posting is a brand new copy of a new section on my website called Personal Responsibility.

The inspiration for this new post and website page, is to assist in the flowering of myself and humanity, especially in relation to the amazing Soul supporting, and Self Realization tools I have discovered, and found my way to share in my Trailblazing Transformation Practice on Planet Earth.

May you find support, encouragement, inspiration, wellness, victory, and uplift in these expressions.