Sunday, January 5, 2020

Response to Acts of Aggression by Mr. Donald Trump

Response to Acts of Aggression by Mr. Donald Trump

Dear Government Representatives Senator Martin Heinrich, Senator Tom Udall, and Representative Ben Ray Lujan,

Thank you for your ongoing service for the people, by the people, and of the people, of this grand nation of the United States of America.

I would like to express my feelings and thoughts, in response to the recent assassination of the top Iranian Military General, Qassem Soleimani, by the directive of the Figure Head in Chief, President Donald Trump.

I am greatly disturbed, and find the actions taken, and directives administered by the U.S. Military, inauthentic, unconscious, dangerous, and not at all wise, diplomatic, or respectable, on any level.  These actions to not represent me, nor do they represent any of the Americans I know.

There is an old paradigm, now dying  out on planet Earth, where kill or be killed tactics had a function.  I do not kill my fellow humans to deal with problems in my life.  I do not condone my country to do so either.  I do not feel there is any place in today’s world for such displays of imbalanced patriarchal rage, power over, and militaristic strategies and actions of violence as a first choice.  In fact I see diplomacy, in the lives of individuals, and in the action of nations, to be our best, and only healthy primary directive, and response.

Mister Trump’s action in this murder, sends out a dire message that comic book, cinematic, action hero, bully on the playground, video game antics, killing, war, aggressions, and acts that can trigger international retaliation, terrorism, murders, and potentially wars, are in any way healthy, wise, heroic, or proper protocol.  The era of imbalanced power over, wars, and unchecked power is over in the conscious levels of humanity.  I believe, and feel it is time for our mirroring government representatives to stand up, provide, co-create, nurture, and command safety, protection, wisdom, diplomacy, and the concepts at the core of most human spiritualities, religions, governments and laws, that of “do onto other’s as you would do unto yourself.”

These actions are an aberration to health, true wealth, safety, and sense, on every level possible, as they reflect inward to the youth, and constituents of this nation, and as they ripple out into the larger nations that make up humanity and Earth itself.  The human who is the president, now, is a sick, and dangerous man, and leader.  His jarring, dangerous, untempered actions, endanger Americans everywhere, and simultaneously endanger the individuals throughout the world, that we have been fighting to attain peace for and with.

Please do whatever is possible to close the gaps again, that allowed this breach of safety to occur, without the careful oversight of Congress.

I am truly appalled, sickened, saddened, and rendered temporarily hopeless and helpless, in shock, at the actions taken for personal gain, and out of personal imbalance, and mental illness, lack, and ego, of Mister Donald Trump.

May we as Americans, and Global Citizens rally together to repair such cracks in the foundation of our governance, and swiftly rekindle new levels of diplomacy, and consciousness necessary to maintain peace, respect, and safety in our actions, reactions, affairs, and dealings with humanity, all around the world.

The time is now, for a balance of harmony and strength, divine feminine, and divine masculine, resourceful power from within, and power in co-creation, and a respectful balance between spiritual awareness, and material action.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and feelings on this breach of safety and sanity for all.  The  American Military Industrial Complex, and material profits, for the sake of profits alone, is no longer a viable priority.

I condemn these actions, as dangerous, sick, unchecked, and potentially catastrophic, and threatening to initiate war, terrorism, and unending political fury, agitation, unrest, pain, danger, defense, offensive tactics, retaliation, and disease, on a quantum scale.  I do not support such actions on any level.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my views into these irrational actions.


Jennifer Klarfeld
P.O. Box 6961
Santa Fe, NM 87502-6961

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Self Reflections by Jen Klarfeld from January 1st, 2018

"Thunderbird Woman" Painting by Jen Klarfeld

Publishing this beautiful, open, raw, self reflective Facebook post, I wrote two years ago, on January 1st, 2018.

Looking back on photos of celebrations of old, with friends. Whatever year this was, I did not yet consciously know, Lynda Star would become inspired to move to Truth or Consequences, and I would leap in to make my dreams real, in this magical downtown Santa Fe retail space.

I have been hiding in healing and self reflection, for over a year now, partially stunned by situational traumas around money, changes, time, & a surprise injury in late October, 2016. Apparently I’m not the only one who has surfed such human tests, in recent years! My healing practice: Trailblazing Transformation continues, while my progression into my new vision & opportunity progressed over 2017, behind the scenes. You could say it budded, yet did not fully flower yet.

Now 2018 beckons me to leap in, open fully, hop to it, bloom for my own joy & bloom with and for my growing wholesome team! And so I am eager to trade my old fear vouchers in, for full, true faith in action. Screw you stuck, scared, inner orphan saboteur! Or rather I love you, tender, weakened timid parts, of the fabulous wholeness of me!

My Dad Marshall Klarfeld just called, after seeing a movie with his beloved Wife Mary Martin Guittard Klarfeld

My California Cousin Susan sent me this super magical package of mostly small black and white old photos of me as a little newborn, newly adopted baby, my new truly magical own bedroom, with friendly painted orange fairytale characters on the fabulous wallpaper, a rocking chair, my little crib, and a big orange round rug. I love orange ๐ŸŠ!

There was this less fancy looking lady in a few of the pictures, holding me like a pro. "Who was she?" I wondered. So I asked my Dad. He explained, she was the nurse, and that Mom was scared, she wouldn’t quite know what to do. “How long was she there?... A couple weeks?” My Dad said he didn’t remember exactly. He said, "Oh no, more like 6 months!”

I was excited seeing the pictures of me as brand new. I was really moved by the timing of receiving them, as I feel so baby like, birthing myself anew, yet again, at age 53, with my downtown studio.

I spend a lot of time imagining odd details about my journey, in the womb of a birth mother, whom I found as an adult, and bonded with on-line and through a few gift and card exchanges.

I have mental and heart felt feeling files of truths, guesses and data. Perhaps it’s part of my theme, where I joke, I make it all up as I go along. It’s a blessing I’ve had all along.
So now I marvel at this new data, that fear was an influential factor from a handful of key players, in shaping my outlook and my path.

I have this vision of me in my first two weeks of life, surrounded by nurses of various shapes, sizes, colors & ethnicities, while hospitalized, on the bridge between my womb time family of origins, and my lifetime family of nurturance. I was born both breech and with jaundice.

So now I feel both tender, surprised & curious feelings today about this new piece of the puzzle of me.

My Mom, Judy, my adoptive Mom, had no experience preparing and bonding with me. We were not in constant communications, loving and easing each other forward, sharing unity through one body.

My Mom had fears, while needing and receiving long term help in caring for me. She learned to bond and care for me, from a servant like stranger, who also had no previous bond with me, either.

I’m fascinated both contemplating and integrating this reality into my her-story.

Today I felt a lot of judgement towards my Mother, for recent infractions of her style of being and fearing into me and my current world & existence. How can I cater to her needs and fears, when she’s programmed me so deeply to mother her through hers? It feels like such a lose/lose proposition.

My Mom, Judy found solace in expressing emotions, other people formed and neatly wrote into musical plays. Her passions were ignited, and outlets opened, in her pretending to be someone else, in front of a room full of strangers.

I tested it out, and tried it, over years of Theater Camp. Pretending to be others can be fun. I quite like donning a British or East Indian accent for a sentence or two. And I love to get lost in an exquisite play, movie, book, comedy, poem, or song.

I am more at home surrendering to some gusher of Soul expression from within. I love the solitary escape into making worlds through art, lines, shapes, movement, and color.

My Birth Grandmother was afraid of and for me. She saw that I was “removed” immediately at birth, exiled, like a valuable small slave. My birth mother was obviously blessed, cursed, and terrified, having me to love and loose, having to hide me to survive. Having me inside her, while being shamed, blamed, and ultimately overthrown. All this shapes me. It’s not an excuse, it is an explanation of feelings that still live inside of me. This is the stuff Bruce Lipton calls "the biology of belief." No wonder my soul signed on to root out, allow, feel, nurture, and transform trauma. I was shaped by quite a lot of it, even in my safe, picture perfect worlds!

I was not drawn to the stage like my Adoptive Mother, seeking applause and external validation, while enlivening joy through song and pretending.

I love creativity, seeing, feeling and hearing people for who they are, creating and holding space for self expression, self valuing, soul exploration, trauma transformation, intimacy, trust, truth, authenticity, freedom, and limitlessness.

My Mom Judy loves the physical plane, the body, costumes and clothing, manicures, food, drink, song, big emotions, entertaining, dance, drama, applause, praise, being seen and valued, caring, exploring, winning, and her giant extended gypsy theater family of people playing vividly within stories, set finite stories. She loves learning, big city opulence, architecture, Broadway musicals, make-up, Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Kelley, the Steelers, the Cubs, stories, books, trees, flowers, nature, singing, and live theater! She loves human rights, news, television, her home, yard, garden, and parties, as hostess or guest. She quite likes limits, should's, and being the star, the life of the party, the expert, and the smart one. She expresses anger openly, and shared thoughts eagerly, often without filters. If her words don’t say it, her facial expressions will tell it all! She’s fiery, gets bored easily, suffers fools poorly, hold a grudge indefinitely, hates reading instructions, is low tech, and highly disciplined.

I love intimacy, depth, the soul, art, books, stories, songs, dancing, community, true self revelation, reflection, diverse cultures, creative expression, deep perception, writing, hiking, swimming, surrender, movies, plays, mysticism, spiritual community, transformation, humanity, the unique faces of humanity, being, the earth, harmony, grace, love, valuing, seeing, awe, depth, space for unity, ceremony, sharing, inclusivity, hippy culture & music, the divine feminine, the true age, holding space for genuine emotions & feelings, radical honesty, self disclosure, love, friends, family, connecting, communicating, exploring, adventures and learning. I love people’s life stories, games, play, food, celebrations, hot springs, ancient hiking trails, indigenous culture, intuition, New Mexico red earth roads, freedom, and a sky full of stars.

I love our starseed origins, dreaming, fluidity, befriending the world, soul connections, popcorn, omnivorous options, Thai Green Curry, and parties hosted outside my home! I love days at home in my Pajamas, caring, kindness, and dropping into deep connections with fellow Souls on the journey. I love channeled starseed messages, light language, labyrinths, meditations, and visionary life. I love art collaborations, friends, family, healing and children. I appreciate the simplicity of boys and men. Soul gifts and treasures & transformation awe me!

Fear scares me, and at the same time, I’ve learned the art form of allowing, nurturing, blessing, welcoming, and holding space for human emotions that are real!

I powerfully relate to being a Starseed, an early indigo, an artist, an empath, and a visionary, and a rare new balance of feminine & masculine complimentary energies.

I suppose my Mom and I still scare each other frequently with both our differences and our mirrors.

At 52, I am learning to accept and allow each of us, as we are.

Seeing the love and the fear that went into bringing me here, gives me new levels of understanding and compassion, for all involved. These reflections help me claim my full power to take action, own and claim my full vision, gifts, intentions, choices, desires and will.

I have froze, feared, closed down, floated above my body and my life, and hid more of my soul gifts, than fully revealed and formed.

Now I see with wider eyes, a larger horizon, as I step back in wonder, Grace, gratitude, appreciation and awe, allowing all of this, for the blessings they are.

It’s my turn to step up and mother my creations into proud full expression. If I need a nurse to help midwife me a bit, in the beginning, I now understand that asking for help is a very humble and human way to proceed.

Blessings in birthing your treasures, my Friends. May we keep inspiring each other, and as parts of a whole, standing up, asking for, and engaging as much help as we require!

And if you are someone who has been helping me sometimes, or all along, Hello I love you! I’m grateful! Earth Angels, Divine Angels, Creator/Source/Love, Blessed Self, Family, Friends, Guided, Esteemed Teachers, Associates, Circuiteers, Healers, Creatives, Co-Cretors, Beloveds, Dates, Sheros, Hero’s, Fans, Mystic’s, Trailblazers, Starseed, Light-Ship Mates, “Enemies,” mistakes, shames, embarrassments, lessons, failures, successes, destructions, losses, Creations, Loves and blames, Thank you, ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ Thank you, Thank you! Together we’re clear, Golden, Goddess, God, Super-powered, playful, silly, Angel-guided, highly Victorious One/won! So keep playing like we are ETernal, free Divinity in Motion, valuable, welcome, like we belong, and are at home, here in Heaven on Earth Mama!

Let’s all be the mother (earth) we had, and the mothers we are!
Rich Resourceful Mama, Living expressions of/on our safe, secure, loving, caring, nurturing, free, whole, completely abundant, harmonious Mama Gaia!

We’re here to make you proud, this new season of life!


A Tribute to my Dad, Marshall Klarfeld, from his Daughter

A Tribute to my Dad, Marshall Lee Klarfeld

from his Daughter.  

 Written August 2, 2019

Published January 1st, 2020

Celebrating my Dad’s life, as we more fully release his Spirit on its Spirit Journey, and  celebrate his brilliant, beautiful, sweet, full life.

It is known in Jewish Tradition that there is not a lot of talk of the afterlife, or of the life of the Spirit or Soul. When I ask Rabbi’s they say, “the spirit of the deceased lives on in the hearts of their loved ones.”

I believe there is much more to it than the friendly things Jewish friends write on social media, like “May he be written in the Book of Life.” A lot of it’s too limiting and hypothetical to really sooth my grief, or my curiosity.

I once asked my Dad, what he felt was his greatest soul gift.  At first he had to think about it.  After some contemplation he said, “My curious mind is my greatest soul gift and driving force. I’ve been driven by my curious mind, to seek answers, for as long as I can remember!”

In my Dad’s third impassioned career, this drive and gift really got to bloom! I didn’t always agree with every piece of data he felt so impassioned by. I remember crying, and arguing when he colluded with my Cal Mom, and excitedly read me pages of their screenplay about this raping, pillaging god king Gilgamesh. I could not fathom why my Dad was impassioned about such a seeming asshole, in early human literature. I certainly didn’t see my father in such a  light! Still this was endlessly fascinating to my Dad!

My Dad had a passion for the Great Books, ancient philosophies, the great religions of the world, our origins, astronomy, astrology, disco dancing, Santana, Tchaikovsky, musical theater, swing dancing, biorhythms, tennis, golf, sailing, skiing, ancient cultures, ancient aliens, leadership, politics, idealism, comedy, the arts, drama, television, movies, dance, scientific discovery, the great minds of his Cal Tech Professors, music, engineering, photography, film, self mastery, mind bending conversations, leading the field in sales, improving humanity, peace, war, economics, romance, family, babies, children, understanding, kindness, love, team-building, news, politics, travel, helping, racing, competing, and winning, harmony, beauty, clarity, and even buddhist chants.

He had a passion for women, and partnership, having attempted love multiple times, including three substantial marriages. He had a passion for excellence in work, innovating, and setting the bar high, in 4 major careers, selling televisions, sales management in scaffolds, real estate, and finally promoting and cataloging our stellar origins, from doubt, wonder, and disbelief, to impassioned questioning, research, leadership, writing, showcasing, lectures, social media presence, global friendships, fans, and panel discussions. He and my California Mom got to love and cherish each other for 30 plus enriching and dear years. He used to say they both learned how not to do it, in their first 2 marriages.

He once told me that when I was first adopted to he and my Mom, Judy, he was amazed at how he learned from me, from the very first day.  He read Dr. Spock books, and years later told interested friends of how he practiced respecting and encouraging me to think and plan for myself, and reason best choices, when I was 5 and 6 years young, inviting me to figure out my own solutions. His example, decades later, was that if I wanted to play in the sandbox, after attending a birthday party, in my party dress, he would ask, “What do you think you need to do first?” Back then, I didn’t know that most children were not met with such heightened levels of respect and honoring, as young children, by their parents. In later years, when I faced challenges, and or got in trouble, he would ask me unconventional questions like, “Well what do you want to do?” and “What did you learn?” He helped pave the way for me to be a Visionary, by seeing me fully, being awed by life and being awed by me, and our adventures and play.

His iconoclast Mother, my Nana, raised him to be kind, loving, harmonious, caring, style conscious, original, responsible, global, adventurous, and fueled by wonder, and the power of positive thinking.

Dad used to say “we are each, only one grain of sand, making up the whole beach.” He was a peaceful, empowered man, who was also vulnerable, kind hearted, impassioned, and real.

Upon his brother’s death, Dad remarked of how he lost his first best friend. My Dad loved people, and was inspired by those who impressed him, especially his wife, Mary, his children, step children, brother, family, associates, and friends.  He also loved technology, and his learning curve for keeping up with it, was always impressive.

Still some of my favorite attributes my Dad carried throughout his life, included his inner resources of peace, strength, warmth, and kindness, hope, and encouragement. I used to tell people that my Dad never acted like he felt like shit, and it was the fault of others. I never really saw him scapegoat people, to offload his pain.  I saw him swear on the highway, when I was young. I can count on one hand the times he got mad, and usually for a good reason, or out of love, caring and concern.

So when people ask me about my grief, at his passing, I feel more gratitude for all the ways he taught, guided, encouraged, loved, and inspired me and others, for so much of my life. I always felt grateful, uplifted, loved and soothed, to talk to, visit, share adventures, and communications with my Dad. Many friends envied what a special connection I got to partake in, as daughter of my unique Dad.

Some of his inner resources were rooted deep within, and some were hard won, over time and challenging human circumstances. He could also be stubborn, headstrong, unrealistic, and overbearing, when the conversation allowed him to riff on something he was impassioned over. Most of the Klarfeld’s share these traits.

I remember when he went from being impatient, impersonal, and short with food servers, to getting me a job at the Hard Rock Cafe, below TRI, and later he and Mary learned memory tricks, and took pleasure in enjoying personal connections with coffee and food servers, and practiced memory tricks to remember new people and waitress’ names.

I remember my Dad as wise, caring, loving, concerned, sensitive, impassioned, creative, competitive, balanced, clear, clever, kind, warm, original, magical, optimistic, driven, adventuresome, fun, focused, neat, willing, positive, curious, and innocent. I joke that I never saw a sweater out of place, or left on a chair, at their home.  He was disciplined, playful, and deeply appreciative.  He was awed by life, even when he didn’t agree with all aspects of it.

I remember special times when he let me guide him in hypnotherapy sessions, Theta Healing sessions, Past Life Regression, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions.  He was more private than I know how to be. Yet simultaneously, he was a public figure, trailblazing for all he held dear, and of interest.

To me, my Dad was an early Starseed, a Galactic Volunteer, a scientist, a free thinker, an athlete, a global traveler, an admitted geek, a socialite, a patron of the arts, my dad, and one of my dearest and best soul friends. We shared so much grace, respect, clarity, love, encouragement, kindness, caring, adventures, and fun.

I regret that I did not dance with him, a little more. Still all our shared smiles, laughs, understanding, debates, talks, hopes, dreams, and challenges, conversations, and phone calls, guidance, and agreements to disagree, were rooted in a special kind of peace, and caring. They still infuse me with strength, love, wholeness and confidence. My reserves are filled with heart, LOVE, loyalty, goodness, cheer, faith, caring, and kindness, Grace, clarity, valuing, and vision, thanks to this special beloved being, I got to be shaped by, loved, and to know sweetly, as my Dad! I have a giant passion for LIFE, thanks to my Dad.

Some days, the reality of the Rabbi’s wisdom, grounds me back on the Earth plane, facing the passing of the Soul from Earth, who was my Dad. And I feel joy as I adjust to the reality that, yes, it’s true, I,  at times, experience my Dad living on in my heart, and through my actions, my memories, and my feelings, and thoughts.  

I feel him in the tiniest moments, and in the challenging moments, and in so many personal spontaneous experiences. Mary and I say, “I wish Dad were here, he’d know just what to say!”

Or I might be driving a curving road to fast, and I think, and feel Dad’s Spirit guiding me to slow down, and be safe. Or maybe I am feeling challenges in life, or judgements from within, or child-like vulnerabilities, and fear, and or rage and sadness. Then I think of my Dad’s life, presence, Spirit, influence, and ways, and his energies bring me peace, contentment, purpose, joy, and a feeling of feeling fully loved.  

Sometimes I feel mad and sad, and hurt, and ripped off, that I can’t pick up the phone and call him.  And I let myself cry, and feel my full-human-range of feelings. I grab some Kleenex, and keep the Kleenex industry going strong.

And sometimes I walk outside under the bright stars, and feel love, connection, celebration, and guidance, from that larger mystery, that now expresses my non-local Dad!

I think about how he played the violin as a boy, before I met him, and how he shared with me that sometimes he woke up surprised that he had been composing symphony music in his sleep.

I remember neat moments to me, like the chain of connection between various memories of him watching his beloved Star Trek, in the den, of my childhood home, and later in the Bay Area, where I lived near him, and decades later, in a miniature box, on his computer screen, in his office, in Indio.

I remember a reading my friend Daniel Fiverson gave him of Evolutionary Astrology, at OM Blessings, where he saw that as a soul, Dad set up his purpose, first becoming an engineer, and then a salesman, and finally publishing four books on humanity’s stellar origins, and our genetic heritage of the gods!

We were blessed to share in this life, of the man known to us as Marshall Klarfeld, Dad, Beloved, and more. He left a blazing star trail of beautiful gifts and treasures, that we now animate in our hearts and lives.  He bestowed a lot of LOVE into our dearly blessed hearts.

Thank you Dad, wherever you are now. I imagine you up there living in the Creator of ALL, and partaking in some truly stellar adventures.

As Arcturas Ra says, “see you on the flip side!”

We love you dearly!

We’re grateful for who you were and are, and all the ways that you uplifted each of us.

We celebrate setting you free, even while it is hard for us, in human form.  

We trust your ultimate freedom, and smile, imagining your divine adventures, connections, and conversations.

As Dolores Cannon’s regressions express, we trust you will and are truly enjoying your front row seat to the greatest show in the Universe, Earth and her ascension.

We think of you often, especially when friends share news of newly discovered planets and stars.

We love you!

See you on the flip side.

Say hello to our family, Nana, Grandpa Harold, Wally and Marge, Uncle Mike, Aunt Bobbie, George, Jay, Zechariah Sitchen, Linus Pauling, Richard Feynman, Dolores, Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy, Jesus, Buddha, Mother/Father God, the legions of Angels, Plato, Aristotle, William Shakespeare, Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Adam, Eve, Noah, Miguel de Cervantes, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Robin Williams, the ancient Chinese sages, and fill in the blanks right here… Mother Father Goddess, God... for us!

Mighty hugs from your Earthling Team.

May the “link” no longer be “missing," from your vantage point.


your Daughter Jen

Jennifer Lynn Klarfeld

Celebrating the Life of my Beloved Dad, Marshall Klarfeld

Marshall's obituary

The obituary I wrote for my Dad, Marshall Klarfeld, after his peaceful passing, February 17, 2019.

Marshall Lee Klarfeld, 89, of Indio, California, passed away peacefully in his sleep, at home, after a very natural 3 day or so process of letting go.
Marshall was very lucid up until the end, as he worked out at the gym and enjoyed meals out with his beloved wife Mary, of over 30 years, the week before his natural passage. He was in hospice care, at home, beginning January 20th, 2019.
Marshall is remembered by many, for his qualities of strength, wisdom, curiosity, kindness, and his sweet, gentle, caring nature.
Marshall was born in Boston Massachusetts, to Harriet and Harold Klarfeld, and raised along side his elder brother and best friend of 81 years, Myron S. (Mike) Klarfeld. They lived in Boston, Massachusetts, and Marshall and Myron proudly attended the New York Military Academy, and later Marshall attended high school in Florida, and graduated college from Cal Tech, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, in 1951. Marshall excelled in four major careers throughout his life, including a lucrative career in Television sales, supporting his own way through college. His second major career was in sales and sales management, for Upright Scaffolds out of Berkeley, California. His third career was in Real Estate sales in San Francisco, where he was known for his professionalism and high integrity. His fourth career was driven by his gift of curiosity, as he explored his way into becoming a Researcher, Author, and Lecturer in the discovery of our stellar origins, as well as a Radio and Lecture Guest on countless venues, conferences, radio and video programs, including Ancient Aliens, Contact in the Desert, The Aztec UFO Symposium, The Conscious Life Expo, The Kevin Moore Show, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Veritas Radio, New Realities, Co-Creator Radio Network, Shirley MacLaine's Independent Expression Radio, and many more.
Marshall wrote five books, and published and promoted four of these books on the Anunnaki, and our stellar origins, with great support and encouragement of his wife, Mary. His books and lectures can still be found, shared and enjoyed at and on many social media platforms, including google, youtube, soundcloud, facebook, amazon, and on podcasts too. Marshall had a vision to make a movie trilogy, and was recording his ideas and theories, up into his final weeks of life.
Marshall was married three times, first to Judy Klarfeld, whom he lived with in Evanston, and Winnetka, Illinois, then to Sarah Southwick, in San Francisco, CA, and finally to his wife of over 30 years, Mary Klarfeld, in San Francisco, Petaluma, and Indio, California. Marshall is the father of Jennifer Klarfeld, of Santa Fe, NM, and the Stepfather to Mary's three adult children, Jay Guittard, Clark Guittard, and Jennifer Guittard Grace, and their life partners, and families. He was Step Grandfather to 6 children, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marshall (Uncle Buddy) leaves behind his brother Mike's three grown children, Susan, Nancy, and Laura, and their husbands and children. They were very close to their Uncle Buddy, and celebrated, and spoke of the qualities that made him special, throughout and beyond his life.
Marshall was a highly responsible individual, who was involved with politics, and stood up and assisted his boss, Wallace Johnson, when Wally, as the Mayor of Berkeley in the 1970's, wrote and presented a plan to stop the Vietnam War.
Marshall loved international travel throughout his life, and excelled in tennis, sailing, skiing, and golf. He valued fitness and healthy competition, playing chess daily with his beloved wife Mary, in local and global cafes. Marshall was a gregarious individual, organizing male female dances and mixers, at Cal Tech, when it was mostly still male. He later ordered a full set of the Great Books, and led book club meetings, reading the classics. He loved the arts, comedy, music, dance, and theater. His first wife Judy was an actress in community theater for many years, in Winnetka, Illinois. Dad was a fan of "The Man of La Mancha," " Star Trek," and "Star Wars." His Mother was an advocate for "The Power of Positive Thinking." Marshall definitely carried this attribute forward.
Marshall told me, his daughter Jennifer, that when I (she) first arrived as an infant, he was amazed of how he learned from me, (her), from the very beginning. Years later I (she) asked him, "Dad, what is your top soul gift?" He pondered it, and then announced, "Curiosity is my strongest gift. I have been driven by curiosity for as long as I can remember!" At Cal Tech, he asked his Nobel Prize winning Professors, Richard Feynman, and Linus Pauling the big questions, "Is there a God?" and "Is there life on other planets?" He never slowed down in his quest for the answers. He called himself a disciple of Zecharia Sitchen, the Author Dad was driven to discover, research, befriend, and assist in reaching people with theories they both uncovered.
I shared a very special relationship with my Dad, Marshall. I moved out west to San Francisco to be near him, around age 20, after he divorced and moved back to California in 1977. My Dad and I shared a very Grace based relationship, rooted in a lot of real and healthy caring, kindness, and unconditional love. My Dad always let me be who I really am. I can count on one hand the times I saw him get mad. They were very rare. I always felt like my Dad had been a Tibetan Buddhist Monk in a bunch of past lives, because he was exceptionally present, joyful, accepting, warm, kind, and in the moment. He had his human struggles over the years, yet his concern throughout my life, his life, and up until the end, was for the ones he loved, and how to keep them safe, comfortable, well cared for, and deeply and dearly loved! My Dad always taught, modeled, and encouraged me to trust life, and trust myself.
We rejoice at Marshall's graduation with honors from the Earth School Class of 2019. His soul took flight 3 months or less short of what would have been his 90th birthday. We are celebrating him on both sides of the veil between the worlds. My Dad is a gentle soul, who lived a beautiful, loving, full, accomplished, positive, and playful life. He made friends everywhere he went. His friends and family have written and posted beautiful memories, feelings, and qualities, expressing closeness, and admiration, from all over the country.
At the beginning of Dad's hospice he said to me, "I have lived an amazing and adventurous life. I have no regrets!" Upon visiting him, his first week of hospice, at a family dinner at his home, with his wife Mary, and my Cousins Nancy and Susan, Dad said, "There are a lot of people suffering and in pain, in this world. I am happy, and I feel freedom!"
Family and Friends all agree, my Dad, Marshall Klarfeld was a special human being! I know he was an early Starseed, and a Galactic Volunteer.
My Dad always instilled hope, respect, love and inspiration in the people whom he gathered around him. The gifts he transmitted and shaped me with, are gifts I am proud to transmit naturally as my own, and I will gratefully carry these gifts through countless lifetimes to come.
The last message my Dad shared with me, face to face, was "Have a wonderful life!" I told him, "we are each embarking on new adventures! I trust our new adventures!" I'm grateful that my Dad was so well loved across his journey here on Earth, and trust he will be dearly loved throughout his Creation Journey and Adventures.
Think about whatever qualities you most loved in my Dad, and animate those in our world, as you think of him and know, Life is Good, we're never alone, there IS life out there, and a Loving Creator of All overseeing our way lightly, now and always!
Fly high and free, Dad, Uncle Buddy, Marshall! You are missed, loved and celebrated! We love and cherish you always!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Navigational Tips for Individuals Discovering a Narcissistic Individual in their Family or Life

This blogpost was inspired by a call for guidance wall post, of a fellow adult daughter, healing from Narcissistic abuse of a Narcissistic mother, in a private social media support group. The following is inspired by my response to her.

The group member posted of having recently learned that she has a Narcissistic Mother, after some intensive personal therapy, of her own. She is realizing how common and predictable the Narcissistic Mother's behaviors truly are. She asked if it would be a good idea to point out to her Narcissistic Mother, the unhealthy behaviors she acts out, and if this would help her mother? And she also asked if it will ever be possible to share a relationship with her, once she the adult daughter, sets healthy boundaries?

Welcome to the club, Human Relative. It is amazing to me to live at a time, when so many are contributing to help us see, understand, and heal from unhealed Narcissists and their messy, abusive behaviors. I like all the guidance you’ve been given here.

It’s a tricky steep slope, and it is well worth setting some boundaries, and carving out a small spaces for yourself as a non-abuse zones.

There are countless wonderful videos on YouTube that are like mini coaching sessions for us.

Some describe interacting with a Narcissist as a constant chess game. Gray rocking is helpful, yet if they're walking all over you, sometimes saying something stronger is useful, like, “I know that’s not about me,” “I hear you and I see it differently,” and or “no thank you, I’ll oversee my own blah blah blah!”

Remember that other aspects of the Narcissist and their behaviors include being full of toxic shame, being fake, putting on an act, being an empty shell or a donning a mask. They can’t truly love because they’ve been hurt too bad and don’t trust love is real. 

They are usually more jaded, wounded, even paranoid and distrusting of others. They can’t see you as separate, more of an appendage. They can’t have a 2 way, balanced, concerned conversation, and instead gain fuel through any engagement, drama, defense, etc with you. They will offload and dump their toxic poisons into, and on you. Keeping themselves in the superior position and you, and others in the inferior one, is a constant need and strategy. They lie and use manipulative tactics to avoid responsibility for the manipulative ways they treat you and others. 

And as you get healthy and start to set and maintain boundaries, and see and call them on their manipulative behaviors and Narcissistic habits, this triggers their Narcissistic wounding, as in it highlights the wounded real self they hide from people, and hide from themselves. So as you get healthier, they lose  some of their mask, strategic power, control and dominance. This is both highly dangerous and a form of death to them. They will project all their pain, vulnerability and weakness onto you. If you back off to claim healthy whole living, balance and clarity, they will be forced to push other flying monkeys into their sphere, who believe their false dramas and give them fuel without question, hassles, or truth.

They can get worse with age and circumstances, seeing you as a threat or enemy, and can make strategic moves that are the equivalent of cutting you off at the knees to save their own self, false self, delusional existence, fears and fantasies. So viewing them as a poison filled, stunted toddler, with no real accountability, empathy, emotional IQ, no real self worth, and no honesty, nor ability for self responsibility is half the healing equation.  

The other half seems to be building your strength and self love, joy, choice, authority, power, focus, and success up to full-to-overflowing. Recognizing all our natural inner child desires for 2 healthy, treasuring, comforting, valuing parents will never be met by these injured, poison filled, volatile, offensive, fear-based, controlling, childish, two-faced, wounded, insecure, needy beings. And realizing their dramas are not our fault, nor ours to fix. Also realizing they will overall never change, they will never be satisfied, you will never completely save, heal, change, satisfy, nor fix them. And realizing that we will never fill all the holes in their bucket, nor get real love from them, is also a crucial step in our healing.

The only one we can change is our own self.

Once we start to see all this, it shifts the whole balance of the levels of health we allow, in ourselves and in other people in our lives.

Then our standards for healthy relating can grow so strong, we can secure health, truth, boundaries, caring, honesty, authenticity, joy, balance, wholeness and success, even inspiration and self care within ourselves, and really inspire our close family and friends in the healthiest ways. Thus we effect change and positivity in this world, from the inside out!

The awkward part, is that once we learn what Narcissism is, and how it works, what is healthy for us, is disturbing and dangerous for them. Their misery, victimhood, pain and problem states seem pathetic and exaggerated, as they start to lose their power to manipulate and feed off of us!

Remembering we are innocent, despite how they try to smash us, and becoming our own strength and authority are all empowering steps for us, as we learn how to un-shoulder, unshackle, and untether from their sickness and manipulation tactics, habits, toxic hand-me-downs, projections, and energy sucking, enmeshing tethers.

I just listened to a few wonderful powerful new support videos on Youtube (see links below.) The presenters reminded of a few key points. One is that Narcissists have the equivalent of brain damage, and as they age, it is highly unlikely that it will ever heal, go away, and or change. 

Two, they are insecure, and thus need to diminish and cut down other people to raise themselves up. 

Three, the insecure narcissist can trigger your insecurities, so the best response you can bring, is remaining as secure and strong within yourself and life, as possible, both for yourself, and in interactions with them. 

And four, if and when the Narcissist goes to therapy, they do not go as healthy individuals, rather they go to learn all the ways that did not work of manipulating their Narcissistic Supply Providers, and to strategize new ways to manipulate the people in their immediate life. Thus, even therapy can make them sicker and more dangerous. 

Therapy isn't for everyone, only for the emotionally responsible. I guess our job is to become so strong and love filled, that we develop a natural immunity to the toxic shame they steep in and project out, through bouts of volatility, projection, rage, and childish tantrums! Our assignment also includes creating wonderful lives for ourself, and getting our focus off them.

Blessings on the eye opening journey of self reclamation!

Here are three new YouTube videos that I find beautifully helpful, as discovered today.

How the Insecure Narcissist Can Trigger your Insecurities - Dr. Les Carter - Surviving Narcissism

Imaginary Confessions of a Narcissist (If only they could be this honest) - Dr. Les Carter - Surviving Narcissism

Light Language Healing for Full Chakra Cleanse with Marlene Cronin

Here are some additional resources for anyone open to, or needing to learn more about Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. I have gathered the following support YouTube Videos on this topic, weeding out some of the most super supportive, highly informative, and less well known insights and guidance videos on a YouTube Playlist I call "Top Resources for Understanding Narcissists."

"Top Resources for Understanding Narcissists."

The second list I am sharing is a far more comprehensive list.  Here it is:

"Resources for Understanding and Recovery from Narcissists... (and Narcissistic Abuse)"

If you are interested in the New Earth based toolkits I offer on this path of Soul Expansion, Please visit my website at: 

where you can learn more about ThetaHealing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and Parallel Life Regression.

Stay tuned for more new offerings, in the making right now!

I welcome you to share this blog entry, and these resources freely.

We have been trained to love our family, parents and partners unconditionally. I recommend and encourage new terminology, which is to love and relate with wholehearted discernment. Many of these unhealthy patterns grew out of times when emotional I.Q. was really, overall not considered, studied, honored, nor understood. 

You are living in new times, when teachers like Brenรฉ Brown, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, Vianna Stibal, The Pleiadians through Nora Herold, Dolores Cannon, Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Les Carter, Lisa A. Romano, and you and I, Jen Klarfeld exist, and are helping turn the whole game around for good!

Let us celebrate, be vulnerable, honor imperfections, and honor our divinity by being whole, gentle, loving, unifying, Graced and grateful within this grand Creation.

Cocreative Kin: Be blessed!