Saturday, March 2, 2013

2012 Sacred Circles, Shifts & Adventures

Coral & Turquoise Healing Rays
Blessed Volunteers from the Bright Side of LIFE!

Visual highlights 
of some of the many epic circles 
we are & were blessed to share in
in Magical Mystical 2012...
here in the 
Land of Enchantment!

The Golden Age is Officially Up and Running! 

Pure Presence
Blissed Out in Our Infinity at Star Dreaming!
Starseed AC TAH-vation
 Pablo Perea's Self Portrait Painting Class
Preliminary Self Portrait at Tarnoff Art Center
Intense Self Portrait by Laura Tarnoff
Divinity in Motion
Goddesses Unite
Global is Where it's at!
A Rainbow of Friendship
A Rainbow of LOVE!
A LOVE of Rainbows!
Our Rainbow Tribe
Star Dreaming Ranch:
BELOVED Ceci... she's baaaaack!
The Grooviest THETA Sisters under the SUN!
The Time for LOVE is Now... Now... Now!
African Goddess Pride!
Welcome to Africa!
Happy Birthday Dear Pablo!
Prioritize Creativity... Prioritize LIFE!
Haitian Voodoo Banners for the Rainbow Tribe!
The Jewish American Princess Scream!
Trailblazing LOVE Visionary
ThetaHealing Over Loud Belly Dancing
Golden Age Lightworkers Unite!
Santa Fe Rock n' Roll Chick at Del Charro
Eternal Hippie Dancing to The Lion of Zimbabwe
STARTRIBE Trailblazer
Heavenly Helper Kim Hart
Global Volunteers
Global Sister Friends
Last few days of 40 day Master Cleanse taunted by African Food!
Starseed Siblings
Pablo Painting in Public
Scorpio Antics
Ilene & Jen at the Mama's Mineral's Health Fair in ABQ
Shifts Happen!
Silence while ThetaHealing is in session Please!
Ladder to the stars at Tsankawi
Past Life Pueblo Potters!
Cowgirl on the Range
Soul Family...keeps growing! Love the Bus
Theo's Family
Primitive Woman with Modern Accessories
Ac Tah Orion Mayan Labyrinth Embrace
Temple Goddess Joy Visioning
Indigo Crown Aura
African Spirit Communications Paraphernalia
Indian Market Trailblazer!
Saint Germain Labyrinth @ Stardreaming
Members of the Tribe at Globalquerque
Indigo Star Beaming Aura Dervish
Charting a Course Beyond Time at Ojo Caliente
Beaming Bliss at the Santa Fe Folk Art Market!
Leading Us Home!
Our reigning Queen of Divinity!
Jewish Christmas Princess
Golden Dolphin Pod Family
Twilight Angel James Koskinas
Sparkly Eyed Starseed Princess
Wayshower Friend & Earth Guardian Rowena
Timeless Troubadour
"Kukulcan" i phone art by Jen
Victorious Starseed TwinFlame Pod Neighbors!
Issa Dazzles the Crowd at Fiesta FELA!
Radiant Birthday Girl!
Beloved Creatives!
Cosmic Volunteers at the Seed Institute Conference
Seeding Ecstasy at the Creative Hub!
Trailblazing Tribe
Aligning with the Galactic Spiral
J, Ben & Friends Upshifting Us!
The Legendary Santa Fe Starseed Movie Night!
Janice Lee Playful & Free
Universal LOVE Pharaoh
Struttin my Golden Stuff!
Traveling the Orange Sun Disc Express!
Blue Aura Diva at your Service!
Golden Soul Family Celebration

Awaken to Wellness Steward Diane Camillo
Santa Fe Originals at Indian Market, Santa Fe!
Grateful Graceful Treat, Seeing Sheryl & Manfred at Indian Market!
Cool Shot of Sheryl Susunkewa, & her Art & her Dad's!
Oh Look, Rainbows of Artists!
Beautiful, Gifted, Spirited Dancers!
Leading the Starseed rEVOLution!
Barbara Marx Hubbard: Awakening our Evolutionary Path
My Luminous Starseed Booth Mate Dr. Dexter Russell
Camilla Blossom, Goldie & the Turquoise Healing Ray!
Starseed Phil Osophical LOVE Team, Leading the Way!
The Sweet Little LOVE Dove who ensured our presence at SEED!
Visionary Force: Deborah Gay Deacon
Lemurian Lightseed Family Reunion with Charmian Redwood
Radiant LOVE Shamans!
Leading the Cosmic Field in the Sacred Waters!
Trailblazing New Children, Dancing Us In!
NLP CLass Rebels at Jambo Cafe... Yum!
Mary Ann's Amazing
Santa Fe Dream Rancher
Visiting Psychedelic City Artist
Peaceful Labyrinth at Dream Catcher Retreat Center
Rainbow Shaman in the House!
Ac Tah Divine Architect:
Earthwalker Stewards of
Bonding in the Fairy Zone at Star Dreaming
Bridging the gap between Midwest & Southwest!
Golden Dolphins Star Dreaming!
Patrick Singleton's Creative NLP Class
Creative Family at Dean's Ex Ex Ex Show
Radiant Rainbow Rays of Devorah
Rane Friend to the Sea Turtles!
Amma at the Pyramid
Grounding directly on our bums!
Where Divinity Happens!
When it started to get really cosmic, at Star Dreaming!
Declaring my Divinity Fully!
Creatives Gather & celebrate

Blue Sun Dance Star Spirit by Laura Tarnoff
Earthy Goddess with Drum!
ThetaHealing Goddess ReBoot at the Temple of Isis
Glitzy Goddess with Christmas Tree Aura!
Live on the Twilight Angel Set!
Starseed Golden Age-ers at Angel Station 222
 Jen at the Santa Fe Holistic Fair 2011

Thrivalists: Foster & Kimberly Gamble in Eldorado
Jen Hiking at Tsankawi with Friends
Amazing Sally
Celebrating David Lescht's Life & Gifts!
Dancing round the May Pole
Spirits Dancing with Us!
Susan & Friends Gather Fireside
Ivana & Jen under the Full Moon
Yomi & Friends Face Painting
King & Prince Kamajous
Debbie & Friend's Leading the Pod
Timeless Starseed Pioneers
Creative Collaboration

Sacred Starseed Celebration
Kadima, Miriam & Noah Singing Unique Gifts