Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas message 2010 Arjuna Ardagh

Enjoy this beautiful holiday message from one of my dear and soul centered teachers and friends, Arjuna Ardagh.

I discovered and trained with Arjuna in 1995 & 1996, in Colorado Springs, CO and in Marin County, CA. Arjuna trained in TM/Transcendental Meditation, at age 14 or so, and after many years of teaching meditation, trained in Alchemical Hypnotherapy, as I did. He found merit and pitfalls on both paths individually, thus he pioneered, fusing both paths together, in his own accelerated form, called "Hypnodharma," "Living Essence," & "Awakening." He synthesized into this process accelerated tools from Buddhism, Hinduism, Transcendental Meditation, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, and more. The tools include a foundation of using a guided process of "Self Inquiry," guiding the Explorer in the practice of dropping deeper than the thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions that come and go, thus awakening our true self.

An ancient personality system called the Enneagram, is one of the comprehensive tool kits introduced, which is relevant and useful, while awakening from so much of our limited conditioning, back to the pure light of awareness itself!

I still use these tools and energies in my life, awareness, and Trailblazing Transformation practice. This guides in seeing through what could appear as "obstacles," to the grand prize of my clear, true, infinite nature, awakening my best victorious thriving withinn these wild, transformational times!

Listen and enjoy Arjuna's insights into the how we can give the "gift of truth" to our loved ones and to ourselves this Holy-Days Season! In listening, I love resonating in recognition, as I too have been sharing the gift of Truth, and the gifts of celebrating who we truly are!

My tool kit has grown, since training with Arjuna, and being graciously honored as one of the initial guinea pigs thanked, in Arjuna's book, "Relaxing Into Clear Seeing", 15 years ago.  I now bring high vibrational transformational tools including Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Technique, ThetaHealing, Past Life Regression Training with Dr. Brian Weiss, Holographic Memory Resolution, Shamanic Training with the Shamanism: Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Alchemical Hypnotherapy Training, full certification with the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, and more.  Still the AWAKENING tool kit I embody and facilitate, is the most powerful foundation for all the rest, and the best homecoming to explore, expand and live from, before, during and throughout the transformation of all of our human "questions, dis-eases, and issues."

Much LOVE, JOY, and THANKS: ONE and ALL.



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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Initiation of Love and the New Energies

"At One" painting by Jen Klarfeld, all rights reserved

About four months ago, as life was unfolding, in many familiar ways, I crossed paths with a beautiful soul, and fell into the initiation of love, quite suddenly. This living love interest and I established, quite immediately, that he had fallen in love and shared primary relationships, with women who shared some major identifications with me. I too, quite immediately admitted that I have had an exceptional love of men with many qualities and identifications that he shared. Part of me wondered, as this man was from an ancient African culture, and a very polygamous culture, as was my last dear love, "am I even qualified to succeed at this, when I chose to opt out, last time?"

Now standing on the other side of the initiation, I am grateful, and would not go back an change even one small detail. Yet I now integrate all I have learned, and come with new sight, to what follows.

One love revelation, that surfaces most strongly, after a four month LOVE experiment, is a deeper view into how I have and do quite naturally live deep and truly, in the extremes of the feminine vibrations, and of many of the soul vibrations. I always have. I live more and more in the timeless realms, in the intuitive awareness, living deeply, opening my soul wide, and expanding and trusting deeply, in who we are, and our empowerment to bridge Heaven and Earth, and collectively create a Soul Centered Divine Expression, right here in the middle of this dense, odd, creation of Earthly Life!

I relate to being one of the "Volunteers," one of the cosmic beings, who came to Earth, to help us wake up, and evolve from our purest heart, and our highest vibrations. I relate to being one of the early Indigo's, who brings in this renegade, spiritual warrior vibration, and awareness.  I am by nature a pioneer and a systems buster.  I know I am one of a large family here in service to Humanity and the larger Creation.  All my life, my perceptions and responses to life, humans, conditioning, and more, have mostly not fit with the conventional ones.  Needless to say, while I am an eternal optimist, dating has not always been easy.  I have for many decades now been more interested in one's soul, and aura colors, than one's culture, religion, skin color, and job title.

It has also been more of my perception, that we are all expressions of the Source, and born from the light. I meet people, and feel beyond the limits of this "incarnation," or expression. Some I recognize, see and feel overlays of other life expressions, cultures, powers, and more, in. Some I know and recognize as members of my soul family, or soul group. Some recognize me, from beyond life in material form.  In recent years, we are awakening to recognize our larger connections as cosmic expressions and facets of the Divine!

Energies are shifting rapidly, and we are awakening to how much power we truly bring to create any reality we wish to. It has been a wild ride, as for those who resonate primarily as victors, are living in harmony and creating victoriously. And a very massive number of Earthlings, are still resonating deeply to the victim vibration, and are harboring evidence to this aberration, and using it to energetically shit on themselves, and those close to them, quite consistently. The languages we are speaking are grounded in energies and frequencies, and are becoming more and more polarized and foreign, to one another. The language of light uplifts, brightens, and brings clarity. And the language of density, complains, and nags, begs, whines, clouds, disturbs, and clings, pulling life down, and spinning in small, confined, and ever shrinking, predictable circles.

When I fell in love, more than ever, I opened my heart, arms, home and life to sharing this new love.  Why not? I had been so distracted trying to build my business, my practice, my convictions, and my life. I had been busy sharing in a group of Starseed identified family, yet many of us were single to the point of being hyper vigilant, to stay that way.  Love washed me away from these preoccupations and identifications.  I rode the wave.

Two gentle, unique, creative hearts found ourselves drawn together, politely accepting our vast differences, learning and growing beyond them.

I am slow and meandering, often completely outside of time. I am open and social, and hold every second of communing with our human tribes' brothers and sisters as the dearest gift.  I have infinite patience with myself, with my brothers and sisters, and with holding a space for our soul to awaken, most of the time. I am highly responsible within, with my emotions, and my perceptions of each one of us, and our world, seeing our beauty, majesty, divinity, grace, and power. I am soulful, deep, and know what I want next in life. I treasure myself, my relations, and life at large. I love and cherish harmony, in my heart, home, friendships, and more. I am a social creature. I am highly expressive and original.

And so my soul called in my beautiful, gentle, driven shadow, in male form. And I was ready and relishing! I attracted a man who is driven, quick in thought and action, always on time... to... early. I attracted a love who is very private, something of a loner, and often too rushed to introduce me to anyone in his life, or to connect to deeply with those in mine. I attracted a man, more naturally accomplished, manifesting, and driven, and less patient. I attracted a man who focuses outward, who is always building to the next level, who travels more than not, and while present, is often up ahead, planning more travel, manifestation, and expansions, often not including me. I fell in love with a nomad, who can walk through a crowd, unrecognized, while I stop and connect with everyone, lingering, hugging, laughing, and sharing renewal.

I fell in love with a modern, traditional man.  I fell in love with a man who treasures his freedom, and independence, and who has many friends on his path, who host, care for, and treat him like a king.  I fell in love with a man who is not at home with cats, of which I have two, a man who wants his food to be perfectly natural, fresh, and clean.  I fell for a man who wants everything to be a very specific way. I fell in love with a man, who never felt relaxed enough to sit on my couch. I fell in love with a man, who warned me, he would never want to get married again.  I fell in love with a man who loves to "keep it simple."

At times we laughed at how set in our ways we have become, by ages 45 and 48. Sometimes I think that any two people in the world, could fall in love and joyfully share a life, with enough care and dedication. At first, I thought we were a love match arranged by Creation. Now I am sure we are, yet we have found our way back out to our individual single lives again, almost as fast as we rushed into the initiation of love.

I marvel and cherish that even when we faced our differences, and my emotions spewed out all over both of us, that we still acted very gentle and graceful, with great concern for the other, as for our own selves. We shared healing, prayers, cooking, eating, music, loving, stories, and a unique and dear connection. I recognize, at the end of our initiation, and in transition to pure friendship, that what I know of soulmates, is active here. We each brought a giant dose of each others' shadow, and lovingly, helped reveal and weave it back into each one's soul.

Upon meeting this love initiate, I felt like we synced our energies, and I activated my drive, focus, and leadership. I activated a new level of my ability to be private, to be individual, to be strong. I quit my old paradigm, art gallery job, and cashed it all in, for the freedom to create my practice full time. Then I took a radical sabbatical, and stopped it all. I focused on love, and loving not only this life partner, but looking deeper, at what I wish, want, like and love, as my life, for my calling, as it all.

We leaped in, very suddenly together, and played like kids, at imagining a life together. At times this was deep, and dearly beautiful. Love taught me how greatly I had been holding back, how deeply I'd been hiding.

I came out the other side of this love, realizing, how expansive is my being, how open I am now, to life, and love, how substantial is my heart and soul, and how amazing it is to share this with our world.  I relish the chance we both took to love and share love.  I look forward to aligning with new love, in new ways, bettered for the experience of diving to our depths, together, in this earthly experiment, we know as LOVE.

I see many friends in my communities, who are happy sharing in the ongoing expression of intimate love. I see many who shun this, for some belief, that on Earth, it is not safe, possible, balanced, or uplifting, to limit love to a one on one, intimate life partnership. I have invested on both sides of this great divide. Now I have again tasted how exquisite it feels to mutually enhance, activate, gently push and assist each other to grow, within the initiation of LOVE. I am remaining open to find, share, birth, and build this, with the right one, who manifests in my life, as open, cherishing, and relishing as I am.

In this recent four month, free trial offer: of the initiation of love, it came to the surface, that my lover could see I was completely trustworthy of protecting and honoring his heart, of sharing out of pure integrity. Yet he was not comfortable and at ease opening the same vibrations easily to me.

One day, well into the love experiment, I vividly recall, looking up into his eyes, and realizing, it may not be in the highest and best interest for his life, to align, as life partners with me. And this revelation was something I really surrendered to, even before that moment. While my friend was off being a nomad, I really sunk down to my core, and let go, to accept that it felt like a 50% possibility, and 50% not in the highest interest of both highly individualized expressions of human creativity.

So I learn, grow, and let go, with a heart even more available than it was before the beautiful, sweet, grace based, love initiation.  And I open to the new energies, which are all about inclusivity, and the rarified, heightened ability to include life long love in the "new energies" equation.

Extending the invitation to: the initiation of love, to us all!

"Keeper of the Cave" by Jen Klarfeld, all rights reserved