Monday, November 8, 2010

Jorge Ben Jor - Take It Easy My Brother Charles

The "Take it Easy" Vibe

My friend Sherwin, who never takes me too seriously!

Honoring Richard, who always shared the gift of "take it easy."

Life on Earth is moving faster, in many ways, with many changes coming, and some not coming fast enough.

Friends in Santa Fe and beyond celebrate the life of Richard Belote, at his passing this month. I posted photos of him, on my facebook page, and today, realized that one of his most prominent characteristics, besides his love of beautiful ladies, art, and music, was his "take it easy" vibe. I noted how this is a rare and precious gift on the planet, as many forces work towards freeing us, while many also are invested in limiting us more.

Last night I had a conversation with someone I love about all the massive challenges, in the friend's life, mirroring the traumatic crashes rippling through much of humanity, as well as through the old, decaying systems we have constructed, that are crashing down around us now.  Instead of helping, I said something, I felt encouraging, which seemed to translate in some other way.  Earlier that day, I had journaled in a way, that helped me realize, how it is not always easy to bridge my perspective in understanding, beyond, well, my perspective. And so I was faced with a living test in this realm.  I worked very hard to bulldoze through to establish a bit more understanding in both directions, as it is never my intention, to come in and make someone feel worse.

Friends collaborating in art making.

At the end of the community gathering of friends, I chatted with a close, old friend. I voiced concern for the friend on the edge of massive change. My host assured me, that all is and will be fine for the friend, and all.  My friend expressed this from a soul knowing. We are each human, and all have moments of falling to the pressures we experience in this world. Sometimes it is harder, watching a loved one traverse, shifts, endings, pain, and suffering, than it is, to spearhead it personally.

Our host has the "Take it easy" vibe, and the ability to access and share this from knowing itself.  I woke up today, realizing the simplicity of this precious gift. The bringers of it, are not always in perfect communion with it. Yet we are all truly the keepers of this gift.

A month or so back, while socializing with friends, my dear friend Sherwin told some others, of how he and I  share debates, from unique and varied perspectives. He explained, his secret to success, in this, that he never takes me seriously! I pondered this pronouncement, and responded, "that's what I appreciate most about Sherwin, is that he never takes anything too seriously!"

And there you have it. One of the greatest secrets on Earth. A few key humans, planted in every family and social circle in our lives, bring this rare gift of perspective, knowing, and humor, when blended properly, equalling the "take it easy" vibe.

As I have spent time with my African Brothers and Sisters through the years, and I include myself, hailing from everywhere, as a visiting soul, I note, at the core of this quality, are the roots of knowing more of who we truly are.

When all else seemingly falls apart, can I laugh at myself? Can I encourage and help those I love, come back to the place where we see how ridiculous most of the "problems" really are, from an expansive perspective. Can we always help each other see what's real, when so much in and outside of us, keeps changing?

Today I celebrate those knowing fools, who are wise enough not to take ourselves too seriously.  I initiate myself into this culture, I admire from outside, and within. I invite you, and all of humanity to join us. Have a laugh, embarrass yourself, play more, and always welcome the "take it easy" vibe.

As children we play games, sometimes winning, and sometimes losing. This is good practice for the rest of the ride.

My playful friend Devorah, taking up the fine art of clowning!

 Met this playful spirit painting at our Friend Leah's Group Art Show: