Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guardian of Golden Gifts!

Abstract Crayon Drawing by Jen

Today began with a beautiful dream gift from within.  Standing in the center of a sacred circular space, I am the tender of the rich, sweet amber honey in the center.  I stand with two beautiful young men, in the circle's center, only I am the one who tends and shares the honey.  I am the one who knows it is here.  I scoop it out and share it freely.  I see other gifts all shades of golden amber, gathered here.  One is a bag of golden seeds. I want to stay here, as this guardian of golden gifts!  I love feeling the feeling of this.  I languish in this golden sweet honey place, not eager to leave.  I lay in bed, awakening slowly, feeling golden, wondering how to keep this energy lingering and how to keep sharing sweet amber honey gifts. How to keep seeding sweet gifts is the question inspiring the beginning of this most juicy, sweet, dripping, golden new day... year... decade... age and flow.  I celebrate two friends birthdays today, and I know we are all this golden honey in the center of the sacred space, we are all the golden seeds to seed the new, and we are all the guardians of infinite gifts, of lingering and sharing all of this!

This new year starts out with infinite GRACE, within the container of beautiful ONENESS.  We are here, we are helping create from this, we are feeling and uniting in GRACE, gratitude, in the LIGHT of ONENESS!

This is the new energy!  On a cosmic scale, this is true, real, and timeless! We are true, real and timeless.

Through LIFE itself unfolding, I met a friend, who introduced me to a friend, who hosts a STARSEED Circle, here in Santa Fe.  I joined in one night, and quickly became a member of the core circle.  We gather and share movies of our "off planet family," meditations, healing, transformation, LIGHT encounters, sacred stories, and all things star centered.  This circle has no formal leader, dogma, rules, cost, or agenda.  This SOUL FAMILY CIRCLE brings so much enrichment, transformation, grace, encouragement, power and awakening to all who share in it.

My Trailblazing Transformation practice is truly transformed in the light of this circle.  This circle is a sacred space where we gather, and honor the truth of who we really are.  This is one of many circles, where we meet, recognize, and freely share what we are discovering of being truly of the stars!  I am so grateful for the mystical truths we always unfold, in these circles, by way of being, speaking, honoring and seeing each one's multidimensional truth.

I began my Trailblazing Transformation Practice, 9/9/09.  I did my best at attempting to procrastinate, from my humble beginnings, training in the fields of clairvoyant seeing, healing, divination, creativity and hypnotherapy, starting in 1989.  Twenty years of hiding from my true self, and hiding my true self from most of Creation!  Yet mixed in with all the hiding, something deeper was at play, or shall I say, someONE deeper!

The Pleaidians, through Barbara Marciniak, tell us that an accelerated period began in 1987, culminating in 2012.  This is a time, that the Starseed People of Planet Earth, started really shifting, and loosing our encoded masks of convention.  1987 was the year I dropped out of The Academy of Art College, in San Francisco, and began searching for a way to attune to, and uncover my SOUL, my connection and within this, my purpose.  Now we are here, together, exposing our Souls, our ONENESS, and our TRANSFORMATIONAL Mission!  We are not at all, who we are taught to be.  We are vastly more, infinitely more than this.  I read somewhere this year, that most of the greed, war, grief, and suffering on Planet Earth, grows up out of a fear of death.

I came to Hypnotherapy, back in 1991, after reading books by pioneers in the field, by Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dick Sutphen, and more. Pain in my body led me to explore my psyche, with a new rookie hypnotherapist, who led me in one hour, to the source of, then chronic physical pain, on a path to understanding, releasing, and relief from such emotional holding, which caused the underlying muscular contraction, causing the pain.

In 1984 and 1985, while dating a wild thing in college, I looked into his life, soul, eyes, energy, and lifestyle, and I felt a recognition of him living in multiple past lives as a South American Indian, from various tribes, and cultures.  The fact that all his bedroom furniture, besides the bed, did hang from ropes from the ceiling, added to my recognition.  I am sure, he had no idea what I was talking about.  He was of Nordic stock, hailing from Glen Ellen, Illinois.  I could see the Amazonian Tribal Leader, glaring through his taught muscles, shiny perfect teeth, and piercing blue eyes.

I independently studied the history of Astrology, painted abstract intuitive designs, and wrote poetry of broken sentences, while enrolled at the University of Iowa.  I did not identify with so much of the programing the others there, took to, so readily.  I loved creative writing, nurtured by my first rhetoric teacher, yet quickly fell bored, repeating "all the crap I learned in high school," to quote Paul Simon.

I enjoyed gathering with friends, listening to music, dancing, tuning in, self expression.  I read the jumbled poems of Jim Morrison, and questioned most of what the others took to, with less questioning than I did!  I stayed up until dawn, and slept through the dreary regiment of collegiate "programming."

All I was seeking, seemed, to not really be offered, at least not officially.  I remember finding a Maharishi TM poster, and knowing this would offer more than all of this conditioning in "blind following."  Yet I only taped the Maharishi on my dorm room wall, while mailing ever lost, "broken sentence poems" home to old friends.  Who can talk about multiple lifetime recognition, abstract art, and the history of astrology, while getting deeply programmed to be a worker droid, mortgage payer, credit card user, and exchange student in Europe, all with a new American Express Account? Certainly not the sorority girls!

So I hung out with a cool local gal, who liked to drink in the bars, I danced  to African music, with a Ghanaian student, in a rented house, I drank a lot of beer, at tasteless fraternity parties with bad music, and no dancing.  I failed out of photography, and canoeing.  I broke free, and never looked back.  I moved to California, and found others who sought more.  I got my credit cards, struggled against multitudes of jobs I never wanted, and eventually locked into the mortgage, trading in a love of African, global, and spiritual music, art, cuisine, culture, and soul awakening, for the predictable trip to Europe, mainstream job, mainstream family, and the nightmare of a cubicle job, I could never quite fathom embracing.

Now millions of others, of all ages, are reaching critical mass, knowing we are more than our educations, more than our race, creed and cultural masks, more than our amassed thing collections, more than our social status, more than our income and debt!

In my Trailblazing Transformation Practice, instead of using tired old approaches to hypnotherapy, of merely planting affirmations or suggestions, or repeating the desired intentional state 150 times, over 150 days, we are finding that the most healing regressions, are ones that allow, engage and guide the explorer back beyond the limits of this dimension, back beyond the problem states, back beyond limiting emotions known predominantly on the Earth plane, and beyond the ordinary limitations of this body, these emotions, accompanying thoughts, current ailments, frustrations, pains, limitations and diseases, back to our true multidimensional capacities, back to our limitless infinite Self!

What's happening is beyond our wildest expectations.  What explorers are uncovering is beyond what any teachings have prepared me for, and also perfectly aligned with all we know and all we have yet to see, explore and learn!

Clients are regressing to lifetimes prior to the challenges of this one, lifetimes off planet, travels in spaceships, soul planning meetings, spirit guidance, traveling as orbs of light, explorations inside our planet, missions of seeding this and other planets, life expressions as shape-shifters, and life expressions on higher dimensional stars and planets. Clients are receiving downloads, upgrades, insights, knowing, and experiencing life expressions that do not necessarily have a finite end. Explorers are meeting teachers, twins, angels, and higher vibrational healing aspects of themselves.

We are using Holographic memory Resolution, in ways that are safe, surprisingly gentle, and amazingly immediate.  Explorers are experiencing physiological healing of "diseases" we have not even formally addressed. Also explorers are experiencing physical relief, through clearing past life traumas, as they relate to present life injuries and challenges, within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I am truly grateful on so many levels, to be living my purpose, helping humanity activate our own infinite inner resources, and most especially learning and witnessing the most amazing knowing, healing, wisdom, insights and soul centered transformation imaginable, and beyond my wildest imaginings too.

I am truly grateful to be open enough, to be leading the cutting edge of consciousness, as my clients seem to be leading me.  I am excited, amazed and grateful to be documenting and beginning to express and share mystical truths of individuals and humanity, that the scientists and scholars, have not learned how to fully access yet.

I am humbled and divinely inspired everyday, by the unfolding majesty of our shared journey on Earth.

Lately the sessions I have guided and shared in, have featured such amazing transformation, and so many mind blowing experiences, that I am resting in a space of awe and grace, not grasping fully how to even translate it all.

Stay tuned, as one of my renegade explorers, is coaching me to begin an outline of my first "best selling book!"  Welcome to my unofficial outline.

Wayshowers unite, as we continue to encourage and light the way together.

The most sage guidance came through a favorite teacher of mine, at his Past Life Regression Conference.  Dr. Brian Weiss told our global classroom, that it is a fallacy that there are old souls and young ones.  He said Earth is advanced enough that no one is inexperienced, in this complex level of reality.  When you encounter someone, you may fear is a young, naive soul, look again.  Dr. Weiss suggests to think of them, more as a transfer student, a new arrival, here, from another school system.  Different planets and star systems all have various rules and ways of structuring life, as do various cultures and school systems on Earth.

This month we were guided to share a profound set of clearing and soulful guided meditations, by a Starseed Brother, Cameron Day.  I hope you will visit his website,, explore these tools, and share them with many.  There are seven free guided meditations, and many articles, and insights, on the journey.  Also Cameron offers a continuation of the process in a CD for sale.  Please explore this portal to your own power, an pass it on, to all those who may find power within, through these tools.

Thank you, Divine Reflections, sparkling and inspiring grace and beauty, above, below and throughout ALL!  WE ARE HERE!  We are birthing light, divinity and truth, in ways that are unparalleled, yet increasingly free to all!  We are brave, encouraging, transcendent beings, here, on schedule, creating HEAVEN ON EARTH!


Radically exceeding the expectations for Earthly SOULFUL Transformation within Human Explorers!

In LOVE, JOY & Renewal...


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