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Trailblazing 2011-2012

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What a remarkable year, 2011 has been, straight from the start, through to the birth into 2012. So many changes, so much transformation, such exquisite trailblazing, individually and collectively too!  I am forever amazed and exceptionally grateful, to each and every individual, playing an integral role, in the evolution we are birthing side by side, and hand in hand.  

So many amazing circles of light, creativity, awakening, healing, and wayshowing, opened dear hearts and invitations to me, which I continually open and share here with you. The year started off New Years Day, as I joined a circle of friends from Santa Fe, sharing in Native Corn Dances & Ceremony, at the Kewa Pueblo, formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo, South of Santa Fe.  Watching the Native Dancers, dance, drum, and chant, dressed in light layers of clothes, and a fine coating of earth pigment, on the coldest day in my 12 years here, I looked down the pathway of their plaza, at one point, completely falling beyond time and space, as all opened up for me, and fellow participants, encompassing indigenous cultures, awareness and life, well beyond time, and the containment of space, opening up the sacred grid lines, all the way down through what are now called Mexico, Central and South America, and all the way up, from pole to pole! 

This led to my sacred participation in many circles.  Early on, I was guided to assist Leah, Sam, Helen, & Jared at Books and More Books, a day here and there, which I dearly loved, and left, after the economic contractions, gave me birth elsewhere.

I was also invited back in to assist in my lifelong dear passion, of bridging Folk & Tribal Art & Culture to the People, along side Alan, Mary, Vicki & Frederick, at Xanadu Gallery, in Santa Fe.  It was all a front for Wayshowing, Lightbringing and general Soul Investigations.  These folks are Earth Angels to me, and many, while I juggle Healing & Awakening sessions between  showcasing the mystical creations of the the Huichol Shamans and Tribal African & Balinese Artisans, there.  The closing of their downtown store, this year, again, rebirths me back to the full time demand for my dharmic gifts!

I enjoyed a phenomenal year of engagement in so many sacred circles, including exhibiting, assisting, and presenting in seven official expos, and symposiums, one open studios art tour, and two amazing African Art, Music & Cultural Benefit Shows in and around New Mexico.

These included:

Michael Wisotzke's Monthly Paranormal Forum, in Albuquerque,New Mexico

The Aztec UFO Symposium

The Santa Fe Wellness Expo, in Eldorado/Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Wake Up Now Conference

The Quest ABQ

The Santa Fe Holistic Fair

ASPE Paranormal Symposium, in Taos, New Mexico

The Pecos Studio Tour

Woven in through all these formal circles, I shared enrichment, awakening and joy, with dear soul family, in even more playful & cherished circles, including Art Explosions, at the Tarnoff Art Center, in Rowe, Monthly Gatherings of the Golden Dolphins, hosted by Author Nina Brown, at Bishops Lodge, Weekly Starseed Movie Nights, with Lynda Star & Friends, Tribe of the Sacred Heart Gatherings, live music on the Plaza, and New and Full moon Gatherings & Activation Ceremonies, with our Earth Walker Family of Light, hosted by Little Dove, Ben, and many more, down in Belen.  

Note to locals: The next Gathering of the Golden Dolphins will meet in Santa Fe, at Bishop's Lodge, on Sunday, 1/22/12, instead of the usual first Sunday of the month, as the first Sunday of January, falls on New Years Day.

The year rushed to a new crescendo with two glorious events, one called Live As One 11/11/11, offering free food, entertainment, dancing, live music, channeling, exhibitors, and more, in the Farmer's Market Pavilion, all day, & into the night, on 11/11/11.  We Star, Source & Light Seed, gathered in and around this base, radiating out to Kakawa Chocolate House and beyond.  The evening culminated after prayer, meditation and more, in around 200 to 300 of us gathering & watching a truly revolutionary film called "Thrive," a creation of many, led by Forest Gamble, live streaming around the world, for its debut.  This was a bridge event, into the new kind of altruism, People like the Dalai Lama and Barbara Marx Hubbard model, now available for ALL to lead with and share freely.

Lynda's Starseed Circle showed it again, to a packed house, a few weeks later.  The filmmaker, born into the Proctor and Gamble fortune, had both a mystical awakening as a young kid, and a deep curiosity about why all humans on Earth are not yet thriving.  In the film, he follows the money, to the sources of all the corruption, hijacking basically all the major systems on Earth, from the health and well being of the environment, to the lack of health and well being in our food, health, medical and various artificial man made systems.  He interviews brilliant leaders in all fields from UFO's to economics, and explores both the shadow of mankind, uncovers how governments worldwide are responsible for creating most of the suffering on Earth, and shines light through to how we can steward the way to free energy, abundance, and a wholesome, healthy hearty, rich life for all, as we lead the way towards living in oneness with Universal Laws, in place of the old ways of greed, fear, competition,  dishonesty, and hostility.  He offers steps all of us can take towards building Heaven on Earth, in a simple, easy, grass roots sort of way.

The final Cosmic Trigger, was a gathering of around 70, in physical form, and countless numbers in multidimensional expressions activating a Mayan Orion Labyrinth, on the Full Moon Eclipse of December 10, 2011, in Belen New Mexico, at the Lead of Earth Walkers Little Dove, Ben and Friends.  The same day, Earth Walkers Camilla Blossom, and Marshall Jack/ Golden Eagle activated a medicine wheel and healing of the waters, up at Ojo Caliente, with yet more members of our Sacred Family!  All we have shared, does not  easily fit into words, especially taking into account, all that so many of us did gather, activate and co-create in so many power centers, and sacred circles, everywhere.

Throughout all of this, and many more small circles cherished, yet not all mentioned, I also continued sharing my gifts of trust, knowing, seeing, awakening, and activation, as well as in my private practice, Trailblazing Transformation.  While my toolkit includes high vibrational gifts from clairvoyant seeing and divination, to shamanism, hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing, The two toolkits which I have best thrived in sharing with Explorers are Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis and ThetaHealing, which both work at the deepest brainwaves unleashed by mystics and shamans, through time, the theta brain wave, where changes are made, instantaneously.

With these toolkits, we have uncovered life purpose, rooted out karma and old limiting beliefs, called on the Creator of all, for upgrades, downloads, and aligned with the Super Conscious or SOURCE Self, for guidance, awakening, healing, clearing and solutions, all from within.

Facilitating this work both formally and informally, and being graced to see people deeply, while humbly assisting  and serving, is a divine gift, which I treasure dearly.  Attending sacred circles, while leading, learning, sharing and discovering, enriches and fulfills me all the time, in ways that make each moment, and encounter a sacred expression of love, joy and purpose.

Weaving our individuality, presence, love, light, wisdom, creativity, playfulness, gifts, treasures and offerings together, at a brunch, lunch, or dinner out, or a cosmic activation shared globally, I am making the same discoveries.  I am reminded again and again, of how we are all sacred, precious treasures, all truth tellers, and way showers, and sparkling beaming unique beings, all bringers of light, life, joy, grace and love.

We are all the SOURCE OF CREATION, Sovereign Beings, Blessings of Oneness, and we live in an ever expanding Universe of Free Will, Creative Opportunity, Truth and Divinity.  We came here to awaken and birth Heaven on Earth.  We came here to dance and sing, enliven each one, and be free.  We came here to remember ourselves as LOVE.  And we are the blessed ones leading the way, the ones we've been waiting for.  We are here.  We are grateful.  We are safe, eternal, mighty and precious.  And now that we are awakening to know that we are ONE, we know we can choose the best on this menu of life, not for ourselves, alone, yet for ALL!

For all these reasons, we are she & he who sees through new eyes... for I am learning, when we clear all that is untrue away, all we need is this, the LOVE THAT SEES THROUGH NEW EYES.

Through this shared heart, I Love you ALL!

Happy Holy Days Beloved Ones!

And deep heart felt thanks and appreciation for the many miraculous ways we have all served each and every resonant one, through the wild trials, tests, and tribulations of birthing our new Earth.


Jen Klarfeld 

P.S. The winner of the last drawing for a free ThetaHealing, from the ASPE Paranormal Symposium is Ruth Bourjeois of Equine Spirit Sanctuary in Taos.

*A special thanks to David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Kerry Cassidy, and all of our Systems Busters out on the Front Lines.  On the full length Coast to Coast interview of my Dad, George opened up, by calling David Wilcock, exposing his recent death and torture threats, December 15, to millions of Soul Family Members all over the world, serving David and all of us, by helping him save his life.  That night I listened to the uniquely vulnerable and powerful interview, as did many of us, where David "cyber cried," as he called it, in a very raw, open, real way, with all of us holding the space for him.  I would like to send out an infinite thank you, with our hugs of great love, for many reasons.

One reason is that I know many of us around the world have survived such great tests, to faith, family, purpose, livelihood, values, and more, in the recent few years of massive changes, and crumbling old systems.  Everyday People, Loved Ones, and Lightbringers alike, have had to suck it up, and put on a strong face, while much of what we were taught were our resources, in the old paradigm, fell away.  I have wanted to be more honest, at times than I have, regarding my own experiences and feelings of vulnerability.  Yet in building an Awakening and Healing centered Practice, it seemed counter productive.  I can say in full honesty, that in ways that Bob Dylan, Richie Havens, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman and others sing the pain, fear, hope, vulnerability, and full range of human feeling openly, for us to live through vicariously, David Wilcock, cried the anguish and terror out of our systems, in a catharsis, that exorcised so much of the feeling, and reaction to the recent tests, losses, changes, and crisis, of the old world falling down around us for us.

My Cameroonian Family, tell me that in Cameroon, there is a tradition of a Professional Crier, who is summonsed to come and initiate the crying, at a funeral, back home in Cameroon, West Africa.  So we thank you dearly and deeply David Wilcock, for starting the crying at this funeral of the old ways, the old era, and end of tyranny on Earth.  We are ready ,and already birthing this radically new way!

Another reason I am ever grateful to our courageous Systems Busters David, Benjamin, Kerry and Friends, is that in listening to the movie Thrive, as well as David Wilcock,'s Project Camelot interview, I realized that all the talk of repatriating the gold and freedoms of humanity, is not at all about the physical gold that has been looted, hijacked, hidden, raped, pillaged, warred, killed and lied over, rather it is about our collective call to awaken to the golden light of our true being.  And because of this knowing, all the other bullshit, is simply illusion, or as David Wilcock calls them, "the powers that were."

Throughout this year, I am finding new, more infinite, tender, brave and loving senses are rebooting, our pre-faulty-Earth-programming senses, back to our more full and infinite range. I am newly seeing into friends, strangers, enemies and loved ones alike. The skills I use to peer into the souls of my clients, with their full consent, are now operating, in many situations and circumstances, unplanned and uninvited.  I am not alone, in having to learn a whole new set of boundaries and responsibilities.  This is all a gift, a gift of reclamation.  At times it feels blessed, at times it feels awkward, and overall, it feels highly angelic.  We are all graduating, Beloved Ones, again, and ultimately it is pure magic!  Thank you one and all!

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