Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Many New Offerings

Grateful thanks and love 
to all the wonderful 
people and forces 
behind the recent Santa Fe Holistic Fair
 Especially its Creator & Kirilian Photographer
Judy Lekic
All the Guests
& Presenters!

The Winner of the 
Drawing for a 
Free ThetaHealing
Joyce Crawshaw

My dear & heartfelt thanks 
to all you
Precious Ones
who attended my talk
who bared your souls
who assisted 
as Earth Angels!

Please join us:

Sunday July 3rd
Sunday August 7th, 2011

A Gathering of Golden Dolphins Santa Fe, NM 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

A new era of alchemy has begun, the Age of the Golden Dolphins, when the return of the golden dolphin frequency to humanity activates the highest vibration of your higher self. The time has come to embrace your wholeness and to declare your divinity, for it is now safe to do so. The first three gatherings will be held in Santa Fe on the first Sunday in June, July, and August. Other events around the globe are being added to the schedule regularly.

A Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe
First Sunday in June, July and August
1:00 to 4:00 pm
in the Skylight Room
at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort

1297 Bishops Lodge Rd.(5 min. from the Plaza)
505 819-4013
A great old-world venue for a great new-world mission!

$10 per gathering
RSVP Required as space is limited.
There are no plans for live broadcast of this event at this time.

This event is
created and hosted by 
& Wayshower Nina Brown

Nina Brown

Return of Love to Planet Earth:
Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary
by Nina Brown

My Dad, Marshall Klarfeld & Me

My Dad's Book: "Adam the Missing Link"

Link to my Dad's website here:

Enjoy this link to my Dad, Marshall Klarfeld's recent June 15th Radio show on Project Camelot, Whistle Blower Radio:

The new book featuring answers to questions many have waited lifetimes to learn!

Order a copy 
of the newest book by 
my teacher 
Dolores Cannon
an author so ahead of her time, 
she had to start her own publishing company to bridge 
her findings of 40 years of pioneering in Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, 
and Healing, 
to Humanity.
Her books, now published in 22 global languages, 
are causing a stir around the world, 
as she can not keep up 
with the demand 
teaching and lecturing, 
as it is opening to her.  Hence her 
guidance in 2002, to train a specialized force of us,
in her unique process, Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis, 
opening doors to the Superconsious, or Collective Consciousness, answering
to the name of "Subconscious."  This is the SOURCE Self 
I am connecting with,within my Explorers, 
which facilitates healing, access to 
Life Purpose, 
Akashic Records,
Karmic Causes,
  and more.  
Come Traiblaze the way to the New Earth!   

The Three Waves of Volunteers 
& the New EarthDolores Cannon
In 1945 when the atomic bombs were dropped in WWII, 
our "protectors" and "watchers" in outer space saw that Earth was on a 
collision course with disaster. The prime directive of non-interference prevented 
them from taking any action, but then they came up with a brilliant plan to save Earth and assist her in her ascension. They couldn't interfere from the "outside," but maybe they could influence from the "inside." So the call went out for volunteers to come and help. "Earth is in trouble - who wants to volunteer?"

The native souls living on Earth 
were too caught up on the wheel of karma. 
The only hope was to ask for pure souls to come 
who had never been trapped on the karmic cycle.

Dolores in her hypnosis work has discovered three waves of these volunteers. Some have come direct from the "Source" and have never lived in any type of physical body before. Others have lived as space beings on other planets or other dimensions. Because all memory is erased upon entry to the Earth dimension, they do not remember their assignment. Thus these beautiful souls have a difficult time adjusting 
to our chaotic world. These souls have a vital role to play as they 
help all of the rest of us ascend to the New Earth.

*    Characteristics of the Three Waves of Volunteers
*    The Difficulties being Experienced by First-Timers
*    How the Shift is affecting the Physical Body
*    The Roles of ETs and Light Beings in the Shift
*    Keepers of the Grid
*    The Separation of the Old and New Earth
*    What is the New Earth?
*    What is the Significance of 2012?

To order visit:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Events: A Global Radio Interview & Local Santa Fe Holistic Fair

Please visit the link on my blogspot, and listen to my radio interview with Tawn Head on Sedona Talk Radio, from June 10th, 2011, and follow the instructions for one more chance to win a free ThetaHealing with me, Jen Klarfeld, from anywhere in the world! Listen to my show, and respond by Thursday July 7th, and listen to Tawn's July 8th show, or visit my blog to see if you are the winner. We are extending the deadline, due to how busy I am, this Summer & to better promote Tawn's radio show.
The winners of the Quest ABQ drawing for a free ThetaHealing are: Judy Ficksman & Wanda Ross Padilla.  Thank you all for your enthusiasm, and willingness to trailblaze at the leading edge!

Please join Jen 
and Friends 
for the following events 
 this June, 2011:

Jen will be a interviewed as a guest on 
"Tawn Talks About Intuition" 
Friday June 10th 1pm MST. 
You can listen via the internet
or you can call in and hear the show 
on your phone at: 

You can also call in to ask Jen a question 
or have a short reading from Tawn
at the same number.

If you miss the show 
you can also hear it 
in "archive"
the next day or later
by going to 
"Tawn Talks About Intuition"

Learn how more about how 
Jen can assist you in 
facilitating your own 
Soul Awakening and Transformation, 
via Skype, 
or phone, 
anywhere on Earth.

Please forward this on to
anyone that you think 
might enjoy hearing 
Jen being interviewed.

We hope you will join us!


 "The more I study physics,
    the more I am drawn to metaphysics."

 - Albert Einstein

Mark your calendar  
& join Jen, 
Trailblazing Transformation 
and Friends
for a full weekend of fun 
at the Santa Fe Holistic Fair, 
Saturday and Sunday June 25 & 26 
at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe:

Come hear Jen's free Lecture: 

Sunday at  3:00
In Lecture Hall A
Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis 
and the New Earth – Jen Klarfeld

            Jen Klarfeld, CCHt, PLR, 
ThetaHealer, a Hypnotherapist, 
Artist and more, 
draws on tools from over 10 systems, 
in two decades, 
facilitating leading edge tools 
for awakening and transformation.

            Jen will present on how 
Trailblazing Transformation offers high vibrational tools 
for awakening and transformation, 
bridging the way into the New Earth.  
Jen will speak on how 
Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis,
Theta Healing, 
and her own creation of Soul Totems
facilitate unique doorways
to discover and accelerate 
your life purpose, healing abilities, 
guidance, karmic clearing, healing 
and transformation, 
all from within.

Drop by my booth B-2, 
& fill out a card, 
for a drawing 
for a 
free ThetaHealing