Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spring Overview

Greetings Friends:

This Spring has rushed by at warp speed, while amazingly reaping many gifts, in my own life and in the lives of so many beloved friends and family members.  Are you too noticing massive changes, upgrades and downloads, in all facets of life?

Two amazing opportunities opened up to me, this spring.  I was gifted the opportunity to train in ThetaHealing, in March, and in May, I joined forces with an stellar circle of fellow mystics and healers, gathering around Regression Pioneer, Dolores Cannon,,to learn the secrets to her technique.  Dolores is the author of many leading edge books in her field.  She introduces herself as a "Keeper of Lost Knowledge."  Most of her 18 , plus books tap a wealth of cosmic knowledge gleaned from Nearly 40 years of facilitating Past Life Regression, 25 years of regressing Explorers to life memories beyond Earth, and since 2002, she has been facilitating and teaching others how to contact what she calls the "subconscious," yet what feels more like the Universal Mind, the Superconscious, or what I like to cal the SOURCE Self, the more infinite, knowing aspect of our consciousness that connects us all.  From this vast powerful awareness, she facilitates access to answers to pressing life questions, karmic insights from the Akashik Records, clarifications, guidance from the larger context, life purpose, and instantaneous healings.

I am now trained in, and facilitating both of these modalities, which share the power of utilizing the the theta brain waves, the same frequency the brain measures at, while dropping off to sleep, waking up, and that entered by mystics in meditation, shamans in healing trance, and more.

During our training in the "Cannon Regression Method," Dolores played recordings of actual healings facilitated by her, from this state.  At one point, I felt myself drop into complete AWE, witnessing the recorded and live experiences of her Explorers, as they co-created instantaneous healing, removing a heart murmur, replacing knee cartilage, removing the atrophied part of the thyroid, and rejuvenating the rest.

Now I revisiting this awe state every time I facilitate this awesome power.  The beautiful part is how this Awe continues emanating through all other aspects of my life, and I imagine the Explorer's too.

Stay tuned for more details, and enjoy the adventure!