Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Conferences, Expos, Demos, An Open House Party, Art Classes & Offerings

Updated Events and Links on my website:
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Most of these events are only the first or second of their kind, so lead the field...
uplift your spirituality, creativity, health and social vibrations,
simultaneously supporting many wonderful 
Wayshowers, Healers, Creatives and Causes.
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First on the list is bringing you our very first round of weekend art workshops for adults, including pottery, drawing, painting, African Indigo dying, metal arts and more, this Spring & Fall, with evening classes and drop in studio offerings, in Rowe New Mexico.

I will be facilitating a two day SOUL TOTEM workshop, synthesizing ThetaHealing tools for Creator Centered guidance, shapeshifting, a process called the "Three Wishes" and art making with water media, on paper.  Participants will anchor their own unique gifts, power, and resources as art, to keep, share, and inspire. This class will be offered Saturday May 14th & Sunday May 15th.

Two day workshops, priced at $100 are now being offered at a special introductory rate of $55 for the entire weekend.  Some classes have an additional fee of $20 for art materials.

Laura Tarnoff & her amazing, eclectic staff of Art Instructors will host a uniquely fun Open House Party, some time in August, showcasing many of the artists and our art. 

Director of the Tarnoff Art Center, Artist Laura Tarnoff

"Thunderbird Woman" Soul Totem Painting
by Artist Jen Klarfeld
Another amazing new offering, coming up for the second month in a row, Saturday April 16th, in the La Tienda Shopping Center, in Eldorado: The Santa Fe Wellness Expo. Come join many of the leading edge Healers, Shamans, Diviners, and Awakening Facilitators of the new energies.

I will be offering a small sample of my own original Soul Totem Process, leading the Explorer through ThetaHealing, as they connect with the Creator of All, and return with a uniquely empowering soul symbol and colors, and anchor this on paper, with a wide ranging palette to choose from. The fee for this process will be $22.  The art you create is yours to empower and cherish!

The Wake Up Now Conference is pulling out all the stops to bring you leaders in the Wayshowing path, including my Pioneering Teacher of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Dolores Cannon, Author of "The Children of Now, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Earth Pilgrims Creator Echan Deravy, and more! This conference packs three full days of presenters, and one hundred vendors, including books, DVD's and CD's by the presenters. I will be assisting Dolores Cannon at this venue.  This conference is the first ever, and proceeds will go to benefit "The School of Now," specializing in special education honoring the needs of the new children.  Tickets are very reasonably priced, with a three day option, as well as a one day ticket price, as well.  This conference will be held, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday April 29, 30, and May 1, 2011, at the Santa Ana Star Casino, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Next on the roster, is another first of it's kind, a giant undertaking, The Quest ABQ, Mind, Body Spirit Expo.  This expo will take place at the Marriot Pyramid Hotel, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 22, 2011.

I will have a Vendor's Table, presenting my own Transformational tools, highlighting ThetaHealing and answering questions about Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis.  I will be offering a small sample of my own original Soul Totem Process, leading the Explorer through ThetaHealing, as they connect with the Creator of All, and return with a uniquely empowering soul symbol and colors, and anchor this on paper, with a wide ranging palette to choose from. The fee for this process will be $22.  The art you create is yours to empower and cherish!

New Addition to the Wake Up Now Conference, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey
Author of "The Children of Now," "Pyramids of Light: Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Realities," "The Secret History of Consciousness," and more.

Please note, I will, as possible, bring copies of my Father, Author Marshall Klarfeld's book "Adam the Missing Link" available for purchase, at the venues I myself am presenting at.

Friday, April 1, 2011

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 1

There is so much to share, right now, and, simultaneously so much opening, expanding and unfolding in and as LIFE! Many many walls are falling down, as many many doors are opening up, within me, our community and our world.

Many doubts, fears, and illusions are rising to the surface, in these same realms, in self, in friends, in family, in community, and in our world, now. It is so exciting, as the light levels grow higher and stronger, it seems all the old illusions: that we are not our most vast and infinite SOURCE self, come into the light for review, for release, for transformation, back into the light of our true being. This I see, feel, experience, recognize and know to be real. Some of us are feeling freer, and mirroring this back and forth.

A new friend I met, took me to see a speaker, Dr. Dan Mathews, speak, heal and present, recently, at the Unity Church in Santa Fe. Dr. Dan had a near death experience in 1992. He came out with divine abilities and guidance from what Ed Rice calls the unseens.

He is still semi underground, as his new website is still under construction. You can visit him at this link, in the meantime:

The experience of Dr. Dan's gathering and group healing was tremendous. I feel very blessed to have been guided to join in. Dr. Dan began the healing, or was it the lecture, by telling us that upon tuning in, his light being friends expressed that there were eighty-eight trillion of us gathered in what appeared to be a room of 30 or 40 of us embodied ones. As he continued, the feeling of all eighty eight trillion of us permeated my being, and began shifting my knowing.  

Dr. Dan explained of how there was one original paradigm, of war, and greed and killing, and how in 2003, we shifted into the 13th paradigm, with the imperative to move in through the 14th into the 15th, from now, into 2012. Such a gentle man he is, as he informed us that the tricky part, is that all 15 paradigms are operating on our Earth, now. This made sense of so much that had recently seemed still quite confusing!  And the good news is, as he explained it, that the first 14 paradigms will collapse into the 15th, in 2012, now, and also in between, depending on perspective.

I leaped at the invitation, when a few group healings in, he invited those who wished to join in holding hands and energies, interlocking with the main recipient of the healing. Dr. Dan who was initiated into the Melchizedek Order, upon his journey to "the other side," receives these divine mathematical equations, while initiating the awakening of the one and/in the many.  Then he expresses meaning encoded in the equations. I am not claiming to understand this consciously, yet vibrationally it was an amazing ride.  He would say things like "in the first corner are the ascended masters, in the second corner are the archangels, and in the third corner are the infinite light beings." Not sure I am getting all the words right, yet the vibrations are true.  When he was facilitating the healing as I stood in the small standing circle, connecting back to him, and the 88 trillion of us, gathering together, I saw an image, like a cross between a modern painting, and an ancient aboriginal cave painting, and I knew the image of very long, abstracted Light Beings, to be such.

I had been inspired and infused the previous evening by a documentary film, called "Jean- Michel Basquait The Radiant Child."

At the closing of the circle, at evening's end, I raised my hand to ask about my experience, having seen the Infinite Light Beings, posing as a modern, ancient painting.  Only by the moment I raised my hand, and as trained posed a question, I already knew, from the inside out, that it was all knowing, and no question, and that I was sharing this power of the 88 trillion, more as an insider, amongst us. So I inquired and broadcast out my experience, explaining, to all 88 trillion of us gathered, how while stating it out loud, I realize that the Infinite Light Beings are Us. "What is true about this, to you" I inquired. Dr. Dan confirmed that, yes there are these Light Beings, and how he described it became secondary, as the shared knowing that we are these INFINITE LIGHT BEINGS, oddly trained to pose as non- infinite, unaware, separate ego centered individuals, infused my very being, and with it, all my deepest knowing.

This is the beginning of a trail that led me to assist my Father Marshall Klarfeld, at his book table, for "Adam the Missing Link." at the Aztec UFO Conference, in Aztec New Mexico, this past weekend. Much more to share on all the divine synchronicity of last weekend and our road trip.

Still, it was at my Father's book booth, that one of the gentlemen attending the conference, a soulful Astrologer, informed me that Jose Arguelles, founder of the Harmonic Convergence, which ushered in the new accelerated 25 year cycle, leading into the 2012 transformation, had achieved ascension, a few days before.  The author of "Surfers of the Zuvuya, had left this world to surf the Zuvuya. Having read this unique book many years ago, I retained the mildest hint, of what this may entail. In other words, after leading the light encoded path for us all, on Earth, and for all of our new generations to follow, he is now off planet, dimension jumping, leading the way, again, and still!

So enjoy this ten part sacred presentation, by our own Valum Votan: Jose Arguelles: Messenger of the Law of Time.

In Lak'ech
I am Another Yourself