Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Lifelong Struggle for Freedom of Expression - Issa Nyaphaga - TEDxABQ

Returning from a handful of wonderful ceremonies, celebrations and circles on the wake on my birthday, I opened my e-mailbox to discover this sweet gem of inspiration in the form of a Ted Talk in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by our dear friend Issa Nyaphaga.

He packs a lot of LIFE, inspiration, wisdom, and resilience into a wee 10 or so minutes.

Here is my response on YouTube: 

Super Original, Empowering, and Inspiring my Global Local, Tribal Urban Creative Co-Creative Friend Issa. Thank you for this powerful wisdom, contributions, gifts and resilience. A wonderful message. Glad I got to see, hear and meet you in person when you gave your first live talk and performance in Santa Fe, in 2009, and that I have been in the circle of friends that have shared your life, creativity and story, including the Inspiration Squad! Love, encouragement, creativity, inspiration, sovereignty, unity, originality, and resilience on the way, Dear Friend, Issa Nyaphaga! May you continue to reach many hearts all around this world!

Feel welcome to share this with anyone who may be uplifted by Issa.

You can find, be-fan, befriend, follow, and enjoy Issa, his activism, art, travels, and inspiration at:

Issa Nyaphaga on Facebook

The Inspiration Squad on Facebook

Hope International for Tikar People

Blog ISSA ARTOONIST INFO PROJECTS Art for Hope Community Service Community Art Center

Issa Capillarist on YouTube

Issa Artoonist on Instagram

Thank You Issa.

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