Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post Gathering of the Golden Dolphin Notes

Jen at the Santa Fe Holistic Fair, June 25 & 26, 2011

A letter shared to those Friends who came and activated the Grid as hosted by my Not so Reluctant Visionary Friend, Santa Fe Author Nina Brown!

Dear Friends:

Thank you all who shared in the dear sacred circles this weekend, including The Gathering of the Golden Dolphins, Hosted by Nina Brown at Bishop's Lodge, and the live presentation of Lynda's Starseed Pilgramage to James Gilliland's E.C.E.T.I. Ranch, this week.

We are all nourished, graced & blessed by the presence of each one of us, adding to the whole.  The shifts feel both magnificent and continuious, thanks to all you Cosmic Volunteers!  Thanks to all who gathered before, during, after, throughout, and in various tangental circles, bridging awakening and transformation into our world!

Nina would like your e-mail contact info, if you have not already tuned in with her & any "gifts, insights and experiences you have experienced, after meeting, or before gathering in future.  I do not want to send friend's private info without your blessing.  So if you want to remain in touch with Nina and our unfolding Pod of the Gathering of the Golden Dolphins, formally, or if you wish to simply thank her, please e-mail her at nina@crystalsinger.com, link with her at Nina Brown, on facebook, and or keep up with energies and revelations at her website:

I enjoyed such a dear experience sharing with all my sacred reflections throughout.  I am feeling many shifts.  I feel more and more of the subtle vibrations, of how myself and others are feeling, regardless of what we are saying.  I felt deeply moved sharing in the circle, insights and gifts of all gathered!

It was a sheer treat, that I am called to just the right circles, events, healings, clients, teachers, and friends, all in Divine Timing!  So it was with great amazement, that I responded, when I eagerly joined ten of us on the grid, at Nina's and took up space 9, my Enneagram #, to find the Gift of ONENESS, the actual gift I received from All That Is, at a Peruvian Shamanic Fire Ceremony, recently at 
www.santafeharmonycenter.com.  This moved me deeply.  This theme seemed to purvey, as we are One with All, we do not have to compete, fear and fight what is not, as all is... easy to articulate, yet still a little raw and new on how to embue, in this world of so many shifting, changing energies.  Nina & all did a beautiful job of modeling how it all feels.

While I honor the push and calling of many gifted healers to accelerate the grids, and call in the rain, and push and pull at creation, I must say, I am more at home with simply showing up and facilitating awakening and transformation in those drawn to me for this.  Over all I am more aligned with trusting the higher vibe we already are, than including the fear of what if it's not all divine, as we accepted and are releasing the programs of, in birthing on Earth. 

I am confident all these circles assist in my knowing, and living this truth.  A man named Dexter, sat in the middle of the grid, at the space of INSIGHT, feeling each point represented a month in the gestation period, as we had assisted in birthing him anew. 

I had a lot of self-as-bird, and Thunderbird Woman visions, throughout the day, and after Dexter's insight, I saw an image of myself, humanity and many, as a baby bird, who has been protected in the nest, of the old paradigm, for just long enough, bursting forth in flight, freely now.

Also saw & felt the energies of the Golden Dolphin, or the rest of our own divinity, swimming and frolicking in an upward spiral, as the DNA strands reactivating, from Earth, throughout the Heavens!  We are here!

Thank you Nina & fellow Pod People!  I look forward to hearing and learning more of who each one is and what gifts are taking flight now!  Feel welcome to share via e-mail, mine & Nina's, on facebook, and beyond.

In Grace, Joy and Love,


Jen Klarfeld, CCHt, ThetaHealer
P.O. Box 6961
Santa Fe, NM 87502

Blazing the Infinite Source Within

P.S. If you were not at the gatherings formally, I have sent this to you, while including you in our larger pod, informally.  Feel free to share this with anyone you feel would benefit, resonate & or appreciate these vibes!

The Gathering of the Santa Fe Starseed Circle before the Gathering of the Golden Dolphins!


 Activation of the Golden Dolphin Grid... Avtivating our Vast Divinity, in Human form, together!

To the Santa Fe Pod:
"Our pod has contributed to activating the Golden Dolphin Grid so each pod can access it at will for further service to humanity, and since we are all connected by intention, just think of how that Grid will light up with each pod's contribution. I bet that has the Dolphins Jumping for Joy!!!!!" With deep gratitude and love from my heart, Debbie Simerl (the grid cards will be available on www.crystalsinger.com shortly)  

Tune into this mini podcast of Nina's invocation at the Gathering of the Golden Dolphins, Sunday, July 3, 2011:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15628731/Channel%207-3-11.MP3 This message from 7/3/11 will be posted on the Golden posted on the Golden Dolphin section of my website with other messages, Comments from the Pod and Q & A. You can also opt-in to receive the bimonthly newsletter with similar content. Please email me your comments or questions for inclusion as well. www.crystalsinger.com

We decided to continue with the Santa Fe Gathering of Golden Dolphins at Bishop's Lodge beyond the August 7th gathering. It is very helpful to have an RSVP to arrange for the correct amount of chairs. Please let me know if you would like to participate by doing the grounding, toning etc. It is anticipated that we will have songs from Lemuria at the August gathering.

Some of you brought guests yesterday, whose emails I do not have. Please forward this to them for me. Thank you for your deep S.T.A.R - surrendering, trusting, allowing and receiving! It was a truly magical gathering as was the one in June. We played well!

Hi Nina,
  It was truly an honor to be part of such a beautiful gathering with such an an "Exquisite Conductor" (You!). I believe that each person was called there to show up, not only for their own calling, but out of Service to Humanity! There is always a bigger picture and each time we come together we bring our energetic signature and individual gifts, not only to the group, but exponentially to the whole planet! When I have gatherings, I always believe those that show up come for the highest good of all, and I believe the Golden Dolphins put out a similar call. What a Blessing to be among soul family who "Get It". Our pod has contributed to activating the Golden Dolphin Grid so each pod can access it at will for further service to humanity, and since we are all connected by intention, just think of how that Grid will light up with each pods contribution. I bet that has the Dolphins Jumping for Joy!!!!!      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       With deep gratitude and love from my heart,    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Debbie Simerl, New Mexico

I had the most amazing insight while sitting in the center of The Golden Dolphin Activation Grid. Following presentation and meditation #1, I had a vision that I was a seed planted inside a womb, perhaps even a fertilized egg. Nine very powerful attrubutes were read prior to my reading and I had the distinct sensation of being slowly enveloped by a cloud of feminine energy.  When I was called on to present attribute #10, it occurred to me that the preceeding nine presentations were symbolic of a nine month gestation period and I was about to be birthed from the womb. I stood up and I knew that I was a different man than the one who entered the room earlier that afternoon. I felt empowered and that a break-through occurred that allowed me to cast off some old energy patterns that were no longer serving me.

Dexter Russell
Santa Fe, 07/04/11

Hello masters.......

This email is a response to a query from Nina Brown after the Golden Dolphin Pod meeting.

I used to live out in the Texas Hill Country. We would often do rain dances when it got too hot & dry.

Later, one of my friends there went into "Enlightenment" (she called it
"popping out of the bubble")...............she knew she was God........
she knew that she was all that is. She would stand in the middle of her
20 acres, raise her arms, and say, "I desire to rain." And, it would
rain, right over her ranch.

We are God, we are all things. If there is only one being, we are
all that is. We are the rain, we are the fire, we are the wind, etc. etc.

Many blessings and much love,

Kay Johns
Santa Fe, NM
July 2011

These will be posted on the website below in the Golden Dolphin section. I have extended the contract at Bishop's Lodge for the first Sunday of each month through 2011.

With Great Appreciation,


Nina Brown, Founder, Gathering of Golden Dolphins
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