Monday, January 19, 2015

Abstract Art, Life Beyond Understanding and the Art of Healthy Boundary Renewal

Abstract Painting by Julie Schumer

Enjoy this abstract painting by Santa Fe Artist, Julie Schumer. Today simply looking at this and some other paintings on Julie's Facebook page, ignited me into deep contemplation, after a conversation with a family member, that brought some old and current uncomfortable feelings to the surface, in me. This inspired me to explore some thoughts of mine on setting boundaries and maintaining health in the face of old, less than solid enhancing relational energies.

Abstract painting for me has long been a sanity valve, and a harmonious salve. Opening such a creative process allows the freedom of the soul to dance, shine, and expand. As a highly empathic early indigo, and sensitive, abstract painting, mine and others' creates a beautiful escape from the limits of my human mind, ego and the pressures of humans, who forget who we are and potentially become energy sucks, sometimes me and sometimes others. Like going to the lakeside, soaking in the ocean, walking in the woods, or on the Mesa, abstract art takes me away & brings the sweet relief of not knowing, or having to understand anything.

I just attempted to set a boundary with one such person & family member. I suggested we share one light hearted phone call, alternating, and one where we dump our problems on each other, randomly. This brought out hurt feelings from the inner child of the other.

The Unhealthy Jewish Family Tradition, is to enmesh with one's children, (partner, family and friends) and shit one's constant pain into their off-springs cage, so to speak.

I will find a healthy way of setting a boundary that says, "It isn't good for me to share all these levels of your intensity and pain, on a weekly basis." I can do two freely shitting upon each other conversations per month, and two or more light hearted, vacation like, playful communications. Four pain and woe, enmeshing, woundology dumping/bonding sessions is beyond my capacity, interest, and ability right now. I will find a diplomatic way to state, maintain and enliven this boundary.

In too much of my Mom's family of origin, filling yourself and your loved ones up with pain meant they loved you. Direct expressions of love were a luxury reserved for other people and families, not facing Russian Pogroms & Hitler's Nazis.

I am of the generation that lives in relative safety. I am able to express love as love, directly. I am truly grateful. Learning to navigate these realities is a gift and a challenge I came here to face, traverse, and triumph through. I came to expand beyond the limits of all of these factors, and in doing so, I am better situated to help others through similar relational war zones, within, with family, friends, and co-workers. We are not slaves in this modern incarnation... Not anymore. It is up to us to re-educate ourselves and those around us, of how to treat ourselves and others with dignity and respect!

I am grateful to have found ThetaHealing, which helps me to more easily maneuver and secure the changes I desire in my life, from the inside first and foremost, and then throughout my full life expression.

In the movie, "Thanks for Sharing," there is a great line by the adult Jewish Doctor Son character, where he confronts his Jewish New Yorker Mother and explains, "I'm not your husband, I'm not your lover, I'm no longer your baby, and I can't be your therapist. I'm your grown son, and how we relate needs to change!"

In my work facilitating healing, awakening and change, as well as within all the wisdom my Dad has ever taught me, is the key truth, we cannot change others, we cannot save others, we cannot take away the pain from those we love. Yet a key premise in avoiding and healing old codependent traps, is honoring one's true feelings. And when it feels sucky, crumby, crappy, draining, deadening, hopeless and helpless, it's OK, and healthy to stop, excuse one's self, and to opt out of playing games that don't feel fun, in order to recharge, honor self care, heal replenish, set healthy role models within & about one's self, and with others.

The only one I can truly change is myself. I can do this when I feel what's real, speak my truth even when it is not comfortable, and make changes to grow strong, bright, brilliant and even more loving.

When love feels predatory, needy, unclear, confused, or unclean, maybe it is.

Sometimes loving yourself first, allows more loving relations, after renewed healthy boundaries are acknowledged, mapped out, maintained and upheld!

Check it on the inside, see "how does this feel?" Write your life for joy, love and kindness first, then you can more easily branch out and share this.

The pain of generations that came before us, is not our gift and legacy. Contrary to popular belief, it is not love.

Our ability to transform and source ourselves from love, through the pain that comes and goes while living this human experience... That's where it's at. That's what I am here to learn more about, and share more freely.

I am not here to deny, negate or condemn pain, mine yours, or my family members'. I am not here to make it my identity or false solace either.

These rights of passage, this stepping up to secure healthy love and changes, these are our sacred initiations. May I find the strength, power, love, support, and trust to allow these initiations to better me, and carry me forward. May I trust in the strength of who I truly am, and what I can make possible and real. May I trust in the wholeness and holiness of who we all are.

May you find all that you are, all that you love, and all that you are seeking. May you trust your grand initiations, as you open to the deeper gifts of who you are.

May we all recognize how truly blessed we are, right here and now!

May you take heart in whatever brings you comfort and grace, like art, dance, music, nature, community and soul bring me. May you find refuge in the beauty of who you... and of who we truly are!

Thank you everyone... Thank you my Family... Thank you Julie Schumer for painting your beautiful paintings, that bring grace, love, comfort, and healing beyond my mind's ordinary understanding!

I love you all! Thanks for starring in our crazy earth school play, together.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

"Where the Pavement Ends" a Blessed Creative Immersion!

Building Steps in a painting of mine...
Reviewing our work with James Koskinas

Jen Klarfeld playing with lines and shapes

Laura Tarnoff laying down original organic brush strokes & shapes

Completed abstract paintings by Jen Klarfeld and Laura Tarnoff

My completed paintings, at the close of our Painting Immersion
We had so much more fun than this, yet here is a visual sampling of highlights and paintings we made, when Laura Tarnoff and I got to be Artist Guinea Pigs in James Koskina's revolutionary weekend art intensive, "Where the Pavement Ends."  

I feel forever opened, enriched, enhanced, freed, and highly possible as a Creative.  So very grateful, blessed and excited.  2014 contained many blessed jewels.  I am still unfolding, discovering, and enlivening the foundations built, and steps taken in this beautiful, rich, full year.

So much joy, love, learning, and adventures shared!

Thank you to all who initiated and participated.  We're so blessed!

Soar High Mystique Wizzard

Birdwings by Rumi

Chief Seattle

Al, Alberto Jose Alvarez, Mystique Wizzard

Hello Friends: It was around this time last year when I met Al, Alberto Jose Alvarez, Mystique Wizzard, the Beloved Brother of Niurka Álvarez of Venezuela. We felt such a unique bond, love, and admiration, we decided we were engaged, and I told the world so, after our first meeting throughIn5d Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database, and a video conference call. We shared inspiration, love and friendship from a far. A few months later I decided I was too unrealistic as I was, and to let my engagement go, to focus on my more realistic endeavors, in my immediate life. I let this friendship go with it. Yet I wove many Starseed and Spiritual Friends together with Al. 

Yesterday I learned from my Friend Laura Tarnoff, of the sudden flight from this world of Al. We gathered to make art, and were morning and grieving so many friends and family facing illness, death, possible death, and so many lined up to soar freely from this world, now. Our Friend Issa Artoonist faced realities of the death of his Beloved Sister, as well as a surprising tragic murder in Paris of his friends and fellow freedom artists. What can I say... more and more lately, we face an unpredictable, rapidly changing world. 

I send love and comfort to all facing so many rapid changes. 

Al was a very spiritual, creative, warm hearted, imaginative, romantic, wise, and family loving friend, and self proclaimed Starseed, mystic, poet, singer, and gifted songwriter. He brought love to my heart and my life, without hesitation. We could all learn and source inspiration from his soul, life, art, and being. He sprinkled seeds of light and love into our world. He leaves behind a creative family of loved ones, a grown son in Japan, a young daughter, and a beautiful sister in Venezuela. You can enjoy his music on Soundcloud, and tune into the cosmos to hear and feel the songs of his love, light and soul. You can find his creative, mystical, and playful writings on poetry and starseed sites on line. He was one of the more creative, courageous, and playful human beings I ever had the chance to know, let alone get engaged to on the first date! I will smile when I visit Al's memories and Soul. Al was a gift. 

Soar free Al. Have fun playing, dancing, singing, and flying on a quantum scale. Hug Dolores Cannon for me... or however that works when you've become balls of light! Thanks for sharing love, divinity, playfulness, and soulful creativity with me on the Earth Journey. You are a One of a Kind Original. You must be enjoying a truly grand adventure now. Stay in touch with us, through the stars and the clouds! In love, grace and gratitude. Enjoy your reunion with Mother Father God, Source, Creation, Light, Your Best Friends, Family, Angels, Guides, Starseed Sisters, Brothers, and Pals! You will have a spectacular time! 

You will be missed, loved and cherished by many still playing out this grand adventure on Earth. Take your new colors, and enjoy being celebrated. Tell them of all the crazy shit that went down, at the end of 3-D and the crossroads into the New Earth. If you come back... we'll be playing a whole new glorious game down here. Thanks for helping to initiate it! As for how he left... I believe his heart expanded, becoming too big for this world... something like that. Others may clarify details. It's probably not the most important part of his life expression. Thank you!