Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas message 2010 Arjuna Ardagh

Enjoy this beautiful holiday message from one of my dear and soul centered teachers and friends, Arjuna Ardagh.

I discovered and trained with Arjuna in 1995 & 1996, in Colorado Springs, CO and in Marin County, CA. Arjuna trained in TM/Transcendental Meditation, at age 14 or so, and after many years of teaching meditation, trained in Alchemical Hypnotherapy, as I did. He found merit and pitfalls on both paths individually, thus he pioneered, fusing both paths together, in his own accelerated form, called "Hypnodharma," "Living Essence," & "Awakening." He synthesized into this process accelerated tools from Buddhism, Hinduism, Transcendental Meditation, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, and more. The tools include a foundation of using a guided process of "Self Inquiry," guiding the Explorer in the practice of dropping deeper than the thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions that come and go, thus awakening our true self.

An ancient personality system called the Enneagram, is one of the comprehensive tool kits introduced, which is relevant and useful, while awakening from so much of our limited conditioning, back to the pure light of awareness itself!

I still use these tools and energies in my life, awareness, and Trailblazing Transformation practice. This guides in seeing through what could appear as "obstacles," to the grand prize of my clear, true, infinite nature, awakening my best victorious thriving withinn these wild, transformational times!

Listen and enjoy Arjuna's insights into the how we can give the "gift of truth" to our loved ones and to ourselves this Holy-Days Season! In listening, I love resonating in recognition, as I too have been sharing the gift of Truth, and the gifts of celebrating who we truly are!

My tool kit has grown, since training with Arjuna, and being graciously honored as one of the initial guinea pigs thanked, in Arjuna's book, "Relaxing Into Clear Seeing", 15 years ago.  I now bring high vibrational transformational tools including Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Technique, ThetaHealing, Past Life Regression Training with Dr. Brian Weiss, Holographic Memory Resolution, Shamanic Training with the Shamanism: Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Alchemical Hypnotherapy Training, full certification with the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, and more.  Still the AWAKENING tool kit I embody and facilitate, is the most powerful foundation for all the rest, and the best homecoming to explore, expand and live from, before, during and throughout the transformation of all of our human "questions, dis-eases, and issues."

Much LOVE, JOY, and THANKS: ONE and ALL.



Arjuna is the author of the following books:

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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Initiation of Love and the New Energies

"At One" painting by Jen Klarfeld, all rights reserved

About four months ago, as life was unfolding, in many familiar ways, I crossed paths with a beautiful soul, and fell into the initiation of love, quite suddenly. This living love interest and I established, quite immediately, that he had fallen in love and shared primary relationships, with women who shared some major identifications with me. I too, quite immediately admitted that I have had an exceptional love of men with many qualities and identifications that he shared. Part of me wondered, as this man was from an ancient African culture, and a very polygamous culture, as was my last dear love, "am I even qualified to succeed at this, when I chose to opt out, last time?"

Now standing on the other side of the initiation, I am grateful, and would not go back an change even one small detail. Yet I now integrate all I have learned, and come with new sight, to what follows.

One love revelation, that surfaces most strongly, after a four month LOVE experiment, is a deeper view into how I have and do quite naturally live deep and truly, in the extremes of the feminine vibrations, and of many of the soul vibrations. I always have. I live more and more in the timeless realms, in the intuitive awareness, living deeply, opening my soul wide, and expanding and trusting deeply, in who we are, and our empowerment to bridge Heaven and Earth, and collectively create a Soul Centered Divine Expression, right here in the middle of this dense, odd, creation of Earthly Life!

I relate to being one of the "Volunteers," one of the cosmic beings, who came to Earth, to help us wake up, and evolve from our purest heart, and our highest vibrations. I relate to being one of the early Indigo's, who brings in this renegade, spiritual warrior vibration, and awareness.  I am by nature a pioneer and a systems buster.  I know I am one of a large family here in service to Humanity and the larger Creation.  All my life, my perceptions and responses to life, humans, conditioning, and more, have mostly not fit with the conventional ones.  Needless to say, while I am an eternal optimist, dating has not always been easy.  I have for many decades now been more interested in one's soul, and aura colors, than one's culture, religion, skin color, and job title.

It has also been more of my perception, that we are all expressions of the Source, and born from the light. I meet people, and feel beyond the limits of this "incarnation," or expression. Some I recognize, see and feel overlays of other life expressions, cultures, powers, and more, in. Some I know and recognize as members of my soul family, or soul group. Some recognize me, from beyond life in material form.  In recent years, we are awakening to recognize our larger connections as cosmic expressions and facets of the Divine!

Energies are shifting rapidly, and we are awakening to how much power we truly bring to create any reality we wish to. It has been a wild ride, as for those who resonate primarily as victors, are living in harmony and creating victoriously. And a very massive number of Earthlings, are still resonating deeply to the victim vibration, and are harboring evidence to this aberration, and using it to energetically shit on themselves, and those close to them, quite consistently. The languages we are speaking are grounded in energies and frequencies, and are becoming more and more polarized and foreign, to one another. The language of light uplifts, brightens, and brings clarity. And the language of density, complains, and nags, begs, whines, clouds, disturbs, and clings, pulling life down, and spinning in small, confined, and ever shrinking, predictable circles.

When I fell in love, more than ever, I opened my heart, arms, home and life to sharing this new love.  Why not? I had been so distracted trying to build my business, my practice, my convictions, and my life. I had been busy sharing in a group of Starseed identified family, yet many of us were single to the point of being hyper vigilant, to stay that way.  Love washed me away from these preoccupations and identifications.  I rode the wave.

Two gentle, unique, creative hearts found ourselves drawn together, politely accepting our vast differences, learning and growing beyond them.

I am slow and meandering, often completely outside of time. I am open and social, and hold every second of communing with our human tribes' brothers and sisters as the dearest gift.  I have infinite patience with myself, with my brothers and sisters, and with holding a space for our soul to awaken, most of the time. I am highly responsible within, with my emotions, and my perceptions of each one of us, and our world, seeing our beauty, majesty, divinity, grace, and power. I am soulful, deep, and know what I want next in life. I treasure myself, my relations, and life at large. I love and cherish harmony, in my heart, home, friendships, and more. I am a social creature. I am highly expressive and original.

And so my soul called in my beautiful, gentle, driven shadow, in male form. And I was ready and relishing! I attracted a man who is driven, quick in thought and action, always on time... to... early. I attracted a love who is very private, something of a loner, and often too rushed to introduce me to anyone in his life, or to connect to deeply with those in mine. I attracted a man, more naturally accomplished, manifesting, and driven, and less patient. I attracted a man who focuses outward, who is always building to the next level, who travels more than not, and while present, is often up ahead, planning more travel, manifestation, and expansions, often not including me. I fell in love with a nomad, who can walk through a crowd, unrecognized, while I stop and connect with everyone, lingering, hugging, laughing, and sharing renewal.

I fell in love with a modern, traditional man.  I fell in love with a man who treasures his freedom, and independence, and who has many friends on his path, who host, care for, and treat him like a king.  I fell in love with a man who is not at home with cats, of which I have two, a man who wants his food to be perfectly natural, fresh, and clean.  I fell for a man who wants everything to be a very specific way. I fell in love with a man, who never felt relaxed enough to sit on my couch. I fell in love with a man, who warned me, he would never want to get married again.  I fell in love with a man who loves to "keep it simple."

At times we laughed at how set in our ways we have become, by ages 45 and 48. Sometimes I think that any two people in the world, could fall in love and joyfully share a life, with enough care and dedication. At first, I thought we were a love match arranged by Creation. Now I am sure we are, yet we have found our way back out to our individual single lives again, almost as fast as we rushed into the initiation of love.

I marvel and cherish that even when we faced our differences, and my emotions spewed out all over both of us, that we still acted very gentle and graceful, with great concern for the other, as for our own selves. We shared healing, prayers, cooking, eating, music, loving, stories, and a unique and dear connection. I recognize, at the end of our initiation, and in transition to pure friendship, that what I know of soulmates, is active here. We each brought a giant dose of each others' shadow, and lovingly, helped reveal and weave it back into each one's soul.

Upon meeting this love initiate, I felt like we synced our energies, and I activated my drive, focus, and leadership. I activated a new level of my ability to be private, to be individual, to be strong. I quit my old paradigm, art gallery job, and cashed it all in, for the freedom to create my practice full time. Then I took a radical sabbatical, and stopped it all. I focused on love, and loving not only this life partner, but looking deeper, at what I wish, want, like and love, as my life, for my calling, as it all.

We leaped in, very suddenly together, and played like kids, at imagining a life together. At times this was deep, and dearly beautiful. Love taught me how greatly I had been holding back, how deeply I'd been hiding.

I came out the other side of this love, realizing, how expansive is my being, how open I am now, to life, and love, how substantial is my heart and soul, and how amazing it is to share this with our world.  I relish the chance we both took to love and share love.  I look forward to aligning with new love, in new ways, bettered for the experience of diving to our depths, together, in this earthly experiment, we know as LOVE.

I see many friends in my communities, who are happy sharing in the ongoing expression of intimate love. I see many who shun this, for some belief, that on Earth, it is not safe, possible, balanced, or uplifting, to limit love to a one on one, intimate life partnership. I have invested on both sides of this great divide. Now I have again tasted how exquisite it feels to mutually enhance, activate, gently push and assist each other to grow, within the initiation of LOVE. I am remaining open to find, share, birth, and build this, with the right one, who manifests in my life, as open, cherishing, and relishing as I am.

In this recent four month, free trial offer: of the initiation of love, it came to the surface, that my lover could see I was completely trustworthy of protecting and honoring his heart, of sharing out of pure integrity. Yet he was not comfortable and at ease opening the same vibrations easily to me.

One day, well into the love experiment, I vividly recall, looking up into his eyes, and realizing, it may not be in the highest and best interest for his life, to align, as life partners with me. And this revelation was something I really surrendered to, even before that moment. While my friend was off being a nomad, I really sunk down to my core, and let go, to accept that it felt like a 50% possibility, and 50% not in the highest interest of both highly individualized expressions of human creativity.

So I learn, grow, and let go, with a heart even more available than it was before the beautiful, sweet, grace based, love initiation.  And I open to the new energies, which are all about inclusivity, and the rarified, heightened ability to include life long love in the "new energies" equation.

Extending the invitation to: the initiation of love, to us all!

"Keeper of the Cave" by Jen Klarfeld, all rights reserved

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jorge Ben Jor - Take It Easy My Brother Charles

The "Take it Easy" Vibe

My friend Sherwin, who never takes me too seriously!

Honoring Richard, who always shared the gift of "take it easy."

Life on Earth is moving faster, in many ways, with many changes coming, and some not coming fast enough.

Friends in Santa Fe and beyond celebrate the life of Richard Belote, at his passing this month. I posted photos of him, on my facebook page, and today, realized that one of his most prominent characteristics, besides his love of beautiful ladies, art, and music, was his "take it easy" vibe. I noted how this is a rare and precious gift on the planet, as many forces work towards freeing us, while many also are invested in limiting us more.

Last night I had a conversation with someone I love about all the massive challenges, in the friend's life, mirroring the traumatic crashes rippling through much of humanity, as well as through the old, decaying systems we have constructed, that are crashing down around us now.  Instead of helping, I said something, I felt encouraging, which seemed to translate in some other way.  Earlier that day, I had journaled in a way, that helped me realize, how it is not always easy to bridge my perspective in understanding, beyond, well, my perspective. And so I was faced with a living test in this realm.  I worked very hard to bulldoze through to establish a bit more understanding in both directions, as it is never my intention, to come in and make someone feel worse.

Friends collaborating in art making.

At the end of the community gathering of friends, I chatted with a close, old friend. I voiced concern for the friend on the edge of massive change. My host assured me, that all is and will be fine for the friend, and all.  My friend expressed this from a soul knowing. We are each human, and all have moments of falling to the pressures we experience in this world. Sometimes it is harder, watching a loved one traverse, shifts, endings, pain, and suffering, than it is, to spearhead it personally.

Our host has the "Take it easy" vibe, and the ability to access and share this from knowing itself.  I woke up today, realizing the simplicity of this precious gift. The bringers of it, are not always in perfect communion with it. Yet we are all truly the keepers of this gift.

A month or so back, while socializing with friends, my dear friend Sherwin told some others, of how he and I  share debates, from unique and varied perspectives. He explained, his secret to success, in this, that he never takes me seriously! I pondered this pronouncement, and responded, "that's what I appreciate most about Sherwin, is that he never takes anything too seriously!"

And there you have it. One of the greatest secrets on Earth. A few key humans, planted in every family and social circle in our lives, bring this rare gift of perspective, knowing, and humor, when blended properly, equalling the "take it easy" vibe.

As I have spent time with my African Brothers and Sisters through the years, and I include myself, hailing from everywhere, as a visiting soul, I note, at the core of this quality, are the roots of knowing more of who we truly are.

When all else seemingly falls apart, can I laugh at myself? Can I encourage and help those I love, come back to the place where we see how ridiculous most of the "problems" really are, from an expansive perspective. Can we always help each other see what's real, when so much in and outside of us, keeps changing?

Today I celebrate those knowing fools, who are wise enough not to take ourselves too seriously.  I initiate myself into this culture, I admire from outside, and within. I invite you, and all of humanity to join us. Have a laugh, embarrass yourself, play more, and always welcome the "take it easy" vibe.

As children we play games, sometimes winning, and sometimes losing. This is good practice for the rest of the ride.

My playful friend Devorah, taking up the fine art of clowning!

 Met this playful spirit painting at our Friend Leah's Group Art Show:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surfing these Sweet Changes

Jen here, reporting in. Since my last scribe's offerings, a new development has occurred.  In late August I turned 45. In truth, I'd watched others make some pretty radical changes on their 45th birthday marker. In fact I may have even visited a few judgements, as to how fast their radical changes hit. "Is turning 45 an excuse to make crazy life choices and changes in a split instant?" I wondered, while looking in from outside.  

For any of you who have not hit this half way to 90 marker, I will offer up a few insights, from the inside of the experience.  First, let me be perfectly clear on one fine point. I was going along, quite well convinced I understood my life, choices and personal motivations. I thought I knew where I had been, where I was going, how to get there, and what changes to make.  I opened my businessTrailblazing Transformation, back on 9/9/09, and thought I had it all mapped out.  I put my art making life aside, to focus on the soul arts. I found my way to one circle of friends, amongst many, a local circle of Starseed Fringe Friends, who questioned all the same perplexities of Earth Life, and Human Culture, as I did.  This circle opened the way to a global circle of Starseed, Seers, Creatives, Healers and Wayshowers, that share an uncommon, unifying vision. In fact all of my community experiences, reading, writing, art, music, healing and awakening adventures, have added up to expose a grander picture, a unified whole, where we are one, and share relatedness, beyond human life, Earth life, cultural identifications, and much of what we are taught.

My recent year was splendid, alighted by such adventures, epiphanies, marvels and more. It felt like a year of experiencing worlds within worlds, within worlds, as new energies, awarenesses, and possibilities expanded into being, in what once camouflaged such expansive levels of truth.

In July, I still thought, "I know who I am, and where I am going.  With my highly independent American bravado, I focused on building my business, juggling coveted training, and all the other ducks, one needs to keep in a row, to upkeep  life in this capitalist driven, young culture. While my intentions have always included a divinely inspiring primary love relationship, and a soul plan to bring some of the new children, into a conscious, nurturing, creative, joyful, loving family, I was becoming impatient, to say the least! In fact I was eying new age gurus, in those free health food store magazines, and considering hitting one up for biological materials, to jump start the family planning process, on my own.  

I was immersing myself, in all my favorite pleasures, including community, creativity, awakening, unity, culture, art & adventures of the soul. In July I toured the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, where I relished the fine crafts, cultures, and community alike, photographing global folk artists, dancers, musicians, and the patrons who help support their creations. This lead me to connect with one folk artist from Africa, via my photos, the internet, running into each other multiple times in Santa Fe, by phone, and finally, through intentional planning.

By the time that 45 birthday hit, my life view had shifted, to include my new love interest. My logical business plans, temporarily flew out the window, as my new love looked in from a completely culturally unique perspective. Why had I been pouring so much focused attention, into the realm of individual ego problems? Was this paying off, or more of a idealistic volunteering of my good will, to assist  friends, on a soul level, out beyond, where our Earth based systems even allow for validation, let alone compensation? Do I posses the gritty, competitive edge, required, to rein in my talents, and line clients up on waiting lists, as do all of my teachers?  

Or is there some other outlet for my expressive artist's soul?

I had still been pouring a good amount of energy, into my "safe" old paradigm, hourly wage, art gallery job, in town. Others tell me I need a job, and so I kept listening.  

Still upon synching energies with this new love, I felt a rush of all the qualities, buried at the bottom of the treasure chest of my own soul. Here is a gentle spirit, with unrelenting drive, confidence, knowing, and beauty, savvy enough to evaluate what works and what does not, in many worlds, traversed, daily.

In the rush of this knowing, I quickly gave notice at the gallery job, to free up my wings, and fly solo.  Then, instead of lining up my clients and flying, I also synched energies with the more private, inward nature, of my new artist love.

My way, prior to the onset of age 45, was to dance between worlds, magnificently open, like a hummingbird, or a butterfly, flitting between beloved friends and family, like a lover to the world.

Sharing in this new love, after a solid five years or so, solo, shifted my comfort zone, back to a deeper focus, zeroing in on one love, enriching each other, heart and soul. Instead of pollinating the world, I came home to cross pollinate, one to one.

Some of my old social circles, fell into a holding pattern, to relaunch, later, after the one to one renewal, breaks open to include larger circles.

My business, instead of blasting open, also took an extended holiday. I had been facilitating deep soul work, which feels almost more like the deepest levels of clearing and awakening, as we experience in other worlds and dimensions. It feels good, to anchor more in this world, and focus on one beloved connection, on fresh foods, and vegetables, on creating in ways that are measurable.

So here I am, thinking for sure I was shooting my arrow to the right, and suddenly landing far left.

I am now evaluating, "in the new energies, what do I want to broadcast out to the multiverse, how, and with whom?" I know I want to birth new children in, and share in building the harmony, that recognizes who we are, and all we bring to contribute.

Having shared in my longest and most rewarding primary love relationship, thus far, with a fellow creative from Africa, I had, up until August, thought I had attempted and not fully qualified for the possibility. I thought I knew who I was, and where I was going.

When I gave up, actively searching for love, love came and found me. We were recruited, and signed on.  It feels more natural that the old solo gig. Who am I, and where am I going?  I am a universal soul, on a multidimensional journey. I am less interested in setting intentions, and more honored surrendering to the ways of my soul. Who am I? How pompous was I to think I knew all the specifics? I now relish this unknowing, which leads to deeper heart knowing.

So many of us have these beautiful websites, newsletters, so many levels of learning, so much guidance, so many answers.

I sell the art of the Huichol People, in my gallery job, in Santa Fe. They go on a peyote pilgrimage, in their ancient ancestral lands, where they gather and ingest the peyote, which awakens and heightens their unity awareness with all of life. Afterwards, they are guided not to tell of their experience to the others.  Instead they still express touchstones of their experience, through the bright, multicolored medium of yarn painting.

At this point, after crossing the border of 45, I feel less interest in reading all the loud shouting newsletters, discourses, and lessons, fellow Earthly teachers feel called to broadcast out.  I feel less of a pull to help people transform their problems.

I feel more of a call to surrender to the infinite mystery of our Source Self.

Before I crossed over the abyss to 45, I shared in a SOURCE in Silence Energy session, at the Ark Bookstore, in Santa Fe, with Marcia McCoy. During this session, I set my intention, to surrender to my SOURCE Self, and allow what calls me, from this level, to unfold as my life.

So many changes are now unfolding. I do not feel called to follow any gurus, or join any dogma centered organizations. I am grateful that surrendering, opened doorways into new levels of love. I am grateful to travel the path together with my new beloved. I am grateful to embrace whatever unfolds next. I am grateful to share in ways that enhance all. I am grateful, living open to surrender. I am grateful to not know all the details of who we are, and where we are going. I am grateful to LOVE!


Who makes these changes?
I shoot an arrow right.
It lands left.
I ride after a deer and find myself
chased by a hog.
I plot to get what I want 
and end up in prison.
I dig pits to trap others 
and fall in.

I should be suspicious 
of what I want.

                      -Jelaluddin Balkhi Rumi

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spring Overview

Greetings Friends:

This Spring has rushed by at warp speed, while amazingly reaping many gifts, in my own life and in the lives of so many beloved friends and family members.  Are you too noticing massive changes, upgrades and downloads, in all facets of life?

Two amazing opportunities opened up to me, this spring.  I was gifted the opportunity to train in ThetaHealing, in March, and in May, I joined forces with an stellar circle of fellow mystics and healers, gathering around Regression Pioneer, Dolores Cannon,,to learn the secrets to her technique.  Dolores is the author of many leading edge books in her field.  She introduces herself as a "Keeper of Lost Knowledge."  Most of her 18 , plus books tap a wealth of cosmic knowledge gleaned from Nearly 40 years of facilitating Past Life Regression, 25 years of regressing Explorers to life memories beyond Earth, and since 2002, she has been facilitating and teaching others how to contact what she calls the "subconscious," yet what feels more like the Universal Mind, the Superconscious, or what I like to cal the SOURCE Self, the more infinite, knowing aspect of our consciousness that connects us all.  From this vast powerful awareness, she facilitates access to answers to pressing life questions, karmic insights from the Akashik Records, clarifications, guidance from the larger context, life purpose, and instantaneous healings.

I am now trained in, and facilitating both of these modalities, which share the power of utilizing the the theta brain waves, the same frequency the brain measures at, while dropping off to sleep, waking up, and that entered by mystics in meditation, shamans in healing trance, and more.

During our training in the "Cannon Regression Method," Dolores played recordings of actual healings facilitated by her, from this state.  At one point, I felt myself drop into complete AWE, witnessing the recorded and live experiences of her Explorers, as they co-created instantaneous healing, removing a heart murmur, replacing knee cartilage, removing the atrophied part of the thyroid, and rejuvenating the rest.

Now I revisiting this awe state every time I facilitate this awesome power.  The beautiful part is how this Awe continues emanating through all other aspects of my life, and I imagine the Explorer's too.

Stay tuned for more details, and enjoy the adventure!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This Infinite Gift of... Who I Am!

This is an amazing journey, this one we are sharing.  The gifts pouring forth from the Infinite Source flowing through all of us, are deeply amazing and awakening so many new connections, truths, much synchronicy, deep knowing, purpose and more, of who I truly am, and this true source in the reflections of so many, perhaps All of my fellow explorers.

We are all woven so beautifully together, as the present energy of Oneness, unfolds our Deep True Cosmic SELF, throughout all of life.  I am experiencing this, and we are sharing it together, many of the explorer friends I connect with, now.

I was invited by a facebook friend, Matthew Sherril, a fellow artist, mystic, initiate and soul traveler, to partake in a ceremony, shared talk, and book signing, led by Michele Ama Wehali, this recent weekend.

Having met Michele, at a sacred ceremony circle, led by Connie Buffalo, years earlier, I recalled her power, vision, strength, and then newly birthed book.  Yes, I certainly was interested.

I showed up, Saturday morning, to a house, up a snow covered hill, running outside of time.  I found my way through the back, healing room space, through a group gathering room, and upstairs, quietly following the sounds of a sacred circle.  I entered and was signed in, as the circle opened to accommodate the twelfth addition.

Michele, author, of "Journey to the The Fifth World," was to me, then a powerful author, and fellow Starseed, steeped in Shamanic Journeying experience, whom I had met and shared ceremony with once.  I took her card, originally, as a possible prospect for Past Life Regression, with me, and with an interest and hope to one day read her book.

Suddenly, I found myself, on Saturday Morning, seated in sacred space, with fellow initiates, exploring, twenty or more years of Michele's Shamanic Qwest and Life initiation, as she had studied Mayan, Native American and Peruvian Sacred Ways, amongst others.  She shared powerful prophecies, insights, and experiences.  I could feel her heart centering, and appreciated her experientially centered open mindedness into star dimensions, other life expressions, and even openly commenting about how much of the truth, true ways, and connection, run deeper than, religions, deeper than what some shamans and teachings are taught to access, and more.

She led us on two inner journeys, calling in spirits, and journeying to the Rainbow Goddess, Ix Chel, through the Mayan ways.

Our second journey began with a fire ceremony, and a calling in of the jaguar powers of the various directions.

Even though I am usually extremely outgoing, open and as my friend Link, said, upon meeting me, years ago, "Jen, shyness eludes you!," I came through the first ceremony, struck with so much power, resonating through, that I was not aware of how to gather it up, and freely communicate it.  "How would I fit so much mystical exploration into words, let alone into words, and minds made small, and strange by so much of our historical EARTH conditioning?"  I wondered.  This is why shamans and seers have more infinite mediums of healing, art, song, music, gazing, toning, vibration, connection, poetry, stories, "myths" and drama.

Now, back in the looming rush of my human callings, I am still at a loss for knowing how to fit a tour through dimensions, beyond space and time, into our dimension, space, time, society, and words?

Let's see.  Literally, let's see!  Without consulting any notes, dashed off later, my journey begins as  jauguar, itself, as I once experienced in a shamanic journey circle, nearly 20 years ago, in California.

As jaguar, I walk down primal stairways, into the lower world, or the belly of this world.  I am the spotted jaguar, and with others, then I become the black jaguar, descending alone.  Next I descend through a tunnel like drop, like in "Alice in Wonderland," as in other journeys before, only I note the tunnel like movement is through fire.  I experience knowing, "this is fire, not just light, but fire!"

I travel through portals of light, and experience dancing as fire itself.  This fire dancing feels freeing and natural, revealing the fluidity of my true nature, with ease, relish and delight!

This fire experience, transforms into an experience of soaking in hot waters, like the hot springs of the Earth.  I take this in, this experience of embrace, and containment, cleansing and connection within the warm waters.  This experience in the waters brings in a lover, a Mayan Lover, yet as I surrender into the cosmic dance of love sharing union, with my lover, there comes a sense of being this Cosmic Mayan Couple, being the unity shared within the love dance of Creation.  Embodying this cosmic LOVE sharing and expressing, this Cosmic Unity and Surrender, my awareness takes in the reality, that as oneness itself, this is REAL LOVE, this being both the living divine feminine force, and simultaneously being this divine male creation force, all in one.  Dancing as all reality, centering in one divine coupling.  From this divine dance of loving surrender, a vibrational healing and knowing vibrates through all the divine LOVE connection I have shared and felt, even and especially all those Earthly LOVE connections that could not be made to work, for more than a brief lingering recognition.  I immediately recognized that this Cosmic LOVE connection, is what all other seemingly lesser LOVE longings are yearning for, within me, my life, and my history/herstory!  And at the same time, I awaken within, this reality, where the divine union, is all inclusive of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, within me!  Within this, I get that this is the LOVE that meets itself within me, and contains all the love I share, feel, and experience, out in this world.  The reason it feels hard to translate into the circle, feels like taboo, still, to articulate, or even fit into words and share with a group of explorers, mostly new to me, is that most of our programing, in modern American and global life, is saturated and processed through filters of shaming, damning gods, societies, religions, culture, music, media, and more.  We have been taught to see LOVE and Sexuality through filters of fear, ego, separation, individuality, neediness, lack, shame, and most especially through imposed and habitualized filters of small, undeserving, disconnected, un-evolved humans, who see divinity, and unity outside ourselves, or not at all, hence every bad country-western, codependent "love"-song, and bad TV show and movie that portrays this same.  Then we were raised, most of us, by poor, sorry parents and grandparents, with the same kind of lost, separate, vain, hating, controlling male God outside of you, shame.  I grew up with parents who only knew how to express love to me, and rarely any real warmth or love between each other, through their 20 year marriage.

Later in the journey, I experience dancing as "Thunderbird Woman," as woman on my lower half, and winged bird as my upper half.  I wonder of seeing only one of myself, and multiply into a circle of us, yet quickly morph back into one, and wonder about all of this.  I danced round the fire, at the circle of the cave like, or night space.  I dance to the beat of the drum, to the heart beat of this world.  Knowing comes, that the oneness is who I am and what I am expressing, so I do not need a "group" dancing with me, as I am at once, dancing the ONENESS of ALL of Creation through my one bird-woman self!  I am containing ALL of this ONE, as this ONE contains all of me!

I experience and see more portals of light, rainbow colored lights, and both cosmic butterfly and pyramid shapes.  The pyramids always appear to be seen, as if from above.  The altered, quick drum beat brings us quickly back.

I return with awe and amazement, taking in the experience from within, shining it out, silently, and taking in the circle we return to.  In an unfamiliar experience, I return with so much vast, multidimensional knowing and gifts, that I can not imagine how to fit any of this into words, let alone to share it.  I realize much of the experience is deeply vibrational.

After more talking, sharing, expressing, and silence, and during, I watch a magical fountain of water, a spring, from above, pouring, down, a string of water, outside the window, behind fellow explorers, behind the male counterpart of a sacred couple sitting across from me.  This water feels like a secret gift, only I can see.  It vibrationally weaves together the water I soak in, within the journey, and still it communicated more within me, beyond the understanding of my mind.

The second journey is entered through a fire ceremony, and a calling in of the jaguar spirits of all different directions.  We are given instructions of what to open up to.  I take in something about our chakras and the Jaguar Spirits, and my conscious mind bats away the second part of the instruction, as I trust taking it in at a soul level, to allow all I need, and whatever my guidance blends and weaves in with the formal invite.

I experience the second journey quite differently.  This experience brings more VIBRATION, less vision, more auditory guidance.  I travel as the black jaguar again, and then see less, wondering, like a salesman on a slow month, why this journey is not flooded with cool visuals and more, like the last.  I allow whatever deeper transformation is unfolding, beyond the mere comprehension, of my little separate Earthly mind!  I surrender to this energy, as Vibrational experience unfolds.  At one key point, I experience this knowing, at a sentence forms within, observing a shocking "judgement," something about how I have sat parked on a shelf, waiting, on hold, for most of my life, or so I believe, notice and see, in this moment.  At the same time of this recognition, I feel it clearing away, like yesterday's news.  As this vibrational awareness clears, the reality and awareness, as insight and knowing completely replace it, as,"this ends now!"  I deeply know: "I am now expressing my more full, vital, connected, true, infinite SOURCE, no matter what I think, feel, or notice others thinking or feeling in response!"

Next I expand into the "download" experience, as I feel deep shifting from the Core of Creation, through the Core of my Being.  I allow this shifting, this experience, this knowing.  I hear and speak within this knowing, that comes through in a most experiential way.  "I am the Mother of Creation" I receive, transmit and simultaneously know and speak from within!  "I am the Father of Creation!"  "I am the Universe!"  "I AM!"  This comes through as a direct transmission from me, at the heart, core and center of Creation." 

I feel the shifting in knowing all of ONESESS as who I am!  I contain all of Creation.  As All of Creation, I birth all of this, as this one point of this creation.  I see from this perspective, from this knowing, that I embody all of Creation, and choose to come to Earth and play with ALL of this, here.  A realization and a decision comes through, a knowing, that I am not going to send this away, or shut this down.  I am not going to invite all this and all it contains to leave, and I am not going to ever again "call it in, as shamanic superstition or ritual maintains!"  I AM THIS LIVING SOURCE OF ALL OF CREATION!  I am not going to pretend not to be all of this any more!

The drum speeds up and calls us back to the circle.  I feel this morphing, this shifting between containing and birthing all of Creation, and retaining this knowing, and somehow integrating this Eternal Living Truth, this LOVE LIGHT, this Oneness, this SOURCE, back into the identity, and human experience and body, lying here, adjusting to the experience of this body, and now beginning to again sit up, and take my place in the CIRCLE!

My most grand awareness is of the whole knowing, the whole experience.  I realize this is an initiation!  "This is some grand initiation!"  I take it in.  I and my fellow journeyers have birthed expansive downloads of each one's experience of this!  This is Oneness!  This is I-dentity.  This is the big taboo secret, the big truth we are all here, with intention and or, at least, inner knowing and drive to open, know and live!  This is "The Journey to the Fifth World.  This is the "REALITY" we Lightbringers came to experience, know, birth, share and co-create here on Earth.  We are here birthing, downloading and co-creating this!

We bring this back, and all stand, one at a time, led by Michele, before the Spirit of the Fire, and speak, one by one, to Creation, of what we feel called to express.  Some speak with heart, through Silence.  What my fellow Creators speak and share is emblazoned on the light of my SOUL.  This is very multidimensional, and likely, much more than outwardly appears, is synchronized, in this connection.

What do I share?

I am possibly third, so I am raw and fresh, emanating the VIBRATION, with out stepping out, into mind much, to plan.  I speak in the moment.  I say something which includes: "I am humbled, I am in awe, I feel amazement.  I am INFINITE!  I am grateful.  I am surprised.  I am the Mother of Creation, I am the Father of Creation.  I AM.  I am guided and know that I am not closing down, opening up, calling this in, or sending it back out.  I am this!  I am grateful.  I am here to experience, and embody this Infinite Source, that I am.  And I now see this emanating out through the eyes of my fellow Creators, and we mirror this back and forth, ALL around and through.  We are One.

As Loving Kindness!

In Lak' ech,

I am Another Yourself!

Michele speaks this ancient Mayan Greeting many times, as more and more it awakens the deep, multidimensional reality of its knowing, of our knowing.  Divinity, the spark of life, the Mother and Father of Creation, we are ALL this, birthing ourselves into the playground of magical, infinite, playful, creative, loving, light beaming Cosmic LIFE on Earth, and beyond.

There is much more, yet for now I encode and contain my jigsaw puzzle piece of it ALL, into this knowing:


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guardian of Golden Gifts!

Abstract Crayon Drawing by Jen

Today began with a beautiful dream gift from within.  Standing in the center of a sacred circular space, I am the tender of the rich, sweet amber honey in the center.  I stand with two beautiful young men, in the circle's center, only I am the one who tends and shares the honey.  I am the one who knows it is here.  I scoop it out and share it freely.  I see other gifts all shades of golden amber, gathered here.  One is a bag of golden seeds. I want to stay here, as this guardian of golden gifts!  I love feeling the feeling of this.  I languish in this golden sweet honey place, not eager to leave.  I lay in bed, awakening slowly, feeling golden, wondering how to keep this energy lingering and how to keep sharing sweet amber honey gifts. How to keep seeding sweet gifts is the question inspiring the beginning of this most juicy, sweet, dripping, golden new day... year... decade... age and flow.  I celebrate two friends birthdays today, and I know we are all this golden honey in the center of the sacred space, we are all the golden seeds to seed the new, and we are all the guardians of infinite gifts, of lingering and sharing all of this!

This new year starts out with infinite GRACE, within the container of beautiful ONENESS.  We are here, we are helping create from this, we are feeling and uniting in GRACE, gratitude, in the LIGHT of ONENESS!

This is the new energy!  On a cosmic scale, this is true, real, and timeless! We are true, real and timeless.

Through LIFE itself unfolding, I met a friend, who introduced me to a friend, who hosts a STARSEED Circle, here in Santa Fe.  I joined in one night, and quickly became a member of the core circle.  We gather and share movies of our "off planet family," meditations, healing, transformation, LIGHT encounters, sacred stories, and all things star centered.  This circle has no formal leader, dogma, rules, cost, or agenda.  This SOUL FAMILY CIRCLE brings so much enrichment, transformation, grace, encouragement, power and awakening to all who share in it.

My Trailblazing Transformation practice is truly transformed in the light of this circle.  This circle is a sacred space where we gather, and honor the truth of who we really are.  This is one of many circles, where we meet, recognize, and freely share what we are discovering of being truly of the stars!  I am so grateful for the mystical truths we always unfold, in these circles, by way of being, speaking, honoring and seeing each one's multidimensional truth.

I began my Trailblazing Transformation Practice, 9/9/09.  I did my best at attempting to procrastinate, from my humble beginnings, training in the fields of clairvoyant seeing, healing, divination, creativity and hypnotherapy, starting in 1989.  Twenty years of hiding from my true self, and hiding my true self from most of Creation!  Yet mixed in with all the hiding, something deeper was at play, or shall I say, someONE deeper!

The Pleaidians, through Barbara Marciniak, tell us that an accelerated period began in 1987, culminating in 2012.  This is a time, that the Starseed People of Planet Earth, started really shifting, and loosing our encoded masks of convention.  1987 was the year I dropped out of The Academy of Art College, in San Francisco, and began searching for a way to attune to, and uncover my SOUL, my connection and within this, my purpose.  Now we are here, together, exposing our Souls, our ONENESS, and our TRANSFORMATIONAL Mission!  We are not at all, who we are taught to be.  We are vastly more, infinitely more than this.  I read somewhere this year, that most of the greed, war, grief, and suffering on Planet Earth, grows up out of a fear of death.

I came to Hypnotherapy, back in 1991, after reading books by pioneers in the field, by Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dick Sutphen, and more. Pain in my body led me to explore my psyche, with a new rookie hypnotherapist, who led me in one hour, to the source of, then chronic physical pain, on a path to understanding, releasing, and relief from such emotional holding, which caused the underlying muscular contraction, causing the pain.

In 1984 and 1985, while dating a wild thing in college, I looked into his life, soul, eyes, energy, and lifestyle, and I felt a recognition of him living in multiple past lives as a South American Indian, from various tribes, and cultures.  The fact that all his bedroom furniture, besides the bed, did hang from ropes from the ceiling, added to my recognition.  I am sure, he had no idea what I was talking about.  He was of Nordic stock, hailing from Glen Ellen, Illinois.  I could see the Amazonian Tribal Leader, glaring through his taught muscles, shiny perfect teeth, and piercing blue eyes.

I independently studied the history of Astrology, painted abstract intuitive designs, and wrote poetry of broken sentences, while enrolled at the University of Iowa.  I did not identify with so much of the programing the others there, took to, so readily.  I loved creative writing, nurtured by my first rhetoric teacher, yet quickly fell bored, repeating "all the crap I learned in high school," to quote Paul Simon.

I enjoyed gathering with friends, listening to music, dancing, tuning in, self expression.  I read the jumbled poems of Jim Morrison, and questioned most of what the others took to, with less questioning than I did!  I stayed up until dawn, and slept through the dreary regiment of collegiate "programming."

All I was seeking, seemed, to not really be offered, at least not officially.  I remember finding a Maharishi TM poster, and knowing this would offer more than all of this conditioning in "blind following."  Yet I only taped the Maharishi on my dorm room wall, while mailing ever lost, "broken sentence poems" home to old friends.  Who can talk about multiple lifetime recognition, abstract art, and the history of astrology, while getting deeply programmed to be a worker droid, mortgage payer, credit card user, and exchange student in Europe, all with a new American Express Account? Certainly not the sorority girls!

So I hung out with a cool local gal, who liked to drink in the bars, I danced  to African music, with a Ghanaian student, in a rented house, I drank a lot of beer, at tasteless fraternity parties with bad music, and no dancing.  I failed out of photography, and canoeing.  I broke free, and never looked back.  I moved to California, and found others who sought more.  I got my credit cards, struggled against multitudes of jobs I never wanted, and eventually locked into the mortgage, trading in a love of African, global, and spiritual music, art, cuisine, culture, and soul awakening, for the predictable trip to Europe, mainstream job, mainstream family, and the nightmare of a cubicle job, I could never quite fathom embracing.

Now millions of others, of all ages, are reaching critical mass, knowing we are more than our educations, more than our race, creed and cultural masks, more than our amassed thing collections, more than our social status, more than our income and debt!

In my Trailblazing Transformation Practice, instead of using tired old approaches to hypnotherapy, of merely planting affirmations or suggestions, or repeating the desired intentional state 150 times, over 150 days, we are finding that the most healing regressions, are ones that allow, engage and guide the explorer back beyond the limits of this dimension, back beyond the problem states, back beyond limiting emotions known predominantly on the Earth plane, and beyond the ordinary limitations of this body, these emotions, accompanying thoughts, current ailments, frustrations, pains, limitations and diseases, back to our true multidimensional capacities, back to our limitless infinite Self!

What's happening is beyond our wildest expectations.  What explorers are uncovering is beyond what any teachings have prepared me for, and also perfectly aligned with all we know and all we have yet to see, explore and learn!

Clients are regressing to lifetimes prior to the challenges of this one, lifetimes off planet, travels in spaceships, soul planning meetings, spirit guidance, traveling as orbs of light, explorations inside our planet, missions of seeding this and other planets, life expressions as shape-shifters, and life expressions on higher dimensional stars and planets. Clients are receiving downloads, upgrades, insights, knowing, and experiencing life expressions that do not necessarily have a finite end. Explorers are meeting teachers, twins, angels, and higher vibrational healing aspects of themselves.

We are using Holographic memory Resolution, in ways that are safe, surprisingly gentle, and amazingly immediate.  Explorers are experiencing physiological healing of "diseases" we have not even formally addressed. Also explorers are experiencing physical relief, through clearing past life traumas, as they relate to present life injuries and challenges, within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I am truly grateful on so many levels, to be living my purpose, helping humanity activate our own infinite inner resources, and most especially learning and witnessing the most amazing knowing, healing, wisdom, insights and soul centered transformation imaginable, and beyond my wildest imaginings too.

I am truly grateful to be open enough, to be leading the cutting edge of consciousness, as my clients seem to be leading me.  I am excited, amazed and grateful to be documenting and beginning to express and share mystical truths of individuals and humanity, that the scientists and scholars, have not learned how to fully access yet.

I am humbled and divinely inspired everyday, by the unfolding majesty of our shared journey on Earth.

Lately the sessions I have guided and shared in, have featured such amazing transformation, and so many mind blowing experiences, that I am resting in a space of awe and grace, not grasping fully how to even translate it all.

Stay tuned, as one of my renegade explorers, is coaching me to begin an outline of my first "best selling book!"  Welcome to my unofficial outline.

Wayshowers unite, as we continue to encourage and light the way together.

The most sage guidance came through a favorite teacher of mine, at his Past Life Regression Conference.  Dr. Brian Weiss told our global classroom, that it is a fallacy that there are old souls and young ones.  He said Earth is advanced enough that no one is inexperienced, in this complex level of reality.  When you encounter someone, you may fear is a young, naive soul, look again.  Dr. Weiss suggests to think of them, more as a transfer student, a new arrival, here, from another school system.  Different planets and star systems all have various rules and ways of structuring life, as do various cultures and school systems on Earth.

This month we were guided to share a profound set of clearing and soulful guided meditations, by a Starseed Brother, Cameron Day.  I hope you will visit his website,, explore these tools, and share them with many.  There are seven free guided meditations, and many articles, and insights, on the journey.  Also Cameron offers a continuation of the process in a CD for sale.  Please explore this portal to your own power, an pass it on, to all those who may find power within, through these tools.

Thank you, Divine Reflections, sparkling and inspiring grace and beauty, above, below and throughout ALL!  WE ARE HERE!  We are birthing light, divinity and truth, in ways that are unparalleled, yet increasingly free to all!  We are brave, encouraging, transcendent beings, here, on schedule, creating HEAVEN ON EARTH!


Radically exceeding the expectations for Earthly SOULFUL Transformation within Human Explorers!

In LOVE, JOY & Renewal...


Cameron Day's website: