Saturday, May 18, 2013

Angel Crossings: A Celebration of Recent Earth Graduate Judy Ficksman

Sitting Shiva 
for our Friend Judy, 
virtually and in person, 
formally and informally, 
as we gather together 
at Angel Crossings.

Judy Ficksman 9/2012 at Mayan Orion Labyrinth Activation, on Belen Mesa, with Ac Tah & Earthwalker Family

Mysterious Fun Angel Evolution Glyph
Starseed Family:

Sometimes, someone we love gets to graduate early.  It may look, at first glance, like a sad occurrence.  And for their displacement in our outward life, it is. Yet I have come to understand that it does happen, that some souls bring in a lot of light, and get shorter assignments than others.  Perhaps they complete their homework early, with time enough left for play, travel, and spirit fun.  Or perhaps they've had enough, and are simply ready to go home.  With this awareness, I share the news of the dimensional graduation of one of our own, Judith Ficksman.

Laura Mac Dannald texted me this news today, and I, in turn, called Lynda, at Angel Station 222, better known to some as the Starseed movie night hub! 

We all read the only blog information we could find, upon googling Judy's name.  Please continue reading, as I am re-posting both the link, and the beautifully written memorial, by Judy's friend Jennie Sherwin, after my own life tribute to our Friend Judy.

I believe the last time I saw Judy, was at a Oneness Blessing Event at the Center for Spiritual Living, in Santa Fe.  She was feeling a little run down, and pulling inward some, making less plans than her usual few to none.  She proudly showed me a picture of her aging mother.  She wanted only to travel with her some before her Mother's passing...was it to Australia?... to really enjoy her, treat her, share love & quality time.  That was Judy.  She was always most concerned with how to share and give, treat, treasure, help, laugh with & listen to people.  She was aware of an Angel quality she carried.  I say this because I felt it too.  She will make an excellent Spirit.  Now she will surely be able to travel anywhere, kibbitz a little, help a few.  Her wings will be her own, to share.  It was a gift treasuring Judy, during her brief, full sojourn on Earth.  Like me she always stayed and lingered, shared vivacious stories, hugs and smiles, till the very last minute.  I will remember that timeless way she had of always out-sitting, out-chatting, out-loving us all, to the very last possible moment.  Through Judy we've been blessed.  May her course be peaceful, joyful and fruitful as her Spirit Lives on!

I called Judy on her birthday, thinking of her.  She called me back, with no reference of her own birthday, wondering, thoughtfully, why I called.  It was back, during season of Aries, yet we never talked about this.  I never got around to returning her call.

One funny insight dawns on me, reviewing Judy's life, is that while her name was Ficksman, she was one of the most unfixed, Earth Travelers I've ever met.  Judy seemed more at home free floating.  She appeared almost everywhere, at sacred circles, starseed gatherings, starseed movie night, UFO conferences, Sourcing in Silence, The Tesla Conference, The Seed Conference, Amma, Spirit expos and conferences, and Oneness meditations.  At other times she picked up and traveled, to what ever distant event or location caught her fancy.  But fixing into one solid identification, location, calling or reference point really wasn't Judy's style.  She was an active participant, as well as a watcher, all in one.  I am told Watcher is the name for Angel in Hebrew.  So it seems she knew.

Judy used to tell me time and time again, that she would love to set up at expos, and simply gift healing to people.  She was not really into the formalities of it all.  Perhaps it will be easier for her to offer her gifts freely now, without restriction.  I trust it is true.

Jewish tradition teaches us that when someone "dies," we rejoice in the reality that they will live on through the memories we keep alive, in our hearts and lives.  While raised in this tradition, I feel strongly that there is more to it, than this.  For now that is what we can enliven and enjoy.  Yet as Eternal Spirits, I trust and look forward very much to running into Judy on the path, sharing hugs, and quiet moments, joys, passions, gifts and inspiration, and most of all, as above so below, as below, so above... LOVE.

Thanks for gracing us with your LOVE Judy.  I have a feeling we'll be feeling you around!  In the meantime we LOVE you dearly.  To many you are and will always be a gentle prototype of the New Human.

Here is the blog I found when seeking clues & proof of the news.  She may have crossed over on the May 9th, on the New Moon... not yet clear on the details.

"I received the sad news recently of the death of my dear friend Judith Ficksman. While every death diminishes us, the death of a younger friend or family member reminds us that living in the moment and remaining present to it is our best defense against what can appear to some as the capricious paths we walk on the earth, which truth be told, are the paths we chose in order to grow.
If there was one person who knew this and lived life to the fullest in any moment, it was Judith. Judith lived with enthusiasm for every moment and saw the world with the innocence of a child. As an editor of many years with to do lists and project timelines, I tried to plan Judith into my life. She would have none of that. When we first met, I called her and asked her to put lunch with me on her calendar two weeks ahead. Her response, which was typical of her spirit, was “Why don’t you call me that morning and see if I am available? I really never know from week to week where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing.”
I thought her response was the strangest thing I had ever heard. But I went along with her whim, and in the end came to respect and admire her ability to live in the moment. Living in the moment was something my mentors had asked me to practice, and to me Judith was a master teacher. How many times I was delighted by a call from Judith asking, “Are you free for lunch today?”  And I was. So often those calls came on a day that I really needed a friend to talk to. Of course, as in any friendship, she, too, called me when she needed comfort from a friend.
Judith did not have children, but seeing the world through a child’s eyes, she loved children and loved to entertain them. She created Benny, her puppet/doll, who was as big as a five or six-year-old child for an American Dental Association educational film to teach children about dental visits. Benny went to the dentist in this film to have his dental checkup. He had so much fun, and I’m sure his experience reassured many children.
Benny had several outfits, and I thought I had seen them all until Judith brought him as her date to a luncheon at our home. Benny wore a jacket and bow tie. I was so delighted to see him. I had set a place for him at the table, and he complimented me on the desserts. Benny and Judith loved desserts.
Judith’s interests took her down many paths. She studied jazz with a Harlem teacher, wrote and sang folk songs at clubs in New York City, attended medical school in New Mexico, and traveled regularly to conferences and workshops in consciousness and alternative therapies, seeking and receiving certification in several.
Judith’s possessions reflected her love of foreign travel. Her house was a treasure trove of art and crafts from several countries. In typical Judith fashion, she would travel without a plan, responding to what the day presented. Along the way, she picked up the basic vocabulary of several languages and made many friends with whom she stayed in touch.
If Judith sounds like a remarkable woman who led an unconventional life, she was. I will miss many things about Judith, but most of all I will miss her sense of humor, her infectious laugh, and her kindness. She could laugh me through a hurricane, see the light in dark moments, and respond with love and compassion to even the most ornery of God’s creatures. Did she have her weaknesses and dark places? Of course, she did, as do we all. Judith was a light in my life, and I will truly miss her."

Judy's Friend - Jennie Sherwin

Thanks for tuning in... I wanted you to know.

In Grace, Joy, and Love,

Jen Klarfeld

"You are stars of a great Universal show that will literally light up your world." -Salusa!