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Did my Soul Choose my Parents, All 6 of them?

This impassioned blog entry is copied from a comment I made on a support group I am part of, where individuals are gathered in empowerment, and encouragement, as we are all healing from the human condition, recovering and transforming from Narcissistic abuse in our families of origins. The whole original post was deleted from the group, as it both broke some basic group rules, and also insulted most of the members who took great offense to the article, which I actually mostly aligned with.

Someone in the group posted a link to an article from A.R.E. Edgar Casey's Foundation, entitled "Choosing your Parents," about how as souls, we are assisted by the Angels, in a pre life planning meeting, where we choose our parents. In the group I am a member of, most of the people who commented on the Soul honoring post, were deeply offended, and pained by the concept of souls choosing our parents. I attempt to debunk what I know, hold and research as the truth behind this, even as the article was illegally posted, as per the rules of the group, by someone else.

I wrote this article to shed light on the truth regarding the controversial post under review, and now deleted: "Choosing your parents. " I think I can put it in a context somewhat, without making anyone right or wrong, more from my own experience, wisdom, and training. Some may find healing in my story and awareness, if you allow the whole overview.

I am an adult, adopted, only child. I trained in hypnotherapy and past life regression 25 years ago, after hypnotherapy helped me heal fear held in the body that had developed into chronic pain. Later a friend studied my astrological chart, and noted that these experiences, that of having pain, and finding help, then training as a facilitator of the same tools that helped me, is in my astrological chart. I have trained with 2 + teachers, very famous for their work and books, Dolores Cannon and Dr. Brian Weiss. They have many videos on youtube, and Brian Weiss has appeared twice on Oprah. The sessions I have received, have given me a lot of deep answers, from the SOURCE within.

I met a ThetaHealer, work I am now trained in also, at one of my hypnotherapy and past live regression training sessions. She had intuitive/psychic abilities. She was kind of giving away free guidance, as she tuned into Creator and the Angels, through the Creator. I sat at an outdoor dining table, in Austin Texas, and asked her my Soul's purpose. What she said was profound. She said, "You've experienced a lot of abandonment, and if that's all it was for, it would make for a pretty depressing life. Yet that's not all it was for. As a soul, you set all this up, so you could eventually find spiritual tools and processes that help you transform your trauma, leading you to master those tools, to help others through their trauma."

A few more brief points. I agree that the way this author of the article speaks, could really come off as offensive to people in the West, who don't share in a solid belief of an eternal soul, reincarnation, life purpose, life as a school for our soul, and so on. The author describes it in a kind of simplistic way. My teachers have shared some wonderful insights on how this stuff works, as thousands of clients/explorers have shared through their sessions. The soul is whole, and choses from a very unlimited perspective. It's never intending pain for the sake of pain, punishment, etc. So a far more down to earth description to me is that it's more like theater.

Throughout my life, my Mom and her friends were in a theater troupe, and put on musicals and plays. To me our soul is the actor and actress, who is willing to forget who we truly are, whole, a ray of God's love, divine and connected to all of life. I am told this is one of the most complex planets. and that we are all billions of lifetimes old, not just on Earth. One reason people sign on to be challenged by parents who have their own problems is to help end the brokeness, suffering, pain, and abuse in a whole, or multiple lineages.

Sad as it sounds to say it, one might gain great levels of compassion as a soul, living through abuse. They might be inspired to shift the whole lineage and never treat anyone as we were treated. I know it can seem like gaslighting, implying that life is, " just a play!" And still you get to decide and research if you buy into such possibilities. I am trained in a process, and have received hypnotherapy where we visit the soul's life planning meeting, and ask questions like, "What did I sign on to teach to, and learn from each parent?" I was adopted so my session took twice as long.

In addition to having a birth mother, and a biological father, my adoptive father remarried twice, so that makes a total of 6 parents, including my 2 step mothers.

I signed on to learn what someone very earth based sees reality to be, to help me learn about the Earth plane, while I am so very at home in the soul, and soul realms, and much less so in physical limitations. I came to remind my mom that we all are souls. My dad and I both are here with a more grace based love, reminding each other that we are gifted each gifted, accomplished, creative souls! I believe my Mom and I love each other dearly, as souls. Yet on Earth, I mostly want to get the hell away from her, because she is so deeply at war within herself. I believe that Borderlines and Narcissists forget God and the Spirit and Soul realities. That is a huge part of their pain and trauma.

I am taking steps, and receiving support to root myself back in enough wholeness, joy, strength, and love to be able to love and enjoy myself fully, to in turn enjoy and love my Mom as exactly who she is. She has not been able to do this within herself, for herself, in this lifetime. How was she to teach me about something that eluded her so?

In the meantime my own wholeness is taking precedence, as I reboot, stepping up into a whole new chapter of who I am, and what I am here to create, catalyze, receive, allow, and share.

One more piece of the puzzle. Dolores Cannon, my hypnotherapy teacher, in her 19 books and hundreds of lectures and interviews on youtube, was told, lost information, as we connect with the SubConscious mind, while in the deepened, Somnanbulistic state, otherwise known as trance or hypnosis, specifically QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, which answers life questions and administers healing, in clients. They/we have revealed that all along, and especially after WW2, that the beings who watch over Planet Earth, saw that the people
on Earth were warring and nearing the possibility of destroying life on Earth and the planet with destructive repercussions, rippling out into the cosmos. 

Indigenous elders and seers, and later what was described as "the three waves of volunteers, are beings from the higher dimensions, from the stars, who were called in to help steward us into an age of peace love and harmony. Maybe we are all part of that group of volunteers. Maybe we are the ones who said, yes I would be willing to forget my connection to God, and be born into families filled with forgetting, fear, pain, internal warring, and abuse, so that I can reach a point, where I say, "It ends with me!" 

I joke with people who relate to this, and come and find me, as friends and or as clients/explorers. I say, if we volunteered here, to embody love, and heal humanity, then it would have been a waste, to incarnate into a super healthy joyful, harmonious family. There are children all over the world, now who at age 2, 3, 4 and 5 retain memories from past lives in all cultures and skin colors, that are being verified, when researched. 

Many religions and cultures have prophesies about the New Earth and time of Heaven on Earth that is to come, and is in process of birthing itself, through us, right now. I believe we are all a part of that. I respect and honor if this does not fit with your beliefs. Most of my hypnotherapy teachers, including Bill Thornton, who was originally a fire and brimstone Baptist Minister, held no beliefs in past life regression, before clients spontaneously opened into such memories, and or they regressed to past lives, in their own training!

Thank you for allowing me to shed light on a complex topic that is so near and dear to my heart.  

The moderator of the group I am in, contacted me privately and explained that the private group on a major social media network, is a support group, and not a recovery group.  

So my rights and freedom to communicate on their virtual wall, got temporarily banned.

So here I am, sharing freely, where I am the main soul allowing my truth, wholeness, fullness, experience, and knowing, without ridicule, condescension, limitations, or conflict!

Thank you for opening up to my truth.



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