Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Space Where American Race Relations and Galactic Multidimensionality Meet and Welcome Each One Home

I was moved tonight, spontaneously tuning into this very informative, provocative, exceptional radio interview of American Spiritual Leader, Author, and Leader of African Diaspora Awareness, Human Focused Activism, and Global Understanding, Michael Eric Dyson.

The program showcased Michael's new book, "The Tears We Can't Stop, A Sermon to White America," shedding light of blind spots and curves on the road of race identification, denial, challenges, and understandings in America.

I have to straddle different worlds within our unified world and evolving unified, and otherwise young nation, to fully hear, traverse, value, honor, validate, this Wayshower observations, feelings, prayers, teachings, truth, community and wisdom, and still come home to honor where my truth is also unique, at times complimentary, and in instances, possibly contradictory, yet simultaneously inclusive and not contradictory. It was fascinating learning new concepts and word pairings, including "white masks" and "white folks," which I love!

It was equally fascinating exploring how I both honor what he shared, and also hold my own, possibly equally rare view, and patching together a space to celebrate, hold, and honor both, beyond and including their seeming contradictions!

Here is my Earthly, Still Multidimensional response.
I find both his exploration and mine, really true and beautiful!

"Dear Beloved Wayshower Michael.
I am here sharing my honoring, appreciation and gratitude of who you are, and the words, truth, and tree shaking you are birthing forth in this world. Provocative in times that, while they seem insane, are actually filled with, and based on the blind rage of war tactics and the investment in separation brainwashing, as in divide, rape, pillage, kill, enslave, imprison and conquer the enemy, of so much of the conquering race's history.

I am fascinated.

One of my teachers taught me, there is no such thing as young and old souls on this planet. It's a complicated place, and we have all lived many lifetimes to play in this strategic Earth School Play! This resonates as truth to me.

I appreciate everything you opened up and gave voice to, as I tuned in to most of your radio interview on my favorite public radio, KUNM, here in New Mexico, tonight. Missed a sliver of the beginning, only.

I bless your courage and your heart, and gauge the truth, and the blind corners, so to speak, that much of our socialization as Americans has often kept well hidden.

I am a real book lover, and would love to read your book 📚, track your vision, and listen to more of your unique, and under-circulated wisdom and truths. Blessings with your gifts, soul, vision, your own community, communities, and ours shared.

I found my way through some neck pain, in my 20's to a life changing hypnotherapy session. One thing led to another, and I was initiated to learning this Soul Expansion toolkit, from a truly one of a kind, motivational, inspiring Fire and Brimstone Baptist Minister, who found his way to teach and run a school, in San Leandro, CA, and later other great pioneers in my field.

Over my years of study, shamanic journeying, hypnotherapy training, exploration, and practice I have experienced myself as, male, female, Assyrian slave, African slave, Bored Aristocratic French Wife, Focused African Desert Trailblazer, Dutch Candy Maker, Peaceful Gypsy Guitarist, East Indian bread baker, Chinese peasant farmer, Egyptian Queen, Tibetan Monk, Maori sacrificial Virgin, Plains Indian, Rain Forest Shaman, Roman Opera Composer, Sacrificial East Indian Agitator, Mayan Shapeshifter, Japanese Father & Husband, as well as one of the last good Roman Emperors. I have also recalled, and guided Explorers to recall lives beyond the Earth Plane.

I have watched outwardly African American women, and Outwardly European, Native American, South American and Czech, people, to name a few, regress back to lives as half bird, half human, pre-conquest history, to interstellar wars, to many glimpses into the global prophesy of Earth timelines of solidarity, unity, justice, Love, peace and harmony.

I have seen white people, and black people regress to lives as African Slaves in America, and carry both the gifts and traumas of such lives and subconscious memories forward.

As rare and radical as your views may be perceived by many, I can relate! As one of thousands or maybe millions of aware indigo kids, grown up, on Earth, it's been a unique gift, blessing, and challenge to know I am all races, and the actress and actor in the play of cultures and star races gathered on this magnificent planet and challenging dimension.

While adopted, and raised Jewish, I have learned that from a broader perspective, on this planet, that people raised or trained to hate a specific perceived "other" group of people, as say the Nazi German Soldiers were trained to hate the gypsies, Jews, and non white peoples, pretty much buy themselves a guaranteed ticket to come back and star ⭐️ in the Earth School Play as exactly the other they bought into hating, the last round.

So the vicious cycle churns onward, as dictators hate the dictated over, and the Nazi's hate the Jews, and the Jews hate the Muslims, and the Muslims hate the American Haters, and the Christian White Conservatives hate women, darker skinned people, and those from the places that trigger their classism and racism, while the White supremacists hate on the black Americans, and the Black Americans hold the racist white invader race to blame for their ongoing enslavement and conquest.

What rich dramatic roles, and identifications this all locks into habitualization.

If you ever wish to open such inner doors, 🚊I would love to learn how you hold this, and what book you would open to writing then.

Meanwhile I will remain open and honoring of your trailblazing path, awareness, contributions, provocations, and truths alike.

I will not be able to go backwards, and forget what I have been shown, led to know, feel, hear and see, within, through focused states of attention, and facilitating explorers, out beyond the boundaries of male dominated, mind over heart dominated systems, and habituation.

Still I value what you are uprooting, exposing, explaining, and shining your soul, scholarly, and faith based light upon.
I am grateful, and so proud of us.

There is madness raging across the human family. And still I am proud of us!

Most of us seem to know less, than more about who we are. Still I have faith that in our shared exploration, that learning who we are, is exactly the medicine and solution to finding our purpose, and creating a human shared victory, that begins to make us as proud of our human family, as we are of our amazingly beautiful world.

Peace, love and appreciation to and for all of who you are. And mighty blessings, sharing your powerful, and empowering Sermon, Validation, Valuing, Renewal, Love, Understanding, and Home Welcoming Invitation, and Living African, European, and Global Diaspora Praise Poem to all who open to learn from, enrich by, and hear it!
Heart felt fascination and Thank You's!

May your "Divinity in Motion," unify, uplift, encourage and awaken too many Sisters and Brothers to count! 

Praise be... in Creation's Love! ❤️

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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