Thursday, February 11, 2021

Jen Musings on Trailblazing our Current Initiatory Passage!

You know where news comes from, truly? It comes from the same place truth arises from: within!

This blogpost ever so beautifully emerged, inspired from some of the turbulent, offense tactic spewing reactions, to my radically open, truthful posts on Facebook, this week.

If you don't resonate with it, don't bother reading it. If you share my wavelength, then my all means dive in.

Start here:

The way the current exploited "disease" is measured had been manipulated, and amplified during the Trump Administrations, while diminished, at the point of, and after the fake inauguration, and real president censorship, to make it appear worse under the Trump presidency, and lighter and more "solved," as Biden and Harris pretend to rule from a pitch dark every night, by 11:00 pm White House. Question everything! Look beyond the lead ceilings of the controllers and censorship, (ie) mind control.

Of course MSM (mainstream media) is not reporting on any of this, still liberty is here, we just can't see it in its fullness, yet it will deliver all of us into Unity, as we guide the way! I hold deep faith, no longer shackled by Deep State Superstitions, propaganda, fear, shame and smear campaigns!

If you still believe there are no connections between AIDS, SARS, Ebola, MERS,  "COVID19," Ebola, Fauci, Gates, planned biowarfare and eugenics, modern day big tech oligarchs, MSM Reporters, and our so called "Liberal Democratic" American Leaders, still trusted by half or more of my family members, associates, friends and loved ones, then you may have your perceptions shackled by the old paradigm predators, controllers, warlords, hypnotizing the Human Family into a complex web of strategized war, bioterrorism, and control mechanisms, also known as modern slavery.

If you still trust Gates, Fauci, WHO, the CDC, Pelosi, and the Democratic Mayors shackling our minds and actions, businesses, and so on, I'd say you have some uncensored research still to do. Look at the most Malignant Narcissists you've ever been blessed to learn from, and compare the offensive tactics, abuses, and control mechanisms locking up a majority of Humanity in 2020 & 2021, regulating all nations of our world, in ways that people raised in Communist regimes can educate us on.

Ask some Native American Friends, if they trust the government, and think the system of "reservations" and government cheese rations, is something we might all wish to aspire to, let alone blankets ridden with smallpox. Ask anyone of Jewish heritage if they trust big government and a nation of people policing one another from within strange fear overlays, shaming their perceived "opponents" for non compliance. I do not support, nor fall for dangerous un-American Government overreach, nor abusive usurpations of our liberties. Ask anyone aware, about all of the exploitation, and abuses of the Black American population, in clandestine Medical experiments on them, and preposterous superstitions, and practices based on the false notion that black people do not feel pain, as intensely as white people. No, we still have much discernment and research to apply!

Source, truth, activism, action, sovereignty, the United States Constitution, our military, justice, Patriots, President Trump, and the US Supreme Court are not going away anytime soon, not completely, and certainly not for good. Nor would it really be good for Americans and Humans if we did!

In fact the world is watching, and News Reporters worldwide, are exposing the truth The Vaxxx's are neither safe, proven, fully tested, nor for the good of any one but greedy predators, from a crashing era! In fact the massive worldwide vaxxx campaign is not even about vaxxxes because they are not A) real vaxxxes, and B) not guaranteed safe, and C) we are now told that experts do not guarantee these vaxxxes will definitely even protect from the vi-ruse, as well as D) many predict that they will get the public hooked as a drug dealer prioritizes in their ghetto, and once you are in their grip, they will roll out and require many more, and E) The darker plan is to create a dependency on the state and government, thus replacing healthy autonomy, freedoms, free business, deregulated life, with forced totalitarian regime restrictions, of the nature that have been implemented and tested out on Humanity and Americans over almost a whole year now, normalizing the disordered and abnormal daily.

The diabolical eugenics, genocidal, and marketing scheme is more about dangerous new control, through TransHumanism, via RNA altering spyware. I know it really sounds like insane conspiracy, when communist style censorship is filtering and weaponizing most of the American and worldwide news, medicine, information, human freedoms, health, government, banking, and related systems!

Meet Joshua Philipp, Producer of the first hour long documentary film on the CCP Virus, "Tracking Down the Origins of the Wuhan Corona Virus," on YouTube, Reporter for the Epoch Times, and Host of a truly high integrity "Crossroads with Joshua Philipp" on Rumble and YouTube. I adore and respect this man, his reporting, his documentary film, his integrity, commitment, and Courageous Soul! For truth, he is at the top of my Luminaries list!

Joshua Philipp of Crossroads, on Rumble and YouTube &

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, are not prioritizing you or truth, overall, only their own profit!

(Henry) Hank Aaron became the poster child for the biowarfare vaxxx propaganda campaign, targeting black people and people of color, and he dropped dead, 18 days later, at 86. Are you paying attention?

I attempted a post about it, in warning, on our local Facebook, Santa Fe NAACP wall. Lest we say, my stance and views were met with racist, partisan, projection, judgement, bullying, archaic abuse, ignorance, fear, bullshit, closed mindedness, victim mentality, and cancel culture, by 2, and ignored by more, as well as offensive divide, war, shame, categorization, and control tactics. Why? In large part because many Americans an Humans are racing to the cliff's edge like instinct driven lemmings.

Oh, wait, I stand corrected. Turns out the long history of lies we all learned about suicidal lemmings source back from a disinformation campaign created by a Disney Film. Good to finally learn the truth, at 55, that whole species of animals, are not actually mass suicidal oriented, nor in need of big pharma solutions... ever!

I guess millennia of history, and and American slavery has created a trauma response of just going with the program... in many of us, as I have past life recall of stolen from Africa enslavement, and ancient Assyrian enslavement too. Trauma runs in all of the Earthly cultures and bloodlines, especially since the colonizers appeared on the scene. As one from a tribal nation, if not many, I see tribalism, enslaved habituation, thinking, action and inaction in me, and my lineages. I mean why did the Jews simply follow, in WWII? Why didn't most of them figure out the plot, and flee? Easy to ask now, I suppose.

I am not falling pray to the disordered criminal lies and con artists. I hope you the naysayers take to heart, who I am and what I say, because your trusted buddies Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Diane Sawyer, Wolf Blitzer, George Stephanopoulos, CNN, CNN's Chris Cuomo, Bloomberg "News," ABC, cBS, Huffington Post, New York Times, The Hill, Washington Post, MSNBC, Whoopi and the Gals on the View, do not, and I repeat: do not have truth, freedom, nor your interests at heart! At least not from most everything I have seen.

"Time will tell, you think you're in heaven, but ya living in Hell..." - Bob Marley

I am not invested in the info wars, from merely my conscious (5 to 7% day to day, ordinary) mind, nor 5 human senses alone. I am researching and engaging intense research, multidimensional and divine awareness, Luminaries and Healers with much insider intel, personal intuition, and colleagues who access the divine levels of who we are, as I do, in my Transformational Practice, and almost everyone I trust is seeing, give or take a little, the same truth I am uncovering. OK, give or take a lot!

No, I am a multidimensional, Sprit based, indigo, aware Galactic Soul, volunteering on divine assignment, as are many. So if you primarily identify as a trauma based victim, a singular race, or limited color, a nationality, or a 5 sense based human being only, then get out of the way, because my perception hold a lot of multidimensional and starseed originality, stability, resilience, candor, brilliance, thunderbird medicine, heyoka medicine, holistic healer and galactic medicine, power, guidance, Spirit and unification, and Indigo systems busting frequencies.

Call me a unicorn skipping across the clouds. It's OK. I won't take it personally. Or I might, and cast you out of my circles. But if you can love yourself enough to respect, honor and love me whole heartedly, then we can share, as a beautiful frequency match. If not, see ya on the flip side. If so see you on the flip side much sooner!

It's a joy for me to say, if you think I'm appropriating yours or others' cultures, think again, because you don't even have that level of jurisdiction over me. In fact, I'd likely prescribe a Past Life regression, ceremony, shamanic journeying, spirit guidance, psychedelics, tea, and or soul emergence. Or let's just honor that my wavelength may be foreign to you, at this time.

This is the time of the Great Shift, and if you can't see this yet, I can still honor you. Yet I can't come and join in, and limit myself to old paradigm fears, constraints, and constrictions. My soul expansive wavelength is here for bridging in the True New Earth. I do not say this out of any superiority, more from hard won Earthly alignment. Your understanding me is of no necessity to me.

So buyer beware, and stay tuned, because all is not what it seems, and your hate will have a better target, or set of targets, than the current social pressures have consistently, strategically scapegoated, and cancel cultured over the one man the Majority of America rightly voted for, before the national and foreign treason and fraudulent election, scamdemic, scam bioterrorism vaxxx campaign, war, & fraudulent government take-over began.

But how many Americans and worldwide citizens can access truth, during a Communist Global, censored takeover, a covert, cult based, totalitarian war against America, Americans, Freedom, our freedoms, worldwide liberty and justice, and our whole family of Humankind, while censorship, psy ops, Malignant Narcisism, and offensive abuse tactics, war crimes, attack strategy, and destructive control and propaganda continue to increasingly infiltrate, block, barricade and mar our shackled, looted plundered, enslaved, overthrown minds, lives, nation, health, government, energy, systems, communities, home, work, income, originality, liberties, choices, health, and free and divine will, let alone our bodies, families, businesses, choices, and plans.

And before we extinguish the topic like the propagandists and puppet masters seem to be paid and paying off easily corruptible humans to ever so readily do, let us take one more deep dive beyond petty mass social media censorship, shall we?

Here is a link to Mike Lindell's new 2 hour documentary: "ABSOLUTE TRUTH: Exposing Election Fraud, and the Theft of America of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic." It's a powerhouse, and I want to watch it again, and again, because my passion for truth these days is unparalleled!

I was exposed to David Wilcock, through starseed family and community over 11 or so years. My Starseed Father was on panels at Contact in the Desert with David Wilcock, George Noory, Erich Von Dänikin, "Ancient Aliens Guy:" Giorgio Tsoukalous, and more.

Below is a photo montage featuring my Dad and family, and on the bottom row, David Wilcock & my Father Marshall Klarfled, Filippo Voltaggio & my Dad, and Jimmy Church. My Dad really loved and adored meeting, bonding and presenting with these Galactic Compatriots & Evolutionary Revolutionary Soul Kin!

The YouTube Video Link is: David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley: Hidden History of Elections. This amazing presentation, filmed 2 weeks after the most controversial election in US History, exposed often censored and overlooked, cancel cultured information, insider intel, and previously hidden truth about the 2020 American Election fraud, as well as the corrupt nature of the voting machines, and insights into a long dirty history of voting fraud in America. It's a mind blowing, real world exposé, Exposing information that the Criminals, Predators, Fraudsters would prefer to withhold from us, indefinitely! David had been warning us for 10 or more years to prep, and have food, and water on hand for a time where we would be stuck at home.

He has recorded 21, 2 to 5 hour live presentations, in collaboration with his wife Elizabeth, and their beloved friend Dannion Brinkley, exposing controversial insider's information, intel, and research, as well as intuitive and divine guidance, as it related to the take down of the corrupt, Deep State Global Elite, their crimes, corruption, and the role of the worldwide Alliance, The Patriots Movement, The role of Donald Trump in protecting America, Americans, Truth, Democracy, and our human freedoms in America, and our shared world, during this time of war, tyranny, disinformation, censorship, global infiltration, false flag operations, strategic divide, eugenics campaigns, propaganda, attempts to overthrow our President, Donald J Trump, and ultimately the take down of an empire of mass predatory criminal control of America and our world, all during this 2020, 2021 initiatory passage. David presents on the Great Awakening, and leads mass, worldwide meditations to help raise the love vibrations on Planet Earth, as some 18,000 or so of us gather and tune in simultaneously. David and Dannion are both world renown Authors and leaders in the field of empowering and inspirational, live conference presentations, and interviews, over many years and decades. They have written some of the most truly revolutionary books of our time.

The truth will pour out to the whole world. It already is. It will shock and startle all, especially those who are not researching beyond the main propaganda stream! Here we are at the bridge between the New true Earth and the True Age, and the fall of the old Cabal. Speaking openly about all of this, when and as we sense we safely can, is our salvation. And yes we have Mother Father Goddess God, and the US Constitution on our side.

The world is not speaking German now, and we will not all end up Speaking Chinese this round either. But the American, Corporate, and Wall Street ties to the Nazi regime are seen and known by many of us now, thanks to David Wilcock and many insiders, revealing previously long suppressed truths. The lies spun against President Donald J. Trump, the Alliance, and his Patriots, lull many people into a secure sense of falsehoods, to believe millions of us Peace Loving war ending, power to the people that's right Activists are in any way dangerous. It's a joke. Monied factions can infiltrate any system, to make peaceful Liberty based people appear as anything but. This is called propaganda.

I hated Trump with the best of them, until Mach 2020 rolled around. Hydroxychloroquine, and simple basic anti malarial and anti parasite medicines and other therapeutics could have saved countless lives. Yet the whole scamdemic was weaponized. So I am comfortable and proud of my research,stance, and allegiance, and I make my reputation for myself. Being honest has cleaned dear, and old friends, relatives, and associates out of my life, whom I still deeply love and look on, in admiration. I believe they are the ones still processing ancient traumas. I get it. Maybe I am too. Such is human life. I feel sad for friends bullying me, calling me crazy, calling me names, dumping verbal abuse and offensive tactics of shaming, blaming, slandering, ostracizing, humiliating, guilt tripping, and rejecting, all because of their insecurity, and fear of our diversity originality and freedom of thought and perspective.

I thought Liberal Democrats used to stand for diversity in skin color, and sexual orientation, and that's important. Yet without freedoms written into our constitution, of thought, expression, rights to congregate, to sing, gather, pray together, to conduct business freely, our Democracy is an absolute sham, as are those around our world!

If you can't see the weaponization of all these corrupt, old paradigm systems, then I feel for you. Most of my life, I could not see them either. I was as brainwashed and propagandized as the next guy. I respect diversity of everything: thought, culture, will, identification. Our lives can remain free, when we stand up, protect, and free our minds, beings, health, lives, souls, families, and friends, nation, and world. Yet for that we need to grow up at new levels, and research the corruption in all the major systems in America and our world, so that we can protect these for all Americans and all world citizens!

As a Hypnotherapist, I am not primarily interested in entrancing myself and others. I am really patiently facilitating a process of trance, and Shamanic tools to help ease individuals out of the trauma trances we are unconsciously running, that tell us lies, lies to our vision, like much of corrupted TV, Hollywood movies, sports, and politics. Lies like "I'm not enough, I'm not good enough, I'm not, I'm a burden, I'm alone, I'm perishable, I'm lonely, I'm unsafe, I'm endangered, I'm not valuable, I'm not special, I'm insignificant, I'm nothing, I don't know, it's not safe to know, it's not safe to love, it's not safe to be magnificent! I'm unworthy, I'm unlovable, I'm broken, I'm dangerous, I'm a threat, I'm the outsider, I'm a shame, I'm guilty, I'm not divine, I'm less than, I'm separate, I'm unlikable, I'm anything less than Goddess God, I'm not beautiful, I can't create, I am too poor, I am crazy, I don't deserve love, I don't deserve success, I don't deserve freedom, they're going to laugh at me, they're going to cast me out, I have no voice, I have no purpose, I have no meaning, I have no worth, etc." That's all part and parcel of subconscious trauma trances. That is what I am on a long count path of transforming in my self, in my Explorers, in my transformational practice, my community, relationships and our world. I feel I am doing an amazing job of this, thanks to many outstanding and inspiring teachers.

I've had to fight more days than not, for this hard won security, service path, purpose, and life. What are you willing to fight for?

I'm willing to fight for America, Americans, our Human Family, Transformation, Human evolution, soul expansion, originality, creativity, collaboration, liberty, unity, joy, love, and for Human and American Freedoms for all, beyond strategized propagandized race, sex, class, and polarity wars. That's me. I was adopted (stolen) from a Jewish 16 year old new mother, love child that I was, into an outwardly stable Jewish family, in a very precarious marriage. They are the main family I know, and consider a Soul Family Group.

Only in my 50's did I learn of my Scottish, British, and Irish bloodlines on my paternal line, that stretch back 13 generations to Inverness Scotland, and all the way back to the Willison lineage that fought beside George Washington in the American Revolutionary War. I am a Daughter of the Revolution. This runs through my DNA!

At ages 54 and 55, for the first time, I am proud of this, and my Country, and aware of how the world is watching, and praying everyday for our freedoms, so as to help set a precedent for theirs, worldwide. Global elitists can keep living on a globe, for all I care. Many will face criminal charges for treason and criminal and predatory actions soon. I couldn't be more grateful. In fact the True Earth energies are shifting and rising, and criminal activity, acts, and tyrannies, the enslavement, hunting, killing, and war against humanity is crashing down before our eyes right now, well some of our eyes now, and many more later.

The shadow leaders, and false prophets are on a loosing downward spiral. A zig zagging line of crashing dominoes. The hunters are becoming hunted! We are helping realize this, and clear the path for human dignity, liberty, justice, health, joy, freedom, equity, holistic solutions, soul, food justice, housing equity, diversity, unity, celebrating our differences, loving ourselves enough to keep loving our glorious reflections. That is the world I am here to lead and co-create with whichever friends are brave enough to see, think, intuit, and research, out beyond the shallow shackles of this young, patriarchal, material focused, Atlantean influenced, promising nation.

Ancient Lemuria is rising, ancient Atlantis is Rising, the divine Goddess and Gods and Light Masters are incarnating in human expression. Divinity is incarnating in Human Expression. It's a very exciting time to be living, leading, creating, and co-creating.

Time to rip the muzzles off, and dive back into leading life, instead of being corralled and immunized like sick, deadened GMO cattle! We can do better, much much better! We can rise above that shit.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again. I'm a Galactic Volunteer, an Indigo Wayshower, and a Multidimensional all lives long! So I don't take shit from people who think they are their color, or they are their political affiliation, or they are a hater. That's not how I experience it, or not how I choose to limit my experience. No we are Free Spirits, commanding full rights to liberty, free speech, safety, home, work, income, protection, balance, human dignity, care, caring, respect, honor, truth, transparency, full expression, soul expansion, true unity, and the New Age of Aquarius.

We are Divinity Incarnate, we are on purpose, we are Holy Goddess-ifestors, we are Star Children, Mystics, Healers, Holy Ones, Emancipators, and Trailblazers. We are originals!

We live in a free will Universe. We are all highly advanced to have even landed a role on this blessed, complex planet of LOVE! I have so much to share with you, as I am completely and wholeheartedly passionate about. And I am a 55 year young crone, with a few new white hairs growing out of my head daily. So take your disrespect, and get some therapy to uplift yourself out of the brainwashing and divide and conquer, war tactics being thrust upon all of us.

No biowarfare poison cocktail fear, shame, and guilt campaign, rape by a Vaccination for me. In fact 2020, and the comprehensive freedoms that grew out of it, and 2021, are opening my eyes to trust the balance, that Mother Gaia Nature provides all we need to remain whole and healthy: body, mind, soul, and spirit.

I am not buying what the scared shitless, brain dead, criminal predator, fake rulers are pushing. So I support and encourage trust, authenticity, joy, unity, humor, health, independent and shared transparent research, liberty, freedom, truth, justice, comedians, musicians, art, artists, originality free will, and our full whole hearted divinity. I support Quantum Leaping, unity, friendship, boosting our immunity through faith, community, health, Spirit, Soul, holistic and spiritual practices, gathering, ceremony, divination, human divinity, studying, learning, fitness, nature, whole foods, cleansing fasts, and love and intimacy, revelation, and purposeful creative living. I support me, to support you, to support our community, our unity, our state, nation and world.

The healing path starts in the heart of each and every one of us. It is in brining these together that we truly flourish. Do this, and those old paradigm cowards don't stand a chance! Do this and we all Quantum Leap to the heart beat of a whole True New Earth! I welcome you to our co-creative dance, and leadership play!

Time to let all the hard work go, and find out what and where you find, encourage and share great joy and ease, in surrender to your great innate, and this which we share in and with our precious world. Are you game?

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Is President Donald Trump a Devil, a Nazi, a Scapegoat, or is he Actually Playing a Larger Role in Service to Humanity and Human Liberty Worldwide?

This blog post is inspired by a well meaning Fellow Creative, Author, and Film Maker, whom I met at the opening of his film "Three Magic Words: The Movie," as features my beloved teacher Dolores Cannon.  I hold a lot of respect for Michael Perlin, and I spent most of my adult life, seeing through a pretty similar lens, on many levels, while identifying as a Liberal Democrat, a visionary, and a proponent of of peace, unity and transformation, as consistently as possible in human form. I strongly disagree with much of what Michael Perlin says in this blog post he shared with me, which he himself wrote, as my Facebook friend. I actually skimmed it, and censored it quite quickly off of my Facebook post, upon which I was promoting Michael J. Lindell the pillow entrepreneur, and his documentary "Absolute Proof" on the election fraud, the same election fraud that is being censored as all Hell, by people and companies who have thier own self interests prioritized, and yours not so much! Super interesting. This video: "Absolute Truth" is available to watch for free in Rumble and at Michael J. Lindell's website:

Hi Michael Perlin. I met you at a film and media festival, here in my home state of New Mexico years ago, I believe, as I am a Hypnotherapist of nearly 30 years, and a Facilitator of our Beloved Dolores Cannon's QHHT Process. I remember dearly adoring you, and you taking time out to speak to me. I was very grateful, and recall sharing a deep rapport with you. In fact we've shared Facebook friendship for years.

Today, as most days I posted openly, while carefully on Facebook, on my personal wall, about a documentary by another Michael, Michael J Lindell, a pillow Entrepreneur, who like you, created a documentary film, only his is called "Absolute Proof" exposing not only the US election fraud, as David Wilcock has done such an ingenious job of exposing even more deeply, with amazing insider info, in one of his 20 something videos, remarkably still viewable on YouTube, across 2020 and 202, on Divine Cosmos on YouTube.  David Wilcock and David Brinkley: Hidden History of Elections on YouTube: 

You visited my post and were the 3rd or 4th to challenge my views, apparently because they are diverse from yours, and you did so in a relatively polite manner, as you shared a post of this link:

I was unclear as to who you are, in the moment, and thus thought I was getting harangued by someone I attended high school with again, which does happen. I had left a couple of comments up on my wall post, that were both abusive and disrespectful of President Donald J Trump. Yours made 3, in my view. I was busy at the moment, visited your website, and skimmed a bit of your article, fishing for the bias, already present to me, in your potentially anti Trump opposition, or query... to the point of possible scapegoating, as is so popular with the detractors of President Donald J Trump, his administration, Patriots, Walk Aways from the Liberal Democrat Party, and Independent Voters, as I have since Spring 2020 become. I admit I skipped down to your views on Q, a few on Trump, and immediately erased all three, comments that felt offensive or hate filled to me, including yours and your article link. 

I do wish to let you know I took time out of my life, and read what you wrote, just now, as you are someone I respect, and I truly adore and own a copy of your Movie "3 Magic Words," which you may have autographed. Not sure after all the years. I also wish to admit that I was a life long Liberal Democrat, who was really aligned with hating all you cite here, as this was my own thinking and rhetoric, overall, over the recent years. I too, have spent years arguing the same points for a world where we live as one, and relate as an adopted daughter, born to a Mother of the generation you speak of, who was 16 and pregnant in 1965. I also had 3 Jewish parents, by nature and nurture, and was adopted through a Jewish Adoption Agency. 

I do not want to change your mind, as I deeply respect diversity in perceptions and perspectives, when friends and associates share with me, beyond the divide and hate so popular these days. I appreciate the time and effort you poured into these thoughts and this blog post. I wholeheartedly agree with the neutral parts, of being here to create and co-create unity, a unified Nation, and a unified World. In fact, I believe I am one of the Galactic Volunteers, Dolores so eloquently discovered, wrote 19 books, and delivered countless lectures and interviews on. My Father authored 4 books on our stellar origins, before graduating Earth, and returning to the Stars and the Light. 

I just wish to say, I see it in another way. I walked away from the, to me, corrupted, infiltrated Democrat Party, in Spring, or so, 2020. I had learned of information through luminaries I have followed, and trusted, as I do Dolores Cannon, over some dozen or so years, including David Wilcock, who is believed to have been Edgar Casey, the extremely famous mystic, who cured thousands by way of entering a trance channel like state, as he was also known as "the Sleeping Prophet." David has been warning us for 10 years, to have food and water prepped and ready for a "lockdown event," as informed by insider intel. He did not know exactly what the event would be. He has studied the Nazi influence and their deep ties to America, Wall Street, and beloved American companies, originally in a college course. He has successfully exposed the Deep State collusion in the manmade scamdemic, the election fraud, the 4 years of slanderous, relentless hate smear campaigns against the man and the President Donald Trump, the big tech oligarchs' censorship, overreach, and their illegal editing role on multiple social media and big tech platforms. 

I simply disagree with almost all you allegations here, which read as false to me, as being true, yet projected on the wrong side. I get it. I accepted these beliefs, too, for my whole adult life, prior to mid March, 2020. Now I see 99% of the MSM mainstream media, as propaganda. I see the censorship clamping down, using offensive abuse tactics commonly used by Malignant Narcissists to control, shame, blame, attack, and render inferior their prey. I know. I was raised by a Narcissistic Mother, and have poured years into the study of Narcissistic abuse and recovery from such influences.  For the record, I did come back, and read your whole article. Overall I do not concur. Yet I did, throughout most of my life. 

I myself see the tyranny of so many controlling predatory factions and criminals, as I see infiltrating our human freedoms, world wide. I see the abuses of power, control, wealth, and abuses of power and freedoms, rampant in the oligarchs on the Liberal Democrat side, and worse, the forces funding them, and their criminal behaviors, including George Soros. 

Frankly I have paid dearly, as many friends, and even some family, both close, dear, and lifelong, have judged, shamed and blamed me, judged, shamed and blamed Donald Trump, Q, our Military, and more for crimes that I now see clearly are being rendered by the exact people creating war, disease, usurpation of human freedoms, fear, and hate and scapegoating campaigns, eugenics, control, genocide, the Transhumanism movement, and more. I would simply ask you, if you honor your body and those of your immediate family by prioritizing organic and whole foods, over genetically modified foods, then I am curious if you support, encourage and plan to line up, voluntarily for a RNA altering genetic experiment, that will have IA components to it, as plans to render you and your body a patented owned slave of sorts, and if you see connections to the Nazi's in this, or if you trust what your media, Fauci, Gates, social media oligarchs, Pelosi, the WHO, and Hillary Clinton, and Biden and Harris are actually colluding in against you? Have you ever heard this expression, "Black Lives Madder," as I have from an African American Santa Fe Artist Patriot Friend? Why did Henry (Hank) Aaron die 18 days after taking a jab on TV, to help propagandize the promise of Vaxxx safety to the African American community? What will you tell friends and family, when the reports of Bell's Palsy, Morgellon's disease, complications and death occur with increasing frequency to People of Color, Indigenous People, Native American People, and Black Americans, and Chinese Men, Elders, Americans, and Humans, worldwide, as potential effects of the experimental, highly controversial COVID19 Vaccination? 

And what if 2 jabs is not enough, does not absolutely protect from the virus, and actually is part of a modern day Nazi campaign, that Donald J Trump has lost 1/2 of his fortune, and invested four years of his life, and simultaneously endangered his life to fight against? And what if 2 jabs leads to 5 or 10 a year or what if Americans and Earthlings alike are restricted from travel, food, and state and federal dependencies as we have seen, and some experienced across 2020 and 2021? And how many years is this slavery campaign slated to be enacted upon Humanity and Americans alike.  And what will the world look like if we comply without question, true independent research, and aware guidance from those who are poised to keep sharing truth with us? What if the push for green living outlaws your rights to own and drive a car, or live in a single family home?  

Do you want to sell off your American originality, our rights to run individual businesses, to congregate, sing, pray, and celebrate holidays, and view movies in public venues, in trade for sanctioned Communism? I certainly do not see what you say as truth, anymore than I think Luminaries David & Elizabeth Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley, author of "Saved By The Light" are reporting on Satanic predators and criminals Pedowood, and corruption at all levels of American and worldwide society because they themselves are evil. That simply holds no truth to me, on any level! In fact it pains me deeply to see friends turn against these Luminaries, because said friends have been brainwashed to buy heavily censored lies, fear and hate promoted as if these are core, truths when all of that propaganda against all of us truth tellers is, to me a travesty, and a war of a new kind, a war against Americans and Humanity. 

Anyway. I used to see through somewhat of the same lens as you express here. I do not call material life an illusion, as I am an artist, and see it more as an expression.

Dolores Cannon, her research, and her Daughter Julia explained this to me and many Starseed. They have said, that ours is the only planet where we have to forget we're God, and to forget our purpose not just once, but lifetime after lifetime. Perhaps both you and I incarnated as Galactic Volunteers to help guide Humanity to that Peace love and unity, as the musicians, artists and wayshowers of the 1960's enlivened in hearts like mine, that has never dulled nor died.

I wish you would use "I" statements when you project that the 1960's failed, or however you worded it. I do not hold this to be true, and am grateful I never did. In fact as a QHHT Therapist, I hold a view that we often have to dive deeply into our shadows, like the main character in your film: "3 Magic Words: The Movie," had to do. As I also trust that we are in the Great Shift, holding space, and loving caring compassion, while openly sharing information and truth, in the wars as are being waged against Americans and Humanity right now. 

You and I are definitely on the side of peace, love, unity, and standing up and transforming our traumas and those of our lineages and communities, to transform our world for the better. Dolores Cannon did not believe in evil, by the years I was blessed to interact with her. Her BS meter, and her soul research cleared that up for her. I agree 100%. To me there are merely polarizations in the continuum of consciousness, divinity, unity, awareness, love and balance, with most of us in this Free Will Universe, actually holding enough security to live well, and transmit wholeness and goodness into our world, while leading harmonious balanced lives. I believe there is a spectrum from service to all to service to self, of conscious to unconscious, or balanced divine feminine and masculine, to the levels of toxic masculinity and greed that create war, divide and conquer, poverty, starvation, and the weaponization of all systems, by criminal predators who have forgotten their true nature. I know and trust Donald J Trump, as imperfect as he has early on expressed himself to be, is expressing, operating, and leading from all the higher qualities you mention as having died off from the 1960's Peace Movement. 

Trump has actively protected Americans, jobs, borders, life, liberty, peace, and ultimately human lives all around our world. He has slowed and stopped the American war machine, exposed the internal and international terrorists attacking endangering and threatening Americans and major American Democrat run cities as well, and banned criminals from entering America and facilitating human and drug trafficking, murderers and gang violence, and more. I respect him immensely, since I started researching, intuiting, and thinking for myself. I am as far from a racist as possible, having facilitated shamanism and Past Life Regression over almost 30 years. I won't even restrict myself with a race identification on a census, or document, as I do not align with such lore. I believe the whole campaign of anti racist training is a divisive psy ops, more truly exploiting Black Americans, Black People, and all people if we don't wake up and see the manipulation for what it is! I'm here to lead all people in transformation, renewal and freedom, originality, and truth. I certainly get the impression that you are here for your own version of compassionate service and unification of Humanity.

I have never related to patriotism, the American flag, or nationalism either. And now, as a recovering walk away from the Lib Dem party, Independent Patriot, I see it in a proud new way. If we are such a unique, nation, as I feel we are, here leading the world, as the melting pot of Indigenous, African, and Immigrant Peoples, then why wouldn't we take pride in, and deeply and dearly value our Nation, and the people and cultures that take pride in co-creating it? I have witnessed and felt awe, in 21 years of living in a Native American community and land, of Santa Fe New Mexico, as many Native Americans are far more proud of America than I have overall been. 

I am proud of America and Americans, because most of us hold Grace, love, trauma and challenges in our lineages and our personal lives. What would it take for you to fully value our break with tribal ties of our origin cultures, and this co-creation of our new tribe of all races, colors, creeds, and sexual orientations, as the wild card, like Donald Trump, here leading a global revolution to all that you say you wish for our world, and the next 7 generations to come? I can see it. And if you can't I politely agree to honor your liberty, and honor your full diversity, in the way I always did, before during and after the world wide and American war against Americans and Humanity, as is culminating in 2020 & 2021.  

I hold full faith, that it is like your movie. In fact I have been wishing to watch it again, and relish its message, and our Beloved Master Galactic Teacher, Dolores Cannon.

Carl Sagan and my Cal Tech Grad, Grace based Starseed Dad, Marshall, both shared that old science based view that we are each a small spec, a grain of sand, in the larger LIFE. I can hold this as true to some degree. And I also highly respect the deeper explorations of individuals like you and like me, through Dolores and Julia Cannon, who eloquently remind us that we are Mother Father Goddess God Source Divinity Great Spirit, Creation LIFE Light, temporarily brainwashed to forget we are Goddess God, and to forget our soul's LIFE purpose, not once, but over and over again, until we remember who we truly are. 

I see Donald Trump doing exactly this, throughout his presidency, and highly amplified this recent year. Many who see beyond the veils, see him leading victoriously as our 2 and 3 term President, when the law catches up, as he was unlawfully vilified, scapegoated, slandered, hated, attacked and abused over the recent years of his presidency, by many dangerous predatory human  creatures. 

Maybe he is here to Make America Great Again, because he was chosen by the world wide Alliance as David Wilcock masterfully invested 22 or so videos, risking his career, platforms and reputation in exposing this, over the recent 11 months. Maybe making America Great Again, is about rooting out the corruption. I hope you will consider seeing Trump in the recent years, seeing how he stood up against Jeffery Epstein, and barred him from his Hotels, and instead fought for us, and for our freedoms, the ones we have not fully had over the infiltration of predatory worldwide leaders, criminals, and governments. 

I celebrate our diversity. Anti facism, anti racism, anti war, it all mostly promulgates the same injustice, wars, and predatory exploitations as they ever have. That's like starting a wedding ceremony with a pledge to share an anti hate marriage. It's preposterous and irrelevant.  People marry because we meet in and share love, not because we are anti hate, or anti fear, or anti individuality!  We don't say, let us get together to combat loneliness and personal desperation, or  existential angst. That would be more of an act of desperation, rather than a commitment to love. Children and the Spirit realms are not naturally run by "no's or devils, nor inversions, unless there is abuse of such children on the Earth plane. Why the scapegoating of a man who is risking everything to keep American free?

Anyway, in Summary I see it through diverse eyes to the case you have laid out in your article, and I express this pretty softly and gently.  Thank you for your views, and for sharing them with me. I agree on the lovely philosophical bits, mostly.  Yet the ones playing us by inverting all the facts, seem to have infiltrated you too.  And that's OK. I found my way out.  Perhaps you will to.  Perhaps you are right where you are meant to be at this moment.  And I suppose in truth, that is for your to know for you, and not really about me, after all.  So thank you for openly speaking your mind heart and points of view. My intention is that we each stand up for true American, human and worldwide Human rights and liberties, so that truth, voices, humans and our transmitted expressions forever remain protected, safe from harm and manipulation, and ultimately free!  I wish this for you, Michael Perlin, for me, for out leaders, our fake leaders, and for our nation and world.

We may not see eye to eye on every detail, yet I hope we can remain in a shared state of respect, and even unity, even with a few healthy and necessary boundaries, while the war rages on, and we lead from unified hearts anyway!  Peace to your heart, and to the hearts of all, through this Convoluted, complex Universe we find ourselves gathered in, and pondering through!