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Navigational Tips for Individuals Discovering a Narcissistic Individual in their Family or Life

This blogpost was inspired by a call for guidance wall post, of a fellow adult daughter, healing from Narcissistic abuse of a Narcissistic mother, in a private social media support group. The following is inspired by my response to her.

The group member posted of having recently learned that she has a Narcissistic Mother, after some intensive personal therapy, of her own. She is realizing how common and predictable the Narcissistic Mother's behaviors truly are. She asked if it would be a good idea to point out to her Narcissistic Mother, the unhealthy behaviors she acts out, and if this would help her mother? And she also asked if it will ever be possible to share a relationship with her, once she the adult daughter, sets healthy boundaries?

Welcome to the club, Human Relative. It is amazing to me to live at a time, when so many are contributing to help us see, understand, and heal from unhealed Narcissists and their messy, abusive behaviors. I like all the guidance you’ve been given here.

It’s a tricky steep slope, and it is well worth setting some boundaries, and carving out a small spaces for yourself as a non-abuse zones.

There are countless wonderful videos on YouTube that are like mini coaching sessions for us.

Some describe interacting with a Narcissist as a constant chess game. Gray rocking is helpful, yet if they're walking all over you, sometimes saying something stronger is useful, like, “I know that’s not about me,” “I hear you and I see it differently,” and or “no thank you, I’ll oversee my own blah blah blah!”

Remember that other aspects of the Narcissist and their behaviors include being full of toxic shame, being fake, putting on an act, being an empty shell or a donning a mask. They can’t truly love because they’ve been hurt too bad and don’t trust love is real. 

They are usually more jaded, wounded, even paranoid and distrusting of others. They can’t see you as separate, more of an appendage. They can’t have a 2 way, balanced, concerned conversation, and instead gain fuel through any engagement, drama, defense, etc with you. They will offload and dump their toxic poisons into, and on you. Keeping themselves in the superior position and you, and others in the inferior one, is a constant need and strategy. They lie and use manipulative tactics to avoid responsibility for the manipulative ways they treat you and others. 

And as you get healthy and start to set and maintain boundaries, and see and call them on their manipulative behaviors and Narcissistic habits, this triggers their Narcissistic wounding, as in it highlights the wounded real self they hide from people, and hide from themselves. So as you get healthier, they lose  some of their mask, strategic power, control and dominance. This is both highly dangerous and a form of death to them. They will project all their pain, vulnerability and weakness onto you. If you back off to claim healthy whole living, balance and clarity, they will be forced to push other flying monkeys into their sphere, who believe their false dramas and give them fuel without question, hassles, or truth.

They can get worse with age and circumstances, seeing you as a threat or enemy, and can make strategic moves that are the equivalent of cutting you off at the knees to save their own self, false self, delusional existence, fears and fantasies. So viewing them as a poison filled, stunted toddler, with no real accountability, empathy, emotional IQ, no real self worth, and no honesty, nor ability for self responsibility is half the healing equation.  

The other half seems to be building your strength and self love, joy, choice, authority, power, focus, and success up to full-to-overflowing. Recognizing all our natural inner child desires for 2 healthy, treasuring, comforting, valuing parents will never be met by these injured, poison filled, volatile, offensive, fear-based, controlling, childish, two-faced, wounded, insecure, needy beings. And realizing their dramas are not our fault, nor ours to fix. Also realizing they will overall never change, they will never be satisfied, you will never completely save, heal, change, satisfy, nor fix them. And realizing that we will never fill all the holes in their bucket, nor get real love from them, is also a crucial step in our healing.

The only one we can change is our own self.

Once we start to see all this, it shifts the whole balance of the levels of health we allow, in ourselves and in other people in our lives.

Then our standards for healthy relating can grow so strong, we can secure health, truth, boundaries, caring, honesty, authenticity, joy, balance, wholeness and success, even inspiration and self care within ourselves, and really inspire our close family and friends in the healthiest ways. Thus we effect change and positivity in this world, from the inside out!

The awkward part, is that once we learn what Narcissism is, and how it works, what is healthy for us, is disturbing and dangerous for them. Their misery, victimhood, pain and problem states seem pathetic and exaggerated, as they start to lose their power to manipulate and feed off of us!

Remembering we are innocent, despite how they try to smash us, and becoming our own strength and authority are all empowering steps for us, as we learn how to un-shoulder, unshackle, and untether from their sickness and manipulation tactics, habits, toxic hand-me-downs, projections, and energy sucking, enmeshing tethers.

I just listened to a few wonderful powerful new support videos on Youtube (see links below.) The presenters reminded of a few key points. One is that Narcissists have the equivalent of brain damage, and as they age, it is highly unlikely that it will ever heal, go away, and or change. 

Two, they are insecure, and thus need to diminish and cut down other people to raise themselves up. 

Three, the insecure narcissist can trigger your insecurities, so the best response you can bring, is remaining as secure and strong within yourself and life, as possible, both for yourself, and in interactions with them. 

And four, if and when the Narcissist goes to therapy, they do not go as healthy individuals, rather they go to learn all the ways that did not work of manipulating their Narcissistic Supply Providers, and to strategize new ways to manipulate the people in their immediate life. Thus, even therapy can make them sicker and more dangerous. 

Therapy isn't for everyone, only for the emotionally responsible. I guess our job is to become so strong and love filled, that we develop a natural immunity to the toxic shame they steep in and project out, through bouts of volatility, projection, rage, and childish tantrums! Our assignment also includes creating wonderful lives for ourself, and getting our focus off them.

Blessings on the eye opening journey of self reclamation!

Here are three new YouTube videos that I find beautifully helpful, as discovered today.

How the Insecure Narcissist Can Trigger your Insecurities - Dr. Les Carter - Surviving Narcissism

Narcissistic Abuse, Youtube Channels, The Hidden Danger, Educated Narcissist From Surviving to Thriving

Imaginary Confessions of a Narcissist (If only they could be this honest) - Dr. Les Carter - Surviving Narcissism

Light Language Healing for Full Chakra Cleanse with Marlene Cronin

Here are some additional resources for anyone open to, or needing to learn more about Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. I have gathered the following support YouTube Videos on this topic, weeding out some of the most super supportive, highly informative, and less well known insights and guidance videos on a YouTube Playlist I call "Top Resources for Understanding Narcissists."

"Top Resources for Understanding Narcissists."

The second list I am sharing is a far more comprehensive list.  Here it is:

"Resources for Understanding and Recovery from Narcissists... (and Narcissistic Abuse)"

If you are interested in the New Earth based toolkits I offer on this path of Soul Expansion, Please visit my website at: 

where you can learn more about ThetaHealing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and Parallel Life Regression.

Stay tuned for more new offerings, in the making right now!

I welcome you to share this blog entry, and these resources freely.

We have been trained to love our family, parents and partners unconditionally. I recommend and encourage new terminology, which is to love and relate with wholehearted discernment. Many of these unhealthy patterns grew out of times when emotional I.Q. was really, overall not considered, studied, honored, nor understood. 

You are living in new times, when teachers like Brené Brown, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, Vianna Stibal, The Pleiadians through Nora Herold, Dolores Cannon, Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Les Carter, Lisa A. Romano, and you and I, Jen Klarfeld exist, and are helping turn the whole game around for good!

Let us celebrate, be vulnerable, honor imperfections, and honor our divinity by being whole, gentle, loving, unifying, Graced and grateful within this grand Creation.

Cocreative Kin: Be blessed!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

U R Love: The Long Lovely Life of Larry Dalen

Larry Dalen after a Class with Garry Plapp

Earlier this month*, I gathered with friends and family to attend the life celebration, memorial and burial of the cremated remains of our ol' friend Larry Dalen, at the beautiful home of his daughter and son in law, Gina and Robert. 

*Actually about 8 months ago... see note at the end, explaining that I write this post in April 2018, and am adding photos and publishing it in December 2018.

Larry in a restaurant, on a shared road trip with friends.

It was splendid!

A beautiful, love filled, life celebration.

Larry lived 94 years and some change.

Larry's baby brother Ray, sharing some truly amazing childhood memories

His Brother Ray stood up in front of an amazing photo slide show, presenting across a wide screen TV, near the ceiling, as Gina sat below the screen, and Ray's wife, to the right. Larry's baby brother, was funny, real, charming, and loving, 22 months his junior, he shared wonderful tales of the family of 4, Larry the Eldest, and two, now deceased younger sisters.

Truly amazing photos, beautifully shared by Robert, Larry's Beloved Son in Law

Ray shared tales of the family's 1929 New Ford car, purchased right before the great depression kicked in. He recalled helping his big brother in the building of a house for their pet goat, and the day their Dad slaughtered their beloved pet, for family meals, and how it undid Larry. Ray could not really understand his big brothers rage, devastation, and deep sadness.  We laughed in recognition of this deep heart centered sensitivity, that prevailed throughout Larry's long life.

Friends and Family bridging gaps in our memories
Ray shared magical, astounding memories of hikes he shared with Larry, one a 36 mile hike up the California Mountains. He shared of the carrier pigeons they kept and trained, and how they would secure a note to the pigeons, and fly them back home to alert Mom and Dad to their safe arrival camping on their big hikes.

He shared tales of Larry's triumphs running the school store in high school, wrangling a steady stream of women to date, and escort to dances, and more. He shared tales of Larry's career of teaching at the college, teaching Chemistry in a special trade school for vocational education.  Ray spoke of how much pride Larry took in truly teaching and preparing these minority young adults for new careers.

A beautiful Larry Life overview

I remembered so many of Larry's overlapping stories and memories, as how he taught these learning challenged youth, so that they would really deeply know the topic, not just regurgitating static formulas, yet truly knowing and understanding it from the inside out, experientially!

Photo collage of a life fully lived!

Ray went back telling tales of when Larry trained to fly B52 jets in the Navy, while WWII still raged on. Yet somehow the war ended, sparing Larry from the ravages of war combat, instead, Larry found his way to free continuing educational programs.

Ray told tales of all the women who Larry magnetized, and dated, dining, dancing, and socializing to all his favorite big band era orchestras. Ray would get reeled in, once in a while, yet Larry kept up his life and love of dancing, dining, dating, music, and social activity, on a far grander scale, than his younger brother.

Larry & friends dancing to contemporary music

He shared tales of the difficult woman, on staff at the college, who eventually rocked Larry's beloved teaching position, out of the program.

Larry was a weatherman in Alaska, with his wife, and young daughters.  

Later on Larry qualified for a real estate loan, supporting him in the purchase and construction of a mountain top, home on a Macadamia nut tree farm, in Southern California. There were tales of how their Dad ruled out owning a dog as a pet, in the kids' youth, opting for animals strictly of use on a farm.  Larry made up for those years, adopting and feeding all the stray dogs around. We also heard great stories of how beloved the Mexican farm workers were, and how much they adored Larry.  Larry took special precautions to help keep the Immigrant workers, safe and secured, as they were traveling the roads to and from his nut farm.

Larry's Brother Ray & Daughter Gina & a photo of Larry on his nut farm

Again so many of these memories were perfectly highlighted on the screen above, throughout the life review. We saw pictures of Larry and the little orange Brat car, on the Nut Farm Hill, Pictures of them as children, gathered around the Ford, pictures of young Larry, all suited up, donning his woven basket back pack, with the hiking gear within.  We heard fish tales, of the giant block of cooked bacon, that was used as fishing bait, to bring in the fish they would roast, while camping, and also bring home afterwards.

There was a tale from their youth, of an older gentleman, who had some physical handicaps of aging, and the jobs he would enlist Larry and Ray to help him with, and the small coins he would pay them with. This would lead Larry and Ray to the local corner store, to immediately buy sweet candies and treats, so rare in the Great Depression days, back home.

Later, as a grown up man, Ray found his way to live in Colorado, and Larry and his 2nd wife, made their way to join them. The marriage relationship was not always easy on Larry, and one day he felt the only healthy choice was to flee, so flee he did, to Santa Fe, solo.

Ray recalled some of the internal changes in Larry, around that time. Larry learned someone's instructions on how to create a big love antenna, that supposedly would keep the temperature in a room, magically secured at 70 degrees, and more. That's when Larry started talking more open about "the energy," using, at the time, strange phrases like, "I can feel the energy! Can you feel the energy?" The love antenna gave off such an energy. "Can you feel it?" Larry would excitedly ask! Ray played along.

Larry and friends feeling the energy at Angel Station 222

One day, upon moving Ray gave Larry back his gift of the love antenna, for moving somewhere with less room for a love antenna, stashed under the bed.

Susan and Larry sharing adventures and starseed secrets

Larry went on to share his secrets of the love antenna technology, with prized interested friends!  Many of us remember the love antenna tales.

Non ordinary!

Ray who at 22 months short of 94, proudly shared of winning 2nd place ribbons in running and biking races for all ages, in Colorado, became moved to share how it brought him solace to imagine and know within, that Larry is likely hiking big pristine mountains, of their beloved youth, in the afterworld!

Trailblazing Transformation's ardent Explorer

A handful of times Ray looked over at me, saying, you must have heard about this, after learning that I was the local Soul Artist, Healer, and Hypnotherapist who hosted Larry through more way out, mystical sessions, of one sort or another, than anyone!  Most of the time, listening to Ray's memories, I laughed outloud, in recognition, and remembrance. If I did not recall the tale, as I did not recall the tale of the goat, I laughed extra loud, as it was so spectacularly characteristic of Larry's life and stories, memories, and regressions to memories gone by.

I marveled with delight, at my bird's eye view into his life, through his psyche and his soul.

Some of the Early Planners of Earth, sharing a human incarnation

I shared my recollections of Larry bragging he had had 50 past life regressions. I used to correct him, "No Larry, you may have had 50 sessions, yet of all variety of modalities, from Brian Weiss style Past Life Regressions, Dolores Cannon style Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - QHHT, Awakening Coaching, Holographic Memory Resolution, and more. Everything I had to offer, Larry openly signed up for, tried, experienced, appreciated, and celebrated.

I shared highlights of Larry's vivid movie-like past, future, or simultaneous life time adventures, all over, and beyond this world! I shared the Star Trek like, simultaneous life memory... exploration, as a space ship captain, with multiple sexy silver spacesuit clad wives in various intergalactic space ports.  That was the best!

A Golden Dolphin Friend of ours

It felt as if memories clear to me were known by all, yet they weren't until I shared them. So of course I shared the classic Larry "Oh" story.  If you knew Larry, one thing he was super famous for was his stories.  And meeting and knowing him in his 80's, and 90's he always had a new one, we'd never even heard before.

Larry's Friends, fans and avid audience!

The "Oh" story was one he taught  and told in his chemistry class, to his young adult vocational training students.  He taught that in any situation, he had discovered there is one catch-all word, with multiple meanings, to make you look good in all situations and conversations, in school, and beyond.  He explained, that that word, is "Oh."

Up up and away, from one mythical paradise to another!

He went on to demonstrate, how when asked, prompted, or expressed to, you could easily say "Oh!," "Oh," "Oh?"  or Oooooh, with varying intonation, expression, and meaning.  A sort of one word, for all occasions.

I sometimes think of it as Larry's favorite word and teaching!

"I feel her energy!"

Some of the vast array of Larry magic came back to me. I remember when Larry was attending Lynda Star's Alien, and Starseed Movie Night, together with soul family, over close to 10 years, at Angel Station 222, in Downtown Santa Fe. He was also coming to me for more healing and guidance sessions than anyone ever had. He had a couple of goals to both share his wisdom, encouragement, hope, love, and inspiration, as an early Starseed on Earth, with young starseed, at UFO, Paranormal, and Starseed community circles, gatherings, expos, and events, which he definitely did.  And he want to write a blog. While wildly engaging and outgoing, he was also by nature, a relatively private, behind the scenes kind of guy.  So many of us benefited, enjoyed, and accompanied him through all of this... and more.

Starseed welcome and celebration

I found his blog, the evening after the Memorial, in my smart phone contacts, listed under Larry's website. I shot a copy of it's address over to Larry's daughter Gina, and his dear friend Laura Mc Daneld, as it was written a handful of years ago. 

Complimentary breakfast on our Starseed Outing 

(Apparently it is no longer exists in this dimension!)


Chaco Canyon Adventures

Say Yes to Love

Say Yes to Love from the heart. 

"Love is a real world phenomenon that can be measured by scientific instruments. Love is a feeling that comes about from making loving decisions, from contemplating the beauty of nature, loving your garden, loving your art you just finished. The point is that these feelings are yours and these feelings heal you. Now if you want to share these feeling with another person, then you find someone who loves at the same degree you do, and then you both lovingly share your loves. These words are close to my heart."                                                                                           - Larry Dalen

Starseed Activation out on Belen Mesa

This leads me to another magical Larry memory. Larry shared with many of us in The Gathering of the Golden Dolphins, led by Santa Fe's own interstellar, Nina Brown, back in 2011 and 2012. We gathered once a month, in posh settings, up at Bishop's Lodge, as we activated the crystalline grid around Mother Earth, shared expressive dance parties, laughter yoga, chi gong, and more. 

Activating the Crystalline Grids around Mother Earth as the Golden Dolphins

We attracted many amazing starseed to the circle. One of the themes introduced by Nina Brown, was sharing in a space, ritual and community, where we all felt and were free to reveal and express our divinity fully! Many magical friends found their way to join us, and many inspiring presenters.  Nina channeled Light Language, and we shared all kinds of glorious fun!  A beautiful, musical, heart centered Santa Fe and Global Permaculture Activist and Musician, Thérèse Williams, found her way to the group, and founded a scholarship for someone to get to win a free ticket to some of the pricier events offered. 
The Golden Dolphin Collective: Allowing our full divinity

So when Nina and her Team schedules some kind of Ascension Weekend Gathering in sunny Tucson, Arizona, Larry was chosen and assisted in carpooling, and roommates to share the road trip adventure! Our friend Dr. Jay Lynch became Larry's faithful travel companion. Larry graciously accepted the honor, and shared Starseed adventure.  It was one of his intentions realized, with a little help from the Multiversal Overseers!

Synergistic Starseed Kin brunch circle

Larry's generosity, enthusiasm, passion, and kindness will be remembered by many, as he eagerly shared countless lunches and dinners, desserts, and colorful stories with us, throughout his Santa Fe experience. He referred to the foods his doctors warned him about eating as, "no no's!" He ate his fair share of them, when he felt so inclined.
Post Golden Dolphin gathering - gathering at Body Santa Fe

I have many cherished memories of sharing with Larry, over eight or so years, sharing in Starseed and Alien Movie Night, at Lynda Star's Angel Station 222, UFO and Paranormal Conferences, the Albuquerque UFO Forum, road trips, adventures, gatherings of the Golden Dolphins, Gary Plapp's lectures on our evolving Universe, The Wake up Now Conference, Schmoozing and photo ops with Dolores Cannon, the Aztec UFO Conference, Healing Expos, Live Music, Dancing, Dolores Cannon lectures and Group Regressions, Community Meditations, The Albuquerque Film and Media Experience, cutting edge spiritual movies, parks, hikes, memorials, parties, meals, revolutionary healing modality introductions, birthday parties and holiday celebrations, Indian Markets, and more.  Larry joined in, in December 2012, activating the Mayan Orion Labyrinths, on Ben Brown's Belen Mesa, with about 90 enthusiastic parka clad drummers, dancers, shamans, mystics, and flute players! Larry came down and walked the labyrinths, sat, drummed, and danced around the fire pit, out on Earth Walker Ben's beautiful Mesa Land, with Starseed Soul Kin.

Activating portals of 2012 change!
Earth Walker Ben Brown's Sacred Mesa Labyrinths in Belen:
He eagerly attended dowsing events, land activations, and more, often gleeful to be the token man, in a gaggle of 3 to 300 spiritual women! Larry was known for his pendulum, tuning into his higher powers for guidance, and even making friends, with a Spirit named Mary, in his later years, at what came to be known as the Portal, out on his daughter and son in law's land. Mary stuck by his side, until the end, sharing secrets of the Multiverse, and tips about his life, and safety, alike.

Sacred Portal Stewards

Larry joined adventurous soul kin, at lectures on how to build Earth Domes, how to cook with solar ovens, and accompanied me to the lecture that initiated me into my Theta Healing path.  He joined loving Star Family, on a camping trip to Chaco Canyon, where the energies were high.  We even visited UFO Crash sites, where we were greeted by deer, and who knows, perhaps we went up into a space ship, and returned with our the deer as our screen memory, protecting us to integrate back into Earthly human life!

Star Family draws near!
Back at the memorial, Gina and her Sister Nora, and Robert served us Larry's favorite meal, Chicken Enchiladas, which was out of this world! After all the sharing and caring, meeting and bonding, story swapping, and life celebrating, we walked out to the land, out to the portal, Larry's spot, and a more intimate circle of family and friends clasped hands in a circle, and OM-ed, after Robert poured ashes, and Larry's beautiful little great grand daughter contributed burgundy rose petals into a hole in the Earth.  Larry's very dear friend Laura Mac Daneld led us in OM-ing Larry back home.

I am that I am: Great Master of the Portal

Robert had poured through nearly a century of a life of photos of Larry, and family, and friends. These glorious photos filled the house, the video screen, and one giant art board with printed black and white photos, and more contemporary colored photos, from 1923 - 2017, highlighting Larry's life.
Larry's pre-white ponytail family!

Larry's giant pure loving heart, his inquiring, bright, wise mind, and his open adventurous Spirit were truly seen and celebrated. Gina relayed a dream, her cousin Krista had, before Larry passed away on Winter Solstice 2017. 
In the dream visitation, Larry's two baby sisters appeared to Krista, the daughter on one of them. They were in their prime, full of energy, and dancing all around.  They came to show and tell their daughter and niece that all is well, and LOVE filled, and when their Brother Larry is ready, that they're there in all their flowering youth, to welcome him back home.
Krista, who was delayed by some unplanned visiting California Family complications, told me her mystical dream visitation experience again. Having had similar family dream visitation experiences, we compared notes, feelings, impressions and knowing, as to our synchronistic, pure hearted, open minded soul experiences.

Larry's inner child at his 90th birthday celebration

I shared the stories of how many of the starseed soul family in attendance, received messages, visits, and signs of Larry and his Spirit's freedom and LOVE, while he was in the hospital making his passage, and even after his "death."
Receiving an original painting made just for Larry!

Astarte experienced a large abalone shell flying off the mantle. I had a fan turn on, next to my heater, in December, on it's own. 

Starseed Family fun at Angel Station 222

I found beautiful "carved stone heart" shaped pee clumps in my kitty litter box, after Larry passed, not once, yet a handful of times. It felt like a huge portal of LOVE opened up to all of us, in his soul's flight.  
Laura McDaneld, Susan Anderson, and Gary Bates received texts and e-mails, Larry was no longer physically present to send, both in his hospital bed, and after his passage.  

A friend by my side till the very last chapter of Earthlinghood

His memorial was on Thursday April 19th, 2018. On the following Sunday I found another love portal perfect shaped cat pee, Feline Pine, litter clump!
Larry's Daughter Gina felt enveloped in so much love after her Dad passed out of this world. She was amazed to feel this even after his Soul's flight.

I'm a Portal of LOVE now, Y'all!

Larry's son in law, Robert, marveled pouring through Larry's life, through the amazing trail of photos left behind.
I too marveled at the stories, all filling in puzzle pieces of a LOVE filled life, too big for any one of us to completely know.
Gathering for a live global presentation

I felt graced for my bird's eye view, knowing Larry's adventures through his psyche, and his famous stories.
Larry was a one of a kind, multidimensional, loving friend and family member.

LOVE incarnate
He was a/an
store manager
chemistry teacher
navy pilot
lady's man
nut farmer
great grandfather
soul kin
story teller
golden dolphin
mystical philosopher
lover of life
music fan
portal gatekeeper
friend to all
earthly and other worldly starseed
lover of friends

love antenna maker


pioneering galactic volunteer on beautiful planet earth
galactic reporter

LOVE and Spirit
He brought a pure heart
a rare emotional depth
a broad vision
Scandinavian, Viking, American, Californian, Southwestern, Strength and Beauty
and a Courageous Soul.

Stellar Friends through it all!

We love you Larry.
You used to tell me your goal was to travel and inspire the  starseed youth, with your knowledge, wisdom, knowing, experience and stories.

Starseed Family Reunion with Dolores Cannon at the Wake Up Now Conference in Albuquerque
As I see it, you triumphed on Earth, inspiring 
spirits and

Lighthearted friendships can soar anywhere

Much joy and love surfing the Multiverse.
Your LOVE continues to ripple down here.
Happy Cosmic Trails, LOVE, and Freedom!

We all LOVE you Dearly Larry


Enjoy it all!

Larry was born in November 1923, and took his final passage on Winter Solstice 2017. We gathered and celebrated his life in the Spring of 2018.

I gathered most of these photos in a memorial post and later another life celebration post on Facebook, with an intention to sprinkle them through this post, as I wrote, yet withheld from publishing, after Larry's truly beautiful memorial.

Almost a whole year has passed, since Larry graduated with honors from the Earth School Class of 2017. I am one of a circle of friends who was blessed to befriend, and share great depth with this special and loving man and Soul. For this I am forever grateful. A Soul like this we will see and cherish, befriend and love, again and again. So many of us are left grateful, loved and loving, in the wake of his intergalactic freedom flight, from a most original chain of lifetimes on the Earth Plane.

We're prepping the New Earth for your next awesome LIFE adventure Larry. You're adventures and caring heart and friendship paved the way for the new changes now sweeping the Earth. We are co-creating a loving world you will surely want to birth into again!

Larry used to say, "to live a happy life, all you've got to do is make loving decisions!"

Enjoy the realms of pure light and LOVE until we see you again, Beloved Friend and Soul Kin Relative. You are forever missed, and also always lovingly adored!